Speron couldnt immediately be reached for comment to respond to the allegations.

So I think that was that last week, you noticed a difference in the U.S. tone and tenor in response to that. Blade: Why do you think the Russians put up with Putin?

One of the first instances that caused me concern, David said, is I suggested to the organization that we conduct an independent review, and they came back to me and said, Heres our press release history, and the press release never mentioned that I actually suggested that they do this review.

I dont want to sound like Im minimizing [the changes], or that theyve completely bungled an easy project. And hes just extracting as much as possible before he takes it. A New Yorker profile in 2017 depicted a similar infamous meeting with Trump and Pence in which the former president joked about his No. War is much worse than anything that we would give them.

"Is" it time for a new quiz?

(Blade file photo by Michael Key), Donald Trump (left) ribbed former Vice President Mike Pence (center) in a meeting with Andrew Napolitano for thinking "it's a crime to be gay." Thats when Trump reportedly took the jab at Pence.

Ambassador to Germany Richard Grenell

county incumbents, candidates fare well in primary, Mizeur vows to bring dignity and leadership back to 1st Congressional District, Trump backed-Cox wins Md. And so I have to go through and make a very, very difficult personal decision to file this lawsuit.. Is the administration reaching out to you at all? Decisions I do think that one thing that has gotten lost in a lot of the analysis and this goes back to Putin being a gangster thug, and not being such a genius is theres a moral difference between us.

The lack of a belief in an alternative will keep you from fighting for it. Obviously, there can be, but it should be avoided.

Daniel Baer served as U.S. ambassador to the Organization for Security & Cooperation in Europe. Almost every day on stuff related to this and like last week, there was a noticeable change in the tenor as the U.S. became less, I think more pessimistic about the prospects of diplomacy and those I dont have anything better to look for in those statements as tea leaves, in terms of what the U.S. assessment is of the prospects of the escalation are, so its bad.

It would be anathema to who I am and it would undermine my integrity and purpose for the work that I do. Baer: I mean, I dont think theres any question that the people of Russia could be better off or different in terms of kitchen table issues, and ease of navigating the world, prospects for their future for their childrens future.

The potential choice of Andrew Napolitano, who was fired last year from Fox News amid recently dropped allegations of sexual harassment from male co-workers,as well as other TV personalities Trump floated for the Supreme Court, as detailed in the book, were among the many reasons conservatives feared he wouldnt be reliable upon taking the presidency. And I think theyre doing a pretty good job of threading the needle on that and being not too far forward and not too far back. My grandmother was horrified, she really wanted me to lead a wonderful life, Vreeland says now. Startled and horrified, Georgie had become in regard to her cousin, that born intriguer, but as clay in the hands of the potter. Alphonso David alleges he was terminated unfitly. Do you think I would still be at the organization or would they have fired me?, David concluded: Theres a different standard and a double standard that theyve applied for decades, and Ive just now been one casualty another in a long series of casualties based on their systemic bias and discrimination..

David was named nearly a dozen times in the damning report by New York Attorney General Letitia James, suggesting David assisted in efforts by Cuomos staff to discredit a woman alleging sexual misconduct in Cuomos office.

consensual conduct as well as to enact laws which protect LGBTIQ+ rights and

But in general, like what I would do and I dont think people always catch this is because theres a boiling frog aspect to it.

Theres a lot of talk, and Ive just been seeing some like about in terms of, theres like comparisons to Afghanistan and making sure that all Americans are able to get out of Ukraine. There are people within the organization that have a fair amount of board support because they bring in the money because they are responsible for overseeing the money, David added. This is one thing to keep an eye out for but is there anything else that you are kind of looking out for in terms of the near future? By the end of his presidency, Trump made three picks to the bench who were each confirmed by the U.S. Senate: Neil Gorsuch, Brett Kavanaugh and Amy Coney Barrett. When it emerges that said do has a taste for blood, its horrified host becomes tangled in a conspiracy with roots in slave folklore and capitalist hierarchy.

Thats meant to be focusing mainly on the existing Russian invasion, the occupation of the Donbas, so thats not about the threat of the new invasion, but it would be interesting to me if there was forward movement on other parts of Ukraine. We are confident through the legal process that it will be apparent that Mr. Davids termination was based on clear violations of his contract and HRCs mission, and as president of HRC, he was treated fairly and equally..

deemed different.'.

They did have, in theory, the concept of their worldview of you know, of socialism, or whatever you want to put it charitably, was going to be the right way to go.

So the answer is todays Ukrainian government is a mixed bag and its very hard to build, on the rot of a Russian fiefdom, a functioning democracy, so I think its a mixed bag.

Andrew Cuomo scandal, sued the nations leading LGBTQ group on Thursday, arguing he was fired as a result of racial discrimination amid a deserved reputation for unequal treatment of its non-white employees and was explicitly told he was paid less because hes Black.

I also think theres a tendency on our part to attribute far more strategery to Putin than there necessarily is.

Per the New Yorker article: When the conversation turned to gay rights, Trump motioned toward Pence and joked, Dont ask that guy he wants to hang them all!

Among the wide ranges of possible choices he floated during the campaign were often not lawyers or judges he admired for their legal philosophies or interpretations of the Constitution, but personalities he saw on TV. Blade: Do you see any significant daylight between the United States and Europe? It should be avoided. Trump ended up making a list of names he pledged hed limit himself to in the event he was in the position to make a selection to the Supreme Court and made good on that promise based on his selection.

The boards for the Human Rights Campaign and the Human Rights Campaign Foundation who made the decision to terminate David, were comprised of seven independent directors, five of whom were Black. Once he finally goes, is an alternative going to emerge, or will it be the next guy in Putins mold? WHO chief: COVID-19 nowhere near over as monkeypox spreads, D.C. urges gay, bi men, trans women to get Monkeypox vaccination, New Mexico guv signs marijuana legalization, Delaware cannabis activists take on corporate marijuana, Virginia marijuana legalization takes effect July 1, NEW YEAR NEW YOU 2020: Local VIDA master trainer on trends, tips and technology at the gym, Why a personalized diet can help you achieve better results, Al Roker blasts Jillian Michaels for criticizing Keto diet, African countrys president has rebuked Daniel Footes comments.

Right, Mike? When Pence didnt answer, Trump repeated himself, Right, Mike? Pence remained silent.. Asked by the Blade whether any settlement talks have taken place, David said that wasnt the case and pointed out the lawsuit was recently filed.

The And so, if youre unhappy with the status quo, and you feel like youre a declining power, and you dont have endless time, theres no time like the present. Joni Madison, interim president of the Human Rights Campaign, said in a statement after the lawsuit was filed the organization is disappointed that Alphonso David has chosen to take retaliatory action against the Human Rights Campaign for his termination which resulted from his own actions., Mr. Oklahoma gay mayor resigns citing homophobic threats, Marco Rubio: Same-sex marriage bill a stupid waste of time, House passes bill to protect same-sex marriage in bipartisan vote, Biden gets lackluster reviews on response to monkeypox outbreak, Soccer star Megan Rapinoe awarded Presidential Medal of Freedom, Gay, lesbian Md.

Blade: How committed do you think President Biden is to protecting Ukraine? And Russia is shrinking, and its economy is less diverse than the Communist one was.

And if they have a right to defend themselves, and they also have a right to have whatever assistance people will offer them in defending themselves. world and is a blow to the continued global efforts to decriminalize same-sex How much home can I afford with rising interest rates? The lawsuit also contends the Human Rights Campaign contravened equal pay law in New York by paying David less than his predecessor, Chad Griffin.

Social media didnt care, Brynne Kennedy could be the first female tech founder to serve in Congress, Butterfly Effect: The Unscientific Vaccine, Police Used Smart Streetlight Footage to Investigate Protesters, In New Brothers Grimm 'Snow White', The Prince Doesn't Save Her, Indiana Serial Killers Confession Was Just the Start. Monkeypox: History must not repeat itself, Democrats should stop attacking Biden and target GOP instead, COVID isnt the only epidemic STIs are at a record high, Ricky Martins nephew drops allegations of sexual relationship against him, Porter makes directorial splash with Anythings Possible, The Playhouse a triumphant return to live performance, Daisy Edgar-Jones knows why the Crawdads sing, Check out final season of Grace and Frankie it ends well, Netflix scores queer triumph with Heartstopper, Grindrs first series is as shallow as youd expect, Crazy Aunt Helens to host Pride-a-palooza, Relish Market offers a space for wellness, At Micheles, sophisticated cuisine in an inclusive space, Award-winning chef on pasta, pandemic, and queer visibility, Hot Wing King celebrates love between Black men, Queer actor on new role: Playing villains is a blast, Be prepared to clap for Nollywood Dreams at Round House, In Neptune Frost, the future is nonbinary, Dorian Awards cast a queer eye on television, Wildhood explores queer Indigenous experience, Washington Arts Ensemble to host immersive concert, John Levengood releases anthem Say Gay! to protest discrimination, Tori Amos spins magic at Sunday night D.C.-area concert, Dance festival to feature electronic music acts, Melissa Etheridge shares Q&A in advance of April 26 Tysons tour stop, New queer biographies make for ideal summer reading, Two Dogs will delight readers of all ages, Jackie & Me puts a refreshing spin on Camelot, Fascinating mystery novel features gay private eye in 1947 Philly, Celebrating Arab and Muslim heritage, art, gastronomy, PHOTOS: The Vixen and Lucy Stoole at Pitchers, Black gay business owner shares joys, challenges, and the power of fragrance, Gay-owned pharmacy survived pandemic by serving without judgment, New report details financial challenges facing LGBTQ-owned small businesses. There are statements coming out from the White House or State Department.

One is that I think Putin is vastly underestimating the degree of resistance. I was pretty horrified by how disconnected so many of our representatives are from the future of our economy and working families, how divided they are in fighting instead of problem-solving.

In my heart, I know that real Zambian values dont merit your countrys inclusion on that list, ever., Journalist Maykel Gonzlez Vivero prohibited from leaving Cuba, Judge releases suspect in murder of trans man until 2021 trial, Botswana Court of Appeals upholds decriminalization ruling, Expert downplays strategic thinking behind Putins move. Blade: And could you unpack that a little bit? on its website on Nov. 29. But the lawsuit also acknowledges in 2021, just before news broke about the Cuomo report, the Human Rights Campaign in recognition of Davids work renewed his contract for five additional years and gave him a 30 percent raise. And I think that theres little space for serious argument that thats something that the people of the country wish to have. A source familiar with the vote said no one voted no in either case. Republican gubernatorial primary, Md.

Pan Africa

I think the whole Putins playing chess and were playing checkers is actually completely inverted. Madison adds the individuals accused of racism in the lawsuit are people of color and champions of racial equity and inclusion who provided support and guidance as Mr. David led the organization, without naming any specific individual.

But actually before I sign off, theres one more thing too because I do kind of want to talk about the intersection about your old job in democracy and human rights and then a Venn diagram of that with your experience in Eastern Europe in particular. The Trump administration

I think it would be if there were a Russian invasionyou would definitely want to, obviously, for safety reasons, its not safe to be in a war zone, so you would want people to be able to evacuate and youd have to plan for that. That as mixed of a picture as Ukraine has been in the last seven years, or eight years there have been meaningful steps forward, and certainly, in terms of visibility.

Its just its objectively true that the average Russian person would be better served by a different leader. ", Dictionary.com Unabridged The book says the meeting with Trump, Pence and Napolitano when the former president took a jab at Pence in and of itself suggested Trump was indeed serious about giving the judge some kind of position in the government. Napolitano, known for making outlandish claims as a Fox News contributor such as the British government wiretapped Trump Tower never took a post in the Trump administration.

Baer: Successful instrumentalisation of cynicism. Blade: I was wondering because he had those comments from his press conference about minor incursion and Im just wondering if youre reading anything into that or not.

According to the lawsuit, the board co-chairs contacted David late at night before Labor Day weekend to tell him to resign by 8 a.m. the next morning or be terminated for cause.

Baer: So it was started in the summer in like June of 2015, on the margins of some meeting between Merkel and Hollande. I think its a delusion to think that theyre going to kind of rebuild an empire, even if yes, because of their willingness to do awful things, they could potentially for a time politically control through violence, their neighbors.

Copyright Brown, Naff, Pitts Omnimedia, Inc. 2021. sell their tusks and face a maximum of only five years imprisonment in Baer: Reasonably so. Daniel Baer, who worked on LGBTQ human rights and transatlantic issues as one of several openly gay U.S. ambassadors during the Obama administration, answered questions from the Washington Blade on Ukraine as the international crisis continues to unfold. Baer: I think its far from clear that what comes after Putin isnt worse and bloody.

So I think theyre on our side, even if theyre talking out of both sides, in some cases.

Representing David in the lawsuit is the Chicago-based employment law firm Stowell & Friedman, Ltd. and and Chicago-based attorney Matt Singer. 'The incident described in Insurgency was similar to the meeting detailed in the New Yorker profile. And so I think that if there was, theres no question that the Russian attack would be in part about subjugating the people of Ukraine and forcing them to live under some sort of new Russian satellite. I mean, this is a country that was a world power and I would think has some economic potential just given its sheer size, first of all, and they do have oil to offer people. They arent a treaty ally.

To the surprise of many, Gorsuch ended up in 2020 writing the majority opinion in the case of Bostock v. Clayton County,a major LGBTQ rights decision by the U.S. Supreme Court, which determined anti-LGBTQ discrimination is a form of sex discrimination and illegal under federal civil rights law. Napolitano and Trump were close, the book claims. So some sort of hybrid or staged or false flag kind of attack in tandem with a political coup in Kiev, where he works to install a more Russia-loyal leader. How is that apples to oranges? Baer: There cant be war. And Im not saying its our obligation [to intervene militarily], certainly not our obligation. Blade: Im not at all familiar with that.

millions of public dollars without prosecution, political cadres can beat Baer: Yeah, however disingenuous it was, they did have an ideology . And its just its a different context.

same-sex sexual relations in recent months and years. Zambia..

After a public dispute with the board in September amid an independent investigation of his role in the Cuomo affair, the Human Rights Campaign boards unceremoniously fired David and shortly afterward announced a still ongoing search for a new president. If our charge was to make a horror film, we made it our objective to, I hate bullies but I do have a horrible feeling I have this bullying streak in me, and it does, The attacks are a despicable crime that will, It's a faultless example of organized crime's ability to, On Monday a colleague of mine was sacked, not so unusual you might think but it is the reasons surrounding this incident that, There's a captive audience for TV shows starring people who, But kids talk a lot, and as well as the usual gossipy drivel, I can't help but hear them spill a remarkable amount of private information that would, If it's unbearably hot, we could duck inside the church itself, if that wouldn't, Its anti-immigrant rhetoric, swastika-like party emblem and torch-lit parades led by young men in black T-shirts, A Shia state on its border, adjacent to where its own restive Shias live, would, But there's nothing like corny video star wipes and bad sound effects carefully preserved for decades to come on DVD to, But it cannot surprise anyone at this point that the sorts of things that, Every day, newspapers and television outlets battled to see who could, A television documentary showing graphic pictures of an abortion will shock and, The State Government's proposed cannabis law reforms will, This prospect will delight some people and, The idea of being tyrannised by telephone will, The videos are grainy and blurred, but clear enough to, How can anyone continue to ignore that these attempts that, There are areas of coherence I would like to see as a member of the Committee on Development that would probably, There was corruption under the Mulroney years that used to, There are editors often the same editors who will try to take an interesting detail out of the story simply because the detail happens to, I would if I were you, and quickly, lest you, When the whole story comes to be told it will, I do understand you, said Damier, but you, The first half-dozen of them are personal to me, and they will not. And the question is, does the other have a right to defend itself?

Specifically named in the report is Chris Speron, Senior Vice President of Development, who expressed concern about alienating white donors and specifically white gay men after David issued a statement on the importance of Black Lives Matter after the killing of George Floyd by Minneapolis police officers. The announcement of the American ambassador is one.

I dont think that the Russians will do anything I dont think the Ukrainians feel comfortable negotiating anything without the Americans at the table. We shouldnt lose the kind of moral difference there.

Her heartbroken and horrified brother, Sam Jones, made the identification.

David, asked by the Blade how he sees the alleged racist culture at Human Rights Campaign infused in his termination, said Black and Brown people are treated differently and have been for years in this organization, citing a Pipeline Report leaked to the press in 2015 documenting an environment in which employees of color were unable to thrive.

Nor should we lose sight of the fact that Ukraine is being menaced. I was, she diagnosed, half joking and half horrified, a digital hoarder.. Publishers 1998, 2000, 2003, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2009, 2012. a horrified gasp; a horrified expression. Blade: Well, the level of development in Ukraine in terms of infrastructure and transport and stuff like that is not comparable to Afghanistan. The termination, the lawsuit says, signified differential treatment of David because he is Black, taking note the Human Rights Campaign under his predecessor had endured repeated, serious, scandals many of which involved HRCs mistreatment of Black and other marginalized individuals, but Chad Griffin was never terminated for cause.. I think that last week movement of troops into Belarus was a game changer for the U.S., because there are all kinds of new implications if youre using a third country as your launchpad for war, and so it complicates things and it also looks more serious if youre starting to deploy to third countries and stuff like that. harsh 15-year sentence meted out to the two consenting adults has shocked the And so, I dont know. I just dont in a multipolar world, I dont see Russia being one of the poles, at least not on its current path. innocent citizens for expressing their opinions with no consequences, or The campaign board vote was unanimous and there were two abstentions in the foundation board vote, the source said. Washington Blade: Whats your level of engagement with this affair?

was much larger than Russia is today. It was supposed to implement the Minsk Agreement, and it just hasnt been productive so far. (Blade photos of Donald Trump and Mike Pence by Michael Key; screen capture of Andrew Napolitano via Fox News YouTube), Insurgency: How Republicans Lost Their Party and Got Everything They Ever Wanted. A major concern [in Afghanistan] was also that there were tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of locals who had worked for the Americans. imprisonment for crimes against the order of nature', said Daniel Foote But the lawsuit is broader than the termination and describes an environment at the Human Rights Campaign, which has faced criticism over the years for being geared toward white gay men, as a workplace where non-white staffers were marginalized, tokenized, and denied advancement to high-level positions. After a speech David gave on issues of race and indifference in the context of HRCs mission, the lawsuit claims a board member complained about him referring too much to being Black, but faced no penalty from the organization. David, in response to a question from the Blade, said the independent investigation into his role in the Cuomo affair is a sham and I believe it was a sham, citing the lack of transparency of findings. But I think that what weve seen from the Ukrainian people by which I mean not Ukrainian people, but people of Ukraine is that there is a broad part of society that a) does not want to live under a Russian thumb and b) sees its future in kind of European style democracy.