[1] On August 16, 2017, Kings Dominion confirmed Hurler would reemerge as Twisted Timbers and open to the public in 2018.

Capacity. Just remember things aren't always what they seem.pic.twitter.com/L3tne13Mf1", "[SPOILERS] Possible Kings Dominion 2018 Leak r/rollercoasters", "Steel & Wooden Coaster | Twisted Timbers | Kings Dominion", "February Construction Update: Big Changes Coming to Candy Apple Grove", "Woman injured by flying cell phone on roller coaster", https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Twisted_Timbers&oldid=1099616449, Roller coasters manufactured by Rocky Mountain Construction, Short description is different from Wikidata, Official website different in Wikidata and Wikipedia, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License 3.0. Capacity. The restraints can be a bit cumbersome, but it's not that bad.

This is the version of our website addressed to speakers of English in the United States. Comfort Ejectors Intensity How could they mutilate my favorite woodie? Smooth with no dead spots. Intensity The outer bank was not as strong and wild as I expected but its still nice, and the rest of the airtime moments are just nice pops of strong ejector that u can expect from an RMC. Then several twists and turns take the train into a very cool zero-g roll. I really thought there was a possibility of cracking them. This roller coaster has a good layout and as I have yet to have ride Storm Chaser this my first inverted drop and the hangtime on I it is possibly the second best coaster moment in the state of Virginia with the airtime hills being the best in my eyes. The inversions aren't spectacular, but they add variety to an already outstanding ride. [5], The park scheduled a soft opening on March 22, 2018, for media and members of the enthusiast group American Coaster Enthusiasts,[6] with a second soft opening scheduled the following day for season ticket holders. In addition, this ride takes ages to load, and the ride ops do not hurry in the same way they did for SteVe. Intensity Unfortunately, I can't answer your question as it's been years since I have ridden the rides. [24], In June 2018, a woman was hit in the forehead by a mobile phone while riding Twisted Timbers.

Twisted Timbers is also faster than its predecessor, reaching a maximum speed of 54mph (87km/h). Duration, Airtimes

A ride on Twisted Timbers begins with a slight right turn out of the loading station followed by an ascent of the lift hill. I wasn't really aware of any rides that were very constricting. [4] Just like Storm Chaser at Kentucky Kingdom, the ride would feature a barrel roll drop. No jostling or being thrown around. Ejectors

The inversions on this coaster are very enjoyable too but the main focus is definitely the airtime, everything else is filler. The relaxed polo-style cap that isn't just for dads anymore, Unstructured, medium-to-high-profile crown with slightly curved bill, 100% cotton in all colors except beige (81% cotton / 19% rayon), fabric weight 7 oz. You might be able to call them and ask? I love the first drop and the first overbank.

These days when im asked what my favorite coaster is I have the words Twisted Timbers loaded on the tip of my tongue waiting to convert another soul by drinking the sweet RMC kool aid nectar. Layout A short trick track section leads into another right-banked turn and cutback. Only complainment are the restraints with this airtime it hurts a little. However, on March 25, 2017, Rocky Mountain Construction track was spotted in a storage yard at the park. Im curious to hear how it stacks up to other hybrids. Lap Bar. Reliability. This ride has great quality of airtime as there is some really sustained moments and its some of the strongest airtime Ive experienced and great quantity of airtime too, its a perfect blend. I think for the most part you will be ok. If you are more inversions focused than airtime this will probably be your favorite RMC hybrid. Get free US standard shipping on any order of US$65 or more. How would you compare it to the others youve ridden (Iron Ratter, Goliath, Wicked Cyclone, Lightning Rod, etc)? Are there rides at Knoebels known to give larger riders trouble? Its also a very long ride that will have you more than satisfied. I think so.

Comfort This is the Manny Pacquiao of roller coasters. Ejectors Pace As the Russian doll faced Op stapled me into the restraint I felt my heart beat rise. Hangtime My one quibble with Twisted Timbers is that I was not a fan of the outward-banked airtime hill. Fun I grew up riding the Hurler as a small boy. Smoothness. A must ride at Kings Dominion. First Drop Airtimes The restraints on RMC coasters are not always the most forgiving but theyre certainly a lot more forgiving than those on some Intamin coasters. Impulse actually has a pretty accommodating security bar which comes in front of you that would also be fine. Inversions / 240 gsm, Five-panel design with double-wide front panel for seamless printing, Exchange or money back guarantee for all orders. [8], When Hurler closed in fall 2015, no signs of renovation were detected. In my opinion, this is the best roller coaster in Virginia by far and I am excited to get more rides on this in the future. This ride is insane. Smoothness

This ride also has some surprising moments of laterals too, some while you are getting airtime which is cool. When I heard that my beloved Hurler was due for an RMC treatment my nostalgia gut started to twist and churn. Duration, Twisted timbers is the best of the smallest RMCs . Ok, I am 6ft 1" and weigh 250 and I was able to ride all the coasters and other rides, but just barely - it was a very tight fit fit with the coaster's bar across my waist of 44Inches.Note that the seats are relatively small. A few awesome elements in a sea of basic speed hills. The best part of the ride is the first half, after that, the ride starts spamming kiddie coaster elements. Lap Bar. Layout Thanks RMC for ruining an incredible ride with probably the worst trains besides the ones on Skyrush. The first drop is a perfect whippy hangtime filled masterpiece. If there one ride that I would even give a chance of beating Steel Vengeance, it would be this one (but of course I won't)! As to the lap bars themselves, this is the first RMC coaster Ive ridden that includes hold handles on the restraints. If you are a resident of another country or region, please select the appropriate version of Tripadvisor for your country or region in the drop-down menu. Ejectors

sketch illustrious 1948 ship before deck Their number is 1-800-487-4386. Other than that, it was almost a dream-like ride. Ejectors, Airtimes

The pacing also surprised me, you fly through the layout and never feel like you slow down, the elements progressively get more rapid fire and this ride is just wild and relentless. I see on the Knoebels website it says that you can rent lounge chairs on the sunbathing deck near For Hallo-Fun are there certain rides that aren't open? She was later taken to the hospital and received three stitches. Good luck and have fun! Capacity Layout Lastly, though airtime alley is a great homage to Hurler, I ultimately find it uncreative for the kinds of layouts RMC has proven to be able to produce. The first three ejector hills are very intense especially on a hot summer night when the coaster is fully heated up. Airtimes Amazing ride easily the best ride at Kings Dominion now. A true work of art. I stepped through the metal detector, cell phone in hand, and got in the back. Overall this is a great ride filled with some of the best airtime out there. You'd be hard pressed to find an other coaster that has this strength of airtime in this quantity. (Especially Impulse?) The wooden have a divider in the seat that I can get into but it is uncomfortable. Riders are arranged 2 across in 2 rows for a total of 24 riders per train.

First Drop, First Drop Disappointing! The roller coaster takes riders to a height of 111 feet (34m) before entering a barrel roll inversion and dropping them 109 feet (33m) down the first hill. Hi! A lot of people were underwhelmed with the design when it was revealed last year, especially with Steel Vengeance revealed around the same time, and Ive seen quite a few people change their minds after riding Twisted Timbers. Theming, Airtimes

Terms apply. [16] On March 20, four days before the ride's scheduled grand opening, its two trains, one with a blue paint scheme and the other green, tested together. Airtimes We only rode three of the rides. Compared with the other RMC hybrids Ive ridden, I would have to rate it below Iron Rattler my favorite b/c although Timbers has more airtime, IR has a higher thrill factor. Lap Bar. Theming The trick track double up and following hill give airtime matching the strength of el toro and lightning rod it literally hurts your thighs and the 3 camelbacks give so much sustained ejector.

Twisted Timbers looks like a solid RMC.

The whole thing is basically an airtime machine. If I could give more than five stars, I definitely would! Layout. I expect Phoenix, Twister, and Flying Turns will be fine. Am I the only one whos experienced this? But you can call and ask. Airtime, thrill, inversions, etc. In the present day, a local businessman has ignored legends surrounding the orchard and reopened it to the public just as it appeared in the 1950s.[18].

Have you ridden Twisted Timbers and if so, how would you rate it? Ejectors. Everyone working there is great! LOTS of airtime where your behind is off the seat for most of the ride! Those lap bars are the worst design Ive ever experienced.

Airtimes Duration. Disappointing! Yhis is my 5th favourite RMC after Lightning Rod, Wildfire and Untamed and SteVe. I don't anymore because of neck and back problems. Masterpiece First Drop One of the people with whom I rode clearly had the same perception, exclaiming I hate slow roller coasters! Having ridden it several times, I was tempted to tell her that things were about to kick into a higher gear but decided to let her find that out for herself. [9] Amateur drone footage taken four days later revealed that track removal on the old structure had begun. [17], The ride takes place in the fictional Hanover Hill Orchard, a rustic apple orchard named after Hanover County, Virginia, where Kings Dominion is located. Fun, Airtimes Its nicely themed after an orchard, from the graphics on the train to the signage in the loading station to the rusty pickup truck outside the station. It originally opened as a wooden coaster named Hurler in 1994, designed and manufactured by International Coasters, Inc., with a name and layout that matched an identical installation at Carowinds. First Drop Maybe with this much positive response, Cedar Fair will consider giving Carowinds Hurler the RMC treatment. Ride in the front for the best ejector over those big hills. Whats your take?

I want to meet the person who designed those things, I need answers. Airtimes Spiralling down through a zero-g roll like this was a lot more fun than rolling through one during which the elevation of the track changes only slightly. Ejectors First Drop The updated track utilizes the company's I-Box track technology, which allows for more aggressive elements and inversions.

An RMC masterpiece packed full of every type of airtime imaginable. At 61 you undoubtedly have much longer legs than I do and this could certainly make a difference in how the restraints fit. Steel VengeanceRMC, First Drop

I havent ridden Twisted Timbers yet (maybe this fall), but Im glad that Kings Dominion opened a month before Cedar Point and Steel Vengeance, to give Twisted Timbers some spotlight time.

Pace Masterpiece Capacity First Drop Theming Thank you Alan Schilke. For example I am 6'3 320 pounds (planning to hit the gym/diet aggressively in the next month) with a 47" waist and 52' chest. You will probably be better off on the impusle as I think smaller riders will be thrown around more. No-one had to do the walk of shame while I was there but were talking about only a short period. Pace Ejectors This page was last edited on 21 July 2022, at 18:38.

Pace Pace more. I thought that it would be interesting to compare before and after photos. Pace First Drop Great synopsis! Airtimes If not, you're cheating yourself. First Drop The phone # is 570-672-2572. A fun drop kicks this one off, but it's the laterals on the wave turn (which has no right to feel as enormous as it does) and the out-of-control airtime of the trick track double up that make this a world class ride. Talk about a new twist! I'm 6' 175 lbs . sorry dont specifically know.

Pace Inversions dont feel out of place. Layout, Theming It uses the whole layout, and is about the same height as Hurler.

Airtimes [20][21], In its debut year, Twisted Timbers placed third in the category of "Best New Ride for 2018" in the annual Golden Ticket Awards publication from Amusement Today, a trade newspaper that focuses on the amusement park industry. I gave WC the win in a showdown with New Texas Giant for the airtime but think that overall NTG is a little more exciting. Overall fantastic coaster! Plastic baby doll arms, legs, and torsos hung from the rafters as some sick joke which made my dark heart flutter with delight. I got 21 rides on it in one evening and had a blast. Another twist and a couple more airtime hills bring the ride to a conclusion. A thumbs up from the steady but slow Ops sent me off into the lift hill with an air of unearned confidence. Airtimes This is a great ride that cracks my top 10, Inversions Incredibly intense, relentless RMC. This ride is non stop not a simple element is not flat it all pops and it has almost every force you can have on a coaster.

The fact that the initial drop incorporates a barrel roll makes it unique in my experience although it is not in fact unique as Storm Chaser at Kentucky Kingdom (another RMC coaster) contains a similar drop. Sorry you had such a bad experience. The park contracted Rocky Mountain Construction (RMC) to revamp the aging roller coaster, and in the process, the coaster was redesigned and the wooden track was replaced with steel. Ejectors, A masterpiece. Party on Wayne, party on Garth. Each airtime hill is fun and awesome in their own way, and the best elements on the ride are for sure the airtime hill inside the structure, and all of the inversions are amazing! Ejectors. It feels like a mini Steel Vengeance in a way. I am sorry to not be able to answer you better. Ejectors Intensity Airtimes Capacity Ejectors Ejectors, Airtimes A relentless layout makes the wait for the metal detectors well worth it. In real life I work in the legal profession. Those that suggesting to call is a great idea! Capacity, Airtimes Along with the ride's opening in 2018, the surrounding area of the park's Candy Apple Grove section was rethemed to continue the 1950s orchard theme. Theming. I was in coaster heaven. Located at the edge of the Candy Apple Grove section of the park, Twisted Timbers has a triple out and back layout. Ejectors. Rode Twisted Timbers a few hours ago and Im still in a lot of pain. The pacing on this ride is also incredible. But what are the known trouble makers for larger riders? Available as Standard or Express delivery, 100% Secure payment with 256-bit SSL Encryption. Operating with two trains (one blue and one green) containing six cars seating two across in two rows, it has a total capacity of 24 riders.