At Accurate Baker Elman we do not want our customers feeling confused about the rebate process.

Heat pumps have been in use in warmer climates for decades, but in the past few years have undergone a technology revolution and are now a great heat source in cold climates such as New England. in the heat pump exploration process. Contact them or (800) 232-0672 to learn more. Next, find a Mass Save Partner on their website to come assess your home and provide an estimate. For homeowners who have a second home, the $10,000 rebate will not apply for that home. EV Level 2 Program: This home charging system installation rebate covers up to $250 on a Level 2 charging system consisting of a 240 volt wiring circuit from your house electrical panel to a NEMA 14-50 or similar outlet, or to a home charging station. Thanks to funding from a generous Concord resident, homeowners replacing gas-powered mowers are eligible for electric lawn mower rebates, while funds last.

Weatherization made during the assessment must be complete prior to heat pump installation. Considering radon is the #1 cause of lung cancer among non-smokers it is important to know where it comes from and what to do if, In the past heat pumps were designed to maintain a comfortable temperature inside your home for milder climates but todays heat pump technology has advanced, Everybody loves throwing away old technology to replace with the latest and greatest breakthroughs. Current MLP Solar Program participants must install their panels by June 2022. After an energy assessment, weatherizing your home is the best first step to lower fuel bills, a smaller carbon footprint, and fewer drafts so you'll be more comfortable at home in both summer and winter. Customers can connect with Abode's heating/cooling coaches, at no cost, to ask questions at any point (or at multiple points!) CMLP's longstanding solar panel rebate continues to accept new applicants. Abode will provide sizing and design support to CMLP customers and contractors to ensure that the installed system delivers the savings and comfort expected, as well as reduces the homes overall carbon impact. Click the button below to see partial-home heat pump rebates. See more information about both of these programs, in addition to our interconnection steps, here. Your family is running late and everyone is trying to jump in the shower and as you turn on the, Third Step Supplemental Heating Requirements, Fourth Step Removal/Disconnection of Old System, Introducing Heat Pumps to the Northeast Climate, How to Use Your New Heat Pump with Your Old Boiler.

The additional state DOER's MLP Solar Program rebate has now closed its doors to new applicants. Emergencies include heat pump maintenance down time or if heat pump is not able to heat the home during an extreme weather event. Homeowners may include a back-up or a supplemental heat source from NON-FOSSIL FUEL sources such as a wood or pellet stove or electrical baseboard heat. If you would like to install a heat pump system to heat only certain areas of your home, you will not qualify for the $10,000 rebate. For example, heat pumps are an energy efficient new technology that, We have all been there. Heat pump installation must include either the complete removal or disconnection of the pre-exisiting heating system OR the homeowner must agree not to use the pre-exisiting heating system unless there is an emergency. *** NOTE ***Many other generous incentivesare available through the state's MASS SAVE program. You will also find a wealth of information at Mass Save offers financial assistance with the weatherization upgrades if you qualify for their Enhanced Residential Program or their Income Eligible Program. Before the heat pump installation begins, Mass Save will conduct a Free Energy Audit. We will help you from start to finish to make the process as smooth and easy as possible. This rebate is for insulation (of attic, basement, walls, pipes, and ductwork) and air-sealing (windows, doors, ductwork, and any minor cracks where unconditioned air can get in). The program serves Concord residents whose home improvements reducenatural gasuse, such as weatherization, programmable thermostats, heat pumps, and more. DriveEV Program: Concord residents can get a rebate of up to $1,000 after the purchase or lease of a new or pre-owned plug-in electric vehicle. Home where the heat pump is being installed must be occupied full time during the winter heating season. Click Here for the Town COVID-19 Website and Information, Energy Management: Renewable Energy & Efficiency. Create an Account - Increase your productivity, customize your experience, and engage in information you care about. These clean heating and coolingtechnologies can greatly reduce your greenhouse gas emissions, reduce your energy costs, and improve the comfort of your home. Where do I find information about Town Meeting.

This includes back-up heat sources in spaces that are difficult to serve with air source heat pumps like bathrooms or other smaller areas in the home. CMLP has contracted with Abode Energy Management (Abode) to provide no-cost technical and educational resources to support our customers who wish to install heat pumps. With so much doubt around who qualifies and who does not weve summarized the rebate process below with some clarification along the way. EV Miles Program: This off-peak charging incentive offers electric bill credits to EV owners when charging at home is done during off-peak hours: 10 PM to 12 noon, Monday through Friday and all weekend. The biggest change to come out of Mass Save for 2022 is the $10,000 rebate on heat pumps but not all homeowners who want to install a heat pump system will qualify.

The heat pump system must be sized to be able to heat and cool your home as the sole source of heating.

Information on CMLP and Mass Save rebate programs can be found at the links below: Watch 3-minute videos of Concord residents talking about the heat pump systems in their homes. - Increase your productivity, customize your experience, and engage in information you care about. Click the button below to see some important questions to consider during the heat pump installation assessment. Find out more about this rebate here. Contact our trained EV Specialist Team at 833-443-8363 or via the support request form to ask questions about buying, charging or driving an electric vehicle.