If you struggle to lose fat from the upper arms and legs but have no problem burning it off your torso, then most likely you have naturally fleshy upper arms and legs.

And I think a lot of that can be predicted by the style essence you gravitate towards. When you get your outfit formula right, and your clothing choices echo your bodys natural features, then clothing will appear like a natural extension of your body; as opposed to clashing against it.

Long hemlines (except on uneven hems that drape or flow). Read suggested wardrobe guides for your Kibbe body type(s), theres dozens online. The first two factors enhance your physical appearance while the third factor communicates your personality.

Choose ornamentation/details based on your Style Essence.

The vast majority of top-fashion models are the Dramatic or Natural body type. I feel like a hoochie mama in romantic pieces even though I have *curves* Thanks for the help xx.

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Because believe it or not, you will want to be referencing this data all the time while youre building a capsule wardrobe. Overall, the height is important, but it's not a deal breaker, there are tall models who are gamine or romantic, too. And I was pleasantly surprised!

If you are interested me doing a personal style analysis on you please go my, Copyright Dressing For You! It wasnt until years later that I realized it has nothing to do with my body and everything to do with what I was putting on it!

So its worth it to spend time trying different cuts, brands, color variations (ie: ivory vs. true white; charcoal vs true black; muted blue vs bright baby blue vs saturated sapphire blue), and fabrics (thick denim vs medium-weight cotton; linen vs silky viscose).

Foundation pieces are critical to getting your overall look right.

Kibbe is no god you know.

This means that my face and body is predominantly yin (Translation: softness/fullness) with a blended balance of yang (Translation: angularity/sinewy.)

Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Plus, stripes play a crucial role in a gamine's closet.

Let's create your personal wow factor!Practice on your wardrobe: We will look at the clothes (shoes, accessories, jewellery) you brought with you and on photographs and determine how closely the garments match your IA, i.e.

I've been waiting for this one!

TR, can wear slight Yang twists in their outfits.

People without natural as a primary or a secondary look sloppy when wearing this style, but Rihanna just looks normal, maybe a bit overwhelmed by the clothing but normal nonetheless. The Kibbe Body ID spectrum follows a gradual progression from very angular appearances to very rounded appearances. Unless its floor-length, skirt length should mimic your vertical line.

The farthest Ive ever strayed into color in my wardrobe is pastels and, occasionally, true red.

So weve reached the end of my first published guide on dressing for your body.

Wear the colour and lines that celebrate you.

I will again use two Kibbe verified celebrities to prove my point.

Bohemian, vintage, and grounded? Garments that echo the same lines and proportions will look like a natural extension of the body.

This is close to Rihanna's best personal style.These looks are very flattering and harmonize with her face and body. In an ode to their Yin, ingenue people feature rounder faces. This post may contain links to shops that I regularly support and am affiliated with.

I think I'm a soft natural in kibbebut I feel like I might have some gamine, I look really young and I very petite(overweight right now but only 5 feet) I really resonate with ethereal .

And the next time you go shopping? Though I occasionally play with other style essences too: specifically Ingenue and Gamine.

I love pastels in spring.

Dramatic, gamine, and natural essences fall under Yang, featuring more striking looks. In their wardrobes, you can find floral items, lace, ruffles, solid and warm colors, and plenty of high heels.

They are the figures of fashionable athleisure and tend to be sporty. But they looked good on Paris Hilton, right?

Im a Dark Autumn, which means slightly saturated, neutral-warm colors suit my skin best. If you have a long vertical line, draped sweaters can work wonderfully. Their color palette consists of earthy tones and bohemian patterns. Highlights that are meant to soften the color-soft equals tired in this case! Ill use my own photo here to show you what I was looking for when assessing myself: Based on what I can see in my photo, I was able to narrow down my Kibbe body type to Soft Classic, Soft Gamine, or Theatrical Romantic.

Every person is equipped by nature with unique proportions, shapes, scale and (a)symmetry which can have Dramatic, Natural, Classic, Gamine, Romantic, Ingenue or Ethereal essence in a pure form or (more often) a blend of 2-3 essences.

Pay particular attention to how much your natural waist dips in and the silhouette of your shoulder caps. Or are they about the same? Keep in mind that the end goal is finding garments and outfits that suit you best!

sweaters in neutral colors The style should complement your overall mix of Yin/Yang.

A Dramatic wearing a Gamine-style outfit will make the woman look like shes dressing too young.

Where can I get those two dresses on the bottom right?

Dont begin your Kibbe test or assessment trying to prove you are one ID or another. guidelines re colour for your IA and how they impact everything you have learned during your Personal Colour Analysis session; styles and garments you should avoid as they are in disharmony with your IA; Best features: We will focus on your best features and see how we can enhance them.

I hope youve found it helpful. basic skirts in neutral colors Again, choose YOUR neutrals and the appropriate rise for your torso.

Over time many fashion intellectuals created various theories and methods to help people style their clothes in a way that best suited them. Discovering your style essence and how to dress for it allows you to explore fashion concepts that best showcase and extend your aura.

Form-fitting gowns with cleavage emphasis, Fitted dinner suits with peplum jackets and ornate trim.

2021 The Purist Life by Natalie Milakara, POV: waking up on Miami Beach Whereas the wrong garments can look unflattering and disharmonious. I took a million photos of our late, take the Concept Wardrobes color analysis quiz, The Concept Wardrobe has a great overview, Kibbe Soft Classic Outfit Inspiration board, Head size compared to other body proportions (the larger your head, the shorter you are perceived to be.

Their body types tend to lean more toward the curvier side, or they dress in items that accentuate their curves. Gamine ranks next on the Yang tier. Well, lets take a look at Beyonce.

This style includes characteristics from both Yin and Yang energies without heavily skewing to one over the other.

introduction to David Kibbes typology and its evolution.

A medium-rise, or lower, could be your sweet spot. Channeling the most Yin energy, angelic essences give off an ethereal ambiance. For example: Would you say my heads size seem large, small, or just right for my body? or Im trying to determine if my shoulders are broad compared to my hips. What other topics should I write about next? Once you land on your primary style essence, consider again your Kibbe Body ID.

Make sure you take a photo of yourself from chest level for your Kibbe assessment. Much like Gamines, Romantics have a short perceived vertical line due to their larger proportioned heads. Anjelica Huston and Tilda Swinton are both dramatics in the Kibbe system.

If Im a Soft Classic with an even, harmonious blend of Yin-Yang, with some added femininity, then the outfits that flatter me best will mimic that. Thats because Paris is most likely a Dramatic or Flamboyant Natural! Instead, it strengthens your self-connection and provides you with a guide to expressing yourself fully. Style Tip: Color-shy like me?

In fact, you may find them uncomfortable or unflattering! It's more about the proportions, I believe.

Follow me on Instagram or check back at The Purist Life to see how Ive adapted my style. The next thing to consider is your body type within the Kibbe ID spectrum. If you have a short torso with longer proportioned legs, highrise pants and skirts may be overkill on your silhouette. ), Perceived vertical line (perceived heightthis is not. In general, I look for classic pieces that emphasize feminity (ie: my waist and curves) while still having a little mix of sharp structure (usually at the shoulders or waist.) I also lacked the super nipped-in waist and full bust that give Romantics their signature silhouette.

Elegantly narrow briefcase or unusual material such as ostrich and suede. Of course, on a long, lean body, like a Dramatic or Flamboyant Natural, they can look incredible. Trust me.

Anjelica definitely is not complemented by ethereal clothing like Tilda is. Once I had fully digested those three body types, I was able to rule two of them out.

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Map of the Image Archetypes (aka Body Types), some drawings done during a session with a Flamboyant Gamine client. If capsule wardrobe guides have annoyed you in the past because they restrict you to only plain things, then the concept of style essence will resonate with you!

Well, quite a few! As a child growing up when ultra-low-rise was a thing, I struggled with why I looked unbalanced and pudgyeven though I was relatively fit.

Yin styles derive from circles, offering softer and rounder-edged looks and combining loose and flowing apparel with lighter colors.

Lastly, try to nail down your style essence. Casual, rebellious, and sporty? Style Tip: Each body-type category has different garment cuts and silhouettes that flatter them.

If you are looking for a women's clothing boutique in Charleston, SC, to help you design a wardrobe that suits your energy and personality, check out Two Cumberland. Okay, so you know your color palette, Kibe Body ID Type, and have narrowed down your style essence now what? I stop thinking about myself in negative terms. They can as long as it's very small.

I do!

Romantics can pull off draped, sumptuous fabrics and ornate details in a way that I know I never could.

She's quite tall at 5'8".

I find that boots do break the rule of proportions.

Knowing what fits me and enhances my natural shape and colouring is an automatic self confidence boost. Knowing that high-fashion companies design with Dramatic and Natural body types in mind is particularly helpful if youre the type who looks to that sort of material for inspiration.Instead, look to style icons who share similar body lines, proportions, and levels of curves.

Stiffly tailored styles with sharp detail.

dark or light denim jeans, or trousers Choose the appropriate rise for your torso. Other things I avoid as a petite hourglass (or Soft Classic/Theatrical Romantic): low-waist anything*, tops that extend past the hip*, long boxy blazers, and high-contrasting shoes.

Also, others were able to give me a reality check that my head isnt as big as I thought it was.

less feminine (or masculine), less striking, lost (if the hairstyle takes the attention away from your face), wider in all the wrong places or older.

Yang essences take on styles based on the square shape.

Common physical features that appear in angelic people include distinctive attributes. I gravitate heavily towards Classic garment styles with minimal detailing. As the name suggests, this style features many theatrical looks. If youre struggling to define your own style essence, The Concept Wardrobe has a great overview.