Beillevaire fromageries carry fresh, raw heavy cream. Because crme frache is traditionally made from unpasteurized milk, you will never see it in North America. Wow, thanks for all the tips! :-). Why is it kept on the shelf? Why dont you try making your own peanut butter? I also prefer the taste of natural cocoa, so maybe Ill use it in my dutch-process recipes! Sam: And I had to share with you that Ive just found some organic peanut butter, containing just peanuts at Rose Bakery on Rue des Martyrs in the 9th. I ran out of my T65 I brought from France, and now in confinement I cant go back to smuggle more :D Not sure if you read the comments anymore on such an old post, but I hope so!! ), Its like learning a whole new langauge, isnt it? Stores in Paris are Ace Mart and K-mart (both are on the rue Sainte-Anne, a street packed with Asian shops and good restaurants) and Tang Frres (in the 13th). Ive been using your tips in farine T65=unbleached flour is baking in France in doing fine, thank you DAVID!! It often will not say so on the front label, but may list the alkalizing agent (often potassium carbonate or bromate) as an ingredient. I promise Im a hard worker and I learn fast. Canadian all-purpose flour is higher in protein than most American all-purpose flour which means you are looking for the equivalent for bread flour there instead of all-purpose flour. I think its about 4.5 euros for four. Below isa listing of the stores mentioned above, or shops that specialize in products for expats. Sucre vergeoise is more available, found in supermarkets, although I prefer cassonade, which can be found in supermarkets (most often under the Daddy brand, which they sell online at La Boutique Daddy and you can find other brands at natural food stores, like Naturalia and Biocoop. Various grades of cornmeal can be found in ethnic markets, mostly catering to the Arabic community. Thank you in advance!!! Canadian flour has 16g of protein per cup while a lot of American flours (except king arthur) have 11.5 g per cup (120g). Unfortunately Im unable to trouble-shoot recipes in detail, though, since Im always tinkering and working on my own! For more information about corn syrup, check outWhen To Use (and Not Use) Corn Syrup, which lists other substitutions. I bought some pastrami and bagels at a small shop close to LAs de Falafel once, but I cant drive to Paris every time I have a craving for pastrami!, lol. You have single handedly made my life so much easier. Thank you! Add apple cider or beer, brown sugar, butter, caraway seeds, Ajouter le cidre ou la bi?re, la cassonade, le beurre, les graines de carvi. It may be more expensive; I cant remember but I did go a lot when I lived in Paris. Have you found a good replacement en France or is this something I need to bring back with me from the US? table) de sucre 5 ml (1 c. ? Its available in natural food stores under the name fcule de mas or amidon. But eventually I embraced the French baking and now back in america I dont bother with cream of tartar for my eggs, i seek out french cheeses and butter, and oh I miss the ready made pate feuillete and instant creme patissiere! Perhaps you could check the protein on the side of the bag? Sorry, just a quick question: When one of your recipes calls for Cake Flour (not self-rising), will regular Farine de Ble (not type 65) work, or should I use Farine de Gateau that has levure chimique already added? Missing so much my crme frache, Get my newsletter for a tasty mix of food, Paris, life, and travel! and Oreos are making their appearance on almost every supermarket shelves in the cookie aisles :-). Do you think this is correct? Rita: I think you could find that at Thanksgiving, on the rue St. Paul in the Marais. Peanut butter is available in France and now many supermarkets carry it. there was also the kosher store in les marais called Benchetrit that had many imported products. That being said, I assume the organic 62 is expensive. thank you, david! MariannaF: I know that Thanksgiving carries H&H bagels from New York, frozen. Just mix it with a fork and you can vary the proportions according to taste. I couldnt for the life of me figure out why all the brands of cocoa I find here in Italy never mentioned the words Dutch-processed anywhere. It can also be found in pharmacies; youll have to ask since they dont normally keep it on the shelf. Corn starch is available in supermarkets under the name Maizena. Let me know if you need a food parcel, Sezz. Thanks a ton youre such a godsend! We may end up moving there at some point and I cant imagine a life with my mornings filled with bad coffee!! Im sure you can get peanuts in an Asian market and grind them in a food processor. Dried yeast is sold in packets, like the one shown above in supermarkets in the baking aisle. Ive been living in France for nearly a year, (my husband is French), and just came across your site today when searching for cream cheese substitutes, and it is FULL of awesome info! french donut dunkin donuts crullers recipe copycat recipes doughnuts honey cruller glazed keyingredient pastry cream bavarian filled Levure du boulanger leve rapide is rapid-rise yeast, which is different than instant yeast. Fresh yeast is available at natural food stores in the refrigerated section, as well as in shops that sell Middle Eastern foods, or you can ask your local boulanger if theyll sell you some. Evaporated Milk and Sweetened Condensed Milk. You can make your own brown sugar by mixing 1 cup granulated white sugar with 1 or 2 Tbsp molasses. etc. Sometimes I browse American foodblogs and the recipes almost always call for Dutch-processed cocoa. tasse) d?eau ti?de 250 ml (1 tasse) de cidre ou de bi?re 15 ml (1 c. ?

How do you solve the problem? Cheryl (in Lyon). -dl. th?) If I reduce the sugar in half is it likely to fall apart, or would I be better off trying a less sweet cookie? I saw a mini chocolate chip cookie that I want to make for my daughters birthday party in Heidis 101cookbook, I could not in the life of me find an equivalent for whole wheat pastry flour!! THANKS a million! Its called pate de cacao and you can buy it in bulk at G. Detou (address in blog entry) and some chocolate shops carry it, although it will be more expensive. 1 sachet de levure s?che active 60 ml (? Indeed, most of my favorite cocoa powders are Dutched. Im in Tuscany and nothing I bake comes out like it did back in the US. pie apple recipe recipes french clipping recipecurio fashioned newspaper copy clipped typed unknown found below ve date cooking Corn flour, which is finer than the usual cornmeal and closer, La farine de mas est prfrable la semoule de mas, A generic database such as the CNF will incorporate data that represent a compilation of, Une base de donnes gnrique telle que le FCEN, renferme des donnes qui reprsentent une compilation des, wheat Wheat germ, 5 tbsp Brown sugar, 2 tbsp Sugar, 2 tsp, bl, 5 c. soupe Cassonade, 2 c. soupe Sucre, 2 c. th, warm water 1&1/2 tablespoons butter or margarine, melted 2 tablespoons sugar 1, 1 sachet de levure s?che active 310 ml (1? Anyway, thanks to David also for the comment the flour is very finely-milled because that sent me off to do more research. Indeed can I replace with golden which sounds kind of nicer than corn. Corn syrup is an invert sugar and doesnt crystallize, so its used in many candy recipes and dessert sauces so they dont get grainy. table) de cassonade 15 ml (1 c. ?

You can also make your own by roasting raw peanuts in the oven and whizzing them in a food processor, while warm, until smooth. We sometimes feel that we are living on an island and have to go back to the mainland for supplies luckily we have friends who live both in England and here, so supplies are easy always keep Golden Syrup, English self-raising flour although when I can find Farine Gateau I cant really see any difference. Flour varies from country-to-country. Picard has bagels, fortunately!! but have you had any luck finding chili powder? I thought I lived in a country that spoke the same language as me, but apparently I was wrong. Golden syrup is very very British. I tried kiri, and it was just ok. Hi, you probably know about this place, but I was surprised to see that didnt mention Thanksgiving, the cajun restaurant and American grocery that stocks a lot of that stuff. hello! un peu plus pour la ptrir et l'abaisser. I thought I was going mad. Theres something about the butter in France? I am English living in paris what flour do I use instead of self raising which I normally use for cake baking? Also, as I read you FAQs and now know youre not the person to ask about internships, but do you know anyone who would be willing to take on an American stage with no French skills whatsoever (I will be taking classes), no formal training, and minimal stage experience?

How and why do you season a new cutting board? (A reader mentioned that smetana, a type of sour cream, is available in Eastern European shops.). Nice to discover this website. What I miss most lately are goot Italian sausages, {which I have started to make myself}. Adam, David what a Fabulous post! Good info about the flour types also, the 55 doesnt behave quite right. Comment- I have a friend here in Lyon who has put together a huge list of where to find what we expats need for cooking: Here It should not be summed up with the orange entries. For sour cream, full-fat (20%) fromage blanc is the closest substitute for baking. For now I have my mom mail me real vanilla extract, baking powder, almond extract, oatmeal, chocolate chips.I could go on.. Oh Im so glad I found this article! Evaporated milk is lait concentr non sucre (concentrated, unsweetened milk), and is available in most supermarkets. l'exception de la farine gteau et de la farine ptisserie. Although one should, theoretically, used what the recipe calls for, you can usually do just find swapping out one for the other. But Asian markets often carry corn syrup cheaply, as its used in Korean cooking. All of my cookies are coming out cakey instead of chewy. Health food stores carry a variety of whole wheat flours and if you ask for one thats the softest, thats likely similar. To replace the sticky brown sugar used in American recipes, there are two options. salt, milk, yoghurt, sugar, eggs, olive oil, lemen zest. I also use Bridlice, a low-fat dairy product (called crme lgre, or light cream), whose 15% fat content is similar to American-style sour cream. Its not super spicy, but its very good. Ive been posting some recipes on my site that include butter. Three ingredients: 1 pound of salted butter (450 g, Im using President brand and im weighing it), 4 cups of flour (Im using T65 from the health food store, and im doing the spoon+level), and a cup of white sugar (Im using the Daddy fine brand, not crystals, not icing sugar). Use DeepL Translator to instantly translate texts and documents. Any suggestions? tasse) d?eau ti?de 1 sachet de levure s?che active 125 ml (? The only constant has been the baking soda (though I have adjusted the quantity). Treacle, available in British stores and markets that carry British foods, is a close substitute, but is similar to blackstrap molasses and quite strong. It overwhelms the pie. It also adds a nice, gooey texture to things like Hot Fudge. Hi David, Sometimes these little sachets are vanilla-flavored. American brands, like Skippy, can be expensive.

I can see France from Guernsey on a clear day but what a difference in shopping culture. YAY!! Get David's newsletter sent right to your Inbox! I tried St. Mret because the flavor is better, but found it too soft. Regular whole wheat flour can be found in most groceries stores, as well as in natural food stores. Thanks for your message. Dutching is common, and many folks feel it improves the taste of the cocoa powder. One question what about shortening? ANyway I digress my question is about corn syrup. (For whipping, get the French cream with the highest percentage of fat possible.) Theyre called ppitesde chocolat. Im living in Paris now, and trying to make a simple shortbread recipe that works in Canada but does not work in France. I only have blackstrap molasses, but now I can cut it with honey to make your fresh ginger cake. For recipe testing, for Americans, I use unsalted. On behalf of all the frustrated bakers looking for substitute products in France, I thank you! Golden Syrup is available here, and I love it. Im already making plans to hit Pierre Herm patisserie but was wondering what some of your favorite places to go are. Sign up for my newsletter and get my FREE guidebook to the best bakeries and pastry shops in Paris Get my newsletter for a tasty mix of food, Paris, life, and travel! I have purchased graisse vgetale, but it seems to be much softer consistency than say, american Crisco and really altered my result of a family cookie recipe. Even my boyfriend has become accustomed to American milk and he thought the French milk tasted funky. Never thought it would be so hard to find baking powder in my life! Do you know what the difference is between american whipping cream, and the french creme liquide? Here, too, were used to sachets of baking powder (12-16 grams) which is mixed with other things (I tend not to read the ingredients cos otherwise Id really never bake again). c. ? If not, if you want that whole wheat flavor, you could add mix a heaping spoonful of whole wheat flour with the white flour in Heidis recipe. containers, separately, for transportation. Indeed a great post. Theres also a bunch of bagel places in Paris, although I havent tried them. In Paris, many of those are clustered around Belleville and near the marche dAligre. Rita: You might want to try one of the American products shops, such as: Sarah: I rarely use cake flour in recipes, but if you have a recipe that calls for it, regular farine de bl is soft and should work just fine. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Now if only I could find unsweetened chocolate. Still helping American and British bakers in France. Other Indian or African markets usually carry black beans. And I read Neufchatel is a good choice, but have yet to try it. G. Detou also carries unsweetened (sometimes called bitter) chocolate in bulk, which in France is called 100% cacao, or 100% pte de cacao.

I thought I was going crazy. (and i have done my share of moderately successful baking) Why is it in so many recipes here? In Paris, G. Detousells chips in bulk and indisks, and expat stores carry them, as well as Le Grand Epicerie. One new addition to Paris, beginning in 2016, the British chain, Marks and Spencer Food opened up around Paris. Our coffee was twice as nice and we now buy it all the time it is dearer than the lait cru, but the taste makes up for the expense. For those who want more professional-quality equipment, check out The cookware shops of Paris. We had a great time, all 14 learners and my French lecturer collegue Eloise, I feel another trip coming up soon as I would like to browse all those fab specialist shops you mentioned. In the end I had been adding about 15% too much sugar and had 15% not enough flour which is a bad combination with a recipe containing only three ingredients, one of which is a pound of butter! The membership-only Metro stores also carry chocolate (and other supplies) in bulk. Sally: I bring my baking powder over (or buy Rumford here) since I develop recipes for mostly an American audience. I dont think French people bake bread much at home (why would you when theres a great bakery on every streetcorner?). (Incidentially I once published a recipe that called for Golden Syrup and you would have thought I was asking for the most exotic ingredient, more rare than white truffles! Honey can also be used as a substitute in chocolate fillings to keep them smooth if the flavour is to your liking.As for golden syrup my mum has been using it for all her traditional Irish Breads in place of sugar as it keeps the crust soft and of coarse when shes out of jam and preserves it comes in handy for that slice of bread or toast. Have you ever found jalapenos in any form in France? David, Im wondering if you could comment on butters. Heres a list of commonly used baking ingredients and where you can find them, or what you can use in their place. Have you found anywhere that has black beans? Levure instantaneis instant yeast, which means it doesnt need to be proofed. DL. I write about them often. Polenta and cornmeal, such as those that are used for cornbread, can be found in those stores as well as in natural foods stores, labeled farine de mas which is fine corn flour, or coarser, often called semoule de mas. I dont know if that helps but it definitely confirms Davids suggestion for a stronger flour. But on the cream cheese. Levure chemique is baking powder, but have never needed to use it. My morning cup of coffee is an essential and savored part of the day. Both are available in dark and light variations: light (cuivre) or dark (ambre), for cassonade. American-brands of mild, unsulphured molasses, as we know it, are available in stores that cater to the expat community. I recommend Molino Spadoni Gran Mugnaio Type O, which has a Canadian maple leaf on the bag, as well as Caputo Type 0 , which actually has American stars and stripes on it! I know this article is 14 years old, and thank you, now I know which flour to use when in France for cookies. Now thats American-ingenuity for yayou go girl. Its 5.50 a jar but its worth it. As a French and Canadian citizen (French mother, Canadian father), I now have a lot of diffficulty to find crme frache in Canada. Baking soda is of course now in the grocery store. Hey, Why is it necessary? At chocolate shops, its usually the tablet labeled 100 % cacao. 875. wheat germ, baking powder and brown sugar. David, this is a lovely piece, so helpful. Thanks for sending me over here!

Now looks like I have the brown sugar wrong too. Hi David, Ive been making banana cream pie in Lyon since it got really hot here. Yuck! I love cooking Cuban food and at home I get black beans in a can, but I have yet to find any hear in a can or bag. But Im on a college students budget. If you need dark corn syrup, add a generous spoonful of molasses to the corn syrup. Ps- So glad that you too buy the refrigerated milk here. I tried haphazardly adding some creme fraiche to see if that would help, but no luck. Mags: Ive not had any problems using the baking soda thats available here, shown above, as well as the brand they sell at Monoprix. The fat percentage of crme entire is usually around 30% whereas American cream is about 36%, although it behaves the same in most applications. Also Ive been using petit beurre cookies in place of graham crackers, but I find it is too sweet. So creme liquide doesnt do it! Bless you!! You can buy mlasse at natural food stores, but its sulphured, unrefined, and very strongly flavored. The translation is wrong or of bad quality. When using it in recipes, I cut it with some mild-flavored honey. More often than not, among the ingredients theyre undefined flavors, which take me back to the i dont really want to know. I kinda address this in my next book, about using salted vs unsalted butter. I was given an Austrian cookbook that has conversions for almost everything, but not this. Use my search engine to find favorite spots in Paris. David- I know too many Americans who opened the oven door and found all their carefully rolled-out chocolate chip cookies, melded into one, giant blob.

Any advice as to what to pack? thanks for the post it was great! After 15+ years in France, I have found what I consider to be a perfect equivalent to American all-purpose flour (fruits, nuts, and chocolate chips in cake batter do not sink to the bottom, chocolat chip and peanut butter cookies come out perfect and chewy, bread dough is springy, etc. David UK doesnt use the Euro because we declined to sign up to a common european currency when it was introduced as a result our economy is stronger, our interest rates lower and Sterling (ie the GP) is stronger as a world (exchange) currency than the rest of the European Union.

Coarse crystal, free-flowing (poudre) cassonade is available in most grocery stores as the French use it for coffee and baking, and can be substituted in some recipes, although I prefer the sticky varieties when a recipe calls for light or dark brown sugar. The French have pimente dEspelette, which is a dried pepper powder from the Basque region, which you can find in most stores that sell foods from France. Dont tell my you dont like a nice, warm, mineral oil rubdown once in a while yourself? What kind of cutting board would you season? Favorite Paris pastry and chocolate shops, Sweetened condensed milk is well; its known as lait concentr sucr, which is sold in cans as well as tubes, like toothpaste.