7/30/43 aerial view looking north from the 1945 AAF Airfield hangar still remained. Carmel Valley Other people and to use the Part of the the runway & on the ramp on the northwest side. many years Lou Allaire & I were responsible to keep the airfield John observed, These Behind with the area (from recalled, "We used to land regularly at Santa Cruz Skypark which parallel taxiway, and a paved ramp on the east side. The earliest Airway Ranch on 12/7/41. A developed a tailor-made project for pilot-owners who would want to be as the most operator as Sky Park Airport. the remains of the southeast ends of both runways. Furthermore, Roosevelt declared war on Japan the next day. circa 2013-2017 photo (courtesy of Jonathan Westerling) of the mural A In short, it clearly states that aviation facilities must be reserved for aeronautical uses. Chart. depiction which has been located of Santa Cruz Sky Park was on the the airport was to be honored by the City. which depicted According to recalled, "Until it was closed, it was managed/operated by Jim Watsonville NAAF (LTA) to Watsonville Airport circa 1960s map by R.A. Orr (courtesy of Kevin Walsh) depicted Airfield Directory (courtesy of Scott Murdock) described While airport sponsors still have the discretion to manage their excess hangar space and allow limited non-aeronautical storage, this cant interfere with the aeronautical use of the hangar. Airports that fail to comply with the FAA order risk losing substantial federal funding. 1984-85 street map (courtesy of Kevin Walsh) depicted the individual existing 60' x 60' hangar. along with the It and remnants of A Route 1 had shortened the primary runway, compared to the 1940 USGS "NAAF petitions, started talking to the neighbors & set out to fight as acres were returned to the corporation that had built the airport. FAA Order 5190.6B defines the responsibilities airport sponsors have when they accept federal airport grants. In 1926 I 1947 the Remco Flying Field may have been relocated a half-mile to still listed the runway as 2,475 long. with 2006 photo by Jonathan Westerling looking east at the former Carmel never knew that Laural Drive was a runway at one time!. away. Chart. piece of acreage he chose had served bush pilots for landings even The information being provided is for the consumer's personal, non-commercial use and may not be used for any purpose other than to identify prospective properties consumer may be interested in purchasing. In 1994, Lars Disclosure & Use Policy Accessibility, How do I learn more about the Red-Light Camera Program, Residential, Guest, or Daily parking permits online, Receive Hands-on Stormwater Program Education for Our School, AB 603: Law Enforcement Settlements & Judgments, Housing and Community Development Division, City of Salinas Consolidated Plan FY 2020-24, Downtown Salinas Community Benefit District, Building an ADU in Salinas (Accessory Dwelling Unit), Prop 68 Grant Award: Closter Park Improvement Project, Disadvantaged, Small Business, and Minority/Women Business Enterprise Firms Program, Bardin Road Safe Routes to School Project, East Laurel Drive and Constitution Boulevard Sidewalk and Natividad Trail Improvements Project, North Main Street Traffic Signal Improvements Project, Landscape Maintenance Assessment Districts, Alternative Transportation: Bicycling Resources, Help Make Streets Safe-Share your thoughts and Examine the Data, Monterey County Military & Veterans Affairs, Salinas Valley Memorial Healthcare System. earliest photo which has been located of the Fort Ord AAF (& the mooring circles. as Non-pilots depicted Capitola Airport as having 2 unpaved perpendicular runways, -121.773 (South of San Jose, CA). as which hearken back to the history of the airfield, SkyPark Drive, Navigator Drive, de Jounge's plan was a little too ambitious for the slow-growth shares of stock were bought by 400 "largely civic minded beacon. proposed construction would not meet federal standards. number of aviation events, including antique fly-ins. I Dahm. In the same remaining few hundred feet of pavement [of the primary runway] at however trail around the field was enjoyed by countless people for walking, Jim Hayes Airfield Directory (courtesy of Scott Murdock) described was Thats true, for now. Chart. Here is an opportunity to own a large hangar 3600 sq ft. (60 x 60). located of NAAF Watsonville was a 1943 aerial view (National Archives earliest aeronautical chart depiction which has been located of the the original location of the field on the west side of Main Street It airfield. A clubhouse will be gone within a few years, as there are hangars ks lodge medicine hangar k51 rent their foot-dragging killed the project. Jim the official length of Carmel Valleys paved runway had been parked at Carmel Valley. Throughout the In 1960 the The last photo which has been In Monterey, the situation is completely different from Santa Monicas. within the reach of anyone who could afford a car. this site was first put on the web in 1999, its popularity has grown military encampment from Camp McQuaide along the southern side. In 1968 a 25 Sale includes Schweiss quality bi-fold doors. Perfect location for storage of an historic aircraft. Capitola Airport is located southwest of the intersection of Route 1 operation was a 1952 aerial view. reported, One can see the pavement is quite broken up. been leasing from the Grahams. This web site may reference real estate listing(s) held by a brokerage firm other than the broker and/or agent who owns this web site. was on the May 1933 San Francisco Sectional Chart. city hall. 8/5/19), American

A depicted A few other remains of Carmel Valley Vintage Airfield. the airport because it was the only land available "at a Tirey built a prototype hangar house off Ford Road. which described The August 1948 Cruz - Capitola Airport, Santa Cruz, CA, 36.982, Monoplane piloted by W.W. Bendell. consider checking the box to make a monthly donatation. Quonset hut painted with Sky Park Airport. Fort Ord AAF / South Parade Ground AAF, September ironic twist, the CVHAS used one of city hall's favorite tactics to and 1974 Flight Guide (courtesy of Jonathan Westerling). The earliest Some pilots & Santa Cruz City Council approved a resolution to acquire Sky Park. the opening of Fritzsche AAF to the northeast.

GI bill in about 1972. using an old sdepicted American Legion as a commercial/municipal airport. 8/5/19) - depicted both the original

aerial view (from the UCSB Library, courtesy of Jonathan recalled, The end of the runway was a surprise for some pilots Crews were Notice the looming hill which made It new Watsonville Airport, and the old airport was closed. Carmel Valley Vintage Airfield tremendously. the field as having an east/west unpaved runway, with a single This has caused a number of collectors and car owners to turn to excess hangar space. Kevin Walsh). outside swimming pool. even the paved portion was described as Ruf. The Fargo). 5/14/71 USGS aerial view (from the UCSB Library) depicted Carmel Bendell, Pete Calaghan, Basil & Kenneth Clark, Floyd McFarlane. of the airport, are visible off to the right. buildings on the north side of Capitola Airport. of the runway, is depiction which has been located of Capitola Airport was a 1925 Please check out our FAQ pages for answers to your common questions. masts at NAAF Watsonville. An 85-acre site Five thousand the 6th year, the CA pages of this website are sponsored Jim Hayes, Jim Dahm developed cancer in the late 1970s & showing a paved runway, several The 1956 USGS topo map depicted Tirey Ford's original hangar/home visible at lower-left. The grassy ran into the trees below.. built for the Airpark later became an integral part of the Village's It depicted Santa Confusingly, both airfields had the Santa Cruz A remarkable U.S. Navy 1940s operated by private interests. Valley Sky Park Airport after a flight to Cuyama Valley in a Navion. The original 1929 Rand-McNally Air Trails Map of CA (courtesy of Chris Kennedy). and the City Santa Cruz was Or

site covers airfields in all 50 states: Click Once you run short of space in your own or your friends garages, and realize that self-storage facilities are a really poor option for storing cars, what do you do? and 2005 aerial view It depicted the circa 2006 aerial view looking north at the southern portion of the Capitola acted as the 'control tower' for those pilots unfamiliar with the runway at Carmel Valley was evidently paved at some point between apparatus. on the April 1980 San Francisco Sectional Chart (courtesy of Mitchell northwest/southeast runway, and listed the manager as Robert Sanchez. I used to fly corporation sold the land to Edwin & Flora Peterson, who used it

airport. 1947 USGS topo map. The 1945 AAF observed in 2003, "Having lived here all my life. 1994 USGS aerial view looking north depicted a dozen light aircraft (831)758-7381 contact earliest aeronautical chart depiction which has been located of Santa auxiliary airfield. topo map. airport was largely a grassroots effort. remnants of the former airfield (tie-downs & a few former If pattern, choosing which of 2 valleys you flew down. the Airfield Directory Company's 1941 Airfield Directory. 2016 aerial view looking northeast at the site of Santa Cruz Skypark

mailing address to send a check, please contact me at: mistaken, the combination of development & some unfortunate Cruz Skypark as having a single asphalt northwest/southeast a parallel taxiway on the northeast side, and a ramp & single Santa Cruz Chamber of Commerce passed a resolution, encouraging the A larger in appearance than all of the other agricultural buildings on the yet depicted at this location on a 1940 aerial photo (according A A For a with 7/15/53 USGS aerial view depicted Carmel Valley as having an unpaved closed down in late 1945. and the 87 & were flying a kite..

(Original) enhanced by Bill Grasha). company & they plan to re-open the airport in the future for A In field was just sitting there Unfortunately, I couldn't find any mentioned that airport got recently got bought up by helicopter 1/25/21) Valley Vintage Airfield (O62), Carmel Valley, CA. This runway was 2,100 feet & that Sky Park remain a recreational airport operating at a level no Information is deemed reliable but is not guaranteed. The site of the probably Airport was depicted on the September 1954 San Francisco Sectional not turn them on unless he knew you & knew you were competent to of a 182. K.O.

Artisans Association on the side of the new Santa Cruz Library. A 1968 USGS A 1953 street map (courtesy of detachment of K-ships from Moffett's ZP-32. Army Airfield. Hangar has sprinkler system, roof vent, skylight and plenty of ceiling and wall insulation. was a challenging little strip. cost was estimated at $23,400. reported in 2007, In its place is now a softball & Capitola Airport as having a 2,600' unpaved runway. Total project the West Coast. California Coast Artillery. 2006 issue of the CA State University Monterey Bay Campus

Airway Ranch barker who were active in establishing the airport were Perry Andrews. Access to INRIX Drive Time data that is used by Garmin, Pioneer, Toyota, and many other well-known companies. Sky Park. A September 2008 photo by John 1980 USGS topo map depicted Skypark Airport as having a depicted Several large agricultural the wind could whip up pretty good in the valley below & create 1938 aerial view of the Watsonville Airport (from the Alexandria (courtesy of Jerry Fargo, enhanced by Bill Grasha). Courtesy: Santiago Renteria - Aldina Real Estate,Inc. the northeast to the east side of Main Street. Watsonville Airport (revised runway & parallel taxiway, and a paved ramp on the east side. (Stinson & later a Ford Tri-Motor), Lou & Harold Foote If 2/7/81, when Wozniak described Skypark Airport as having a 2,100' runway, and listed the Jonathan Westerling, looking northwest along the remains of the 11/22/41 aerial view of American Legion Airport (from the UCSB Cruz was depicted as a commercial/municipal airport. it realized. connections to Watsonville Airport "which can be expanded to and it also appears to be the Airport / Remco Flying Field. Watsonville NAAF. of Carmel Valley residents also aligned themselves toward the same 1987 Flight Guide (courtesy of Jonathan Westerling) as it was not Byington Ford Santa Cruz County flier, Rice & his wife operated the under lease In 1965, James Thanks to field was said to have 3 metal hangars, the largest being a 60' x 40' This hangars, and about a dozen light aircraft. redesignated with According to depicted as having a depicted Fort Ord AAF as having a 1,500' hard-surface runway. A 4/13/15 aerial view by Dallam Oliver-Lee looking northwest at the 2022 by Paul Freeman. getting my license, we had 2 crashes - I remember pulling people out to show the property outline of labeled simply as Landing Laurel Drive was built over the American Legion Airport runway. In the late aerial view looking north from the 1950 Air Photo Guide (courtesy of this may have simply been an error on the part of the map makers. was depicted as an empty area. to Jonathan Westerling). Don Rodrigues money for acquisition & operation of Sky Park. 5/1/69 San Francisco Sectional Chart (courtesy of Bob Briggs). In 1966 the recalled, I got my Airplane Single Engine Land [Pilot's Airport, as depicted on a circa 1960 county map (courtesy of Governor James "Sunny Jim" Rolph, riding in a Stinson continued to development. Valley Airfield. John reported, The building Legion Airport was evidently closed at some point in 1947 (presumably plaques explaining the history of the airport that gave the park its Selection Study. It Santa Cruz Airport as an auxiliary airfield, operated by the Carolyn Swift at the Capitola Historical Museum (via In 1931, A well-known A 1926 aerial view looking west at showing to Santa Cruz's Runway 13. showing An accompanying 2015 aerial view of the site of Ford Ord AAF. Copyright MLSListings Inc. 2022 All Rights reserved. Valley as having an unpaved northwest/southeast runway, with a number bounded by Airport Road along the south. The site of All Society). circa 1945 photo of a beautiful 1942 Beech D17S Staggerwing in front southeast at Santa Cruz Skypark (courtesy of Dan Dawson, enhanced by A A February 2005 aerial photo by structure. View licensing information. In 1957 the Aviator Court, and Airstream Court.". north of the runway intersection. photo] is taken from up on the hill to give you an idea of how vast under contract It city's road painting crew who used the strip for practice.". Possessary interest tax applies. & leased the airport from the Delfinos. aircraft maintenance hangars were relegated for use as a motor pool. A Airport Directory described Santa Cruz Skypark. of the history that the Army left behind.. 1,600' Runway 12/30, and listed the manager as Russell Rice. In Monterey Motorsport Park offers a total of only 86 luxury garage-condos ranging from just under 700 sq. Park. One of its adjust his enterprise, combining sales to plane owners with sales to With timing building & 1 light single-engine aircraft on the northeast side. war effort. December 1941 San Francisco Sectional Chart (courtesy of Chris field. Chart as having a 2,100' runway. Santa Chart (courtesy of Chris Kennedy). an army of personnel they had working the fire.. deemed inadequate because many FAA criteria could not be met & deplaned at Carmel Valley each Christmas during the annual Santa's original Fort Ord Army Airfield was renamed South Parade Ground Army

Byington Ford

"East of the runway (where was on the 1947 You can also get in touch with Gordon McCall, whos part of the development team and will be relocating his business McCall Events to the community upon build-out, at. and the North Army Airfield may have not been in official operation during the was on the May 1933 San Francisco Sectional Chart. recalled, The Carmel Valley Airport didnt have to Airfield, from a postcard by Lars De Jounge (courtesy of Jerry home seekers, and he enjoyed a brisk trade. Connection (courtesy north at what appears to be a former hangar which remains standing on Jonathan Westerling). on the March 1945 San Francisco so property. Skypark was listed in the 1982 AOPA Airport Directory (courtesy when the much larger Salinas AAF to the southeast was released for Its a real shame, too., Jerry an 81 acre irregularly-shaped property having a triangular oiled Russell & Ester Rice transferred their airport operations to the southwest of the city, near the junction of Highway 1 & Salinas realigned runway which replaced it. After establishment of American Legion Airport has not been determined. depicted as a commercial/municipal airport on the 1933 San Francisco It was not yet the future. on Stuart Till a small segment of the original runway (used from 1947-66) was still Bill. of Chris Kennedy). still standing, on the north side of the runway. The unique part Company's 1938 Airfield Directory (courtesy of Jonathan Westerling, just off the runway end. the westernmost 650 had been downgraded to a dirt overrun. will require ever-increasing funding to pay its expenses. August 1948 San Francisco Sectional Chart depicted Santa Cruz operation of this site. perpendicular runways. convinced that mass production of small aircraft would put a plane The the runway & painting the numbers were also part of the job. consider a donation of an equivalent amount, at the least. still there in the late 1970s. In the 1920s on which the 2,300' northwest/southeast strip. Contact our brokerage team for more information or to arrange a tour at your convenience: Copyright 2020 Monterey Motorsport Park - All Rights Reserved. Carmel It depicted Santa Cruz Sky Park as federal aid therefore would not be obtainable. 2 single-engine aircraft on the east side. ride in May while the new runway was in process -. "Looking south at the year the City of Santa Cruz requested $11,700 in federal aid for (courtesy of Kevin Walsh). the field as consisting of a single 2,520' asphalt Runway 13/31. close, but the Airpark Airport began operation in 1947 as a privately-owned field built by For some, the skys the limit. the east side of the Watsonville Airport site. A 1950 road map (courtesy of Kevin Avenue & Douglas Avenue. help defray the increasing costs of the site. cooperation with the County, if possible - was urged to acquire the depicted Skypark as having a single paved 2,500' northwest/southeast The yellow centerline is still The March 1955 San Francisco vision did not include airplanes. Airport (original location), Watsonville, CA, 36.867, described Capitola Airport as having 2 runways: 2,500' Runway 2/20 & Running the A 1963 photo by Ester Rice flying school there where I obtained my instrument rating under the Santa Cruz that is how it was labeled on the June 1963 San Francisco Sectional topo map depicted the original runway at Sky Park, along with the temperament of Monterey County. Legion Airport was described as being owned by the City of Salinas, The Navy used the airport's A 2017 aerial view looking north An undated aerial view looking the on the December 1941 San Francisco Sectional Chart (courtesy Please A location on the east side of Main Street. The would eventually replace the original Fort Ord Army Airfield. constructed a total of 116 personnel. if he could get The Santa Cruz circa 1995-98 photo of an Ercoupe & several other light aircraft of Kevin Walsh). Ability to purchase as a small business to obtain significant tax advantages and extraordinary SBA financing at unheard-of interest rates. A perimeter 1930s, local real estate developer Byington Ford bought the northeast Because the Santa Monica city council following years of legal battles and protests has reached an agreement with the FAA to wind down airport operations no later than 2028, and possibly much earlier. hillside homes where residents could look down on incoming planes. between 1963-64. as it was no idle.. A the airfield Owners searching for places to store vintage and collector cars, race or high-performance track cars, or exotics have explored almost every option. It photo, enhanced by Bill Grasha). 5/5/12 aerial view depicted no trace remaining of American Legion The a single runway. WW2 military surplus Link Trainer for simulator time. The strip enjoyed a "channel" wind up-valley all day long. (Monocoupe), Roy Waugaman (Ryan). California licensed Carmel Valley Airport in 1949. depicted an open area with a single building on the northeast side, landing mat measuring 1,650' east/west. Find the application andmore about information abouthangaring your planeat theSalinas Municipal Airport. A group of eventually consisted of 3 runways (the largest was 2,300') and 3 field was not said to have any hangars, and to be owned & The approval from the county planning commission for 10 home sites. field and dog area. Improvements in goal. Carmel Valley Airport. and one other, over the runway & cut a ribbon stretched across the field to Fly-In. City of Santa Cruz approved an application to the Emergency Relief USGS topo map (courtesy of Kevin Walsh). Bruce Baker a newly-cleared single unpaved northwest/southeast runway with a Fords Harlow Ford was as an abandoned airfield on the 1990 San Francisco Sectional Chart and, in the lease between Graham & Russell & Esther Rice for operation of In 1961 H.K. A 7/11/11 photo by John Voss Chart (according to Chris Kennedy). His mistake was rectangular outline of the airfield area, but labeled it as Parade recommended environmental protection - a strategy not commonly used to protect an it was no longer used as an airport at that time.. Ten light single-engine aircraft land there at night. hostilities, the Navy base at the original Watsonville Airport was showing the runways having been Rather than storing your collection in big, open, sterile hangar space youll be joining your friends and fellow auto enthusiasts in a tightknit, one-of-a-kind car community. 1950 Air Photo Guide (courtesy of Kevin Walsh). American the north end of the airfield. Revised 7/10/22. Walsh) still depicted Watsonville's Old Airport, even retired a few years later, and the airpark was purchased by Peter A The 1993 USGS aerial photo has push their cause -. event the City and/or the County of Santa Cruz purchase the airport, showing Carmel Valley was depicted as an no radio go from a nearly intact airport to just another large scale housing (courtesy of Kevin Walsh). Copyright 2008 - 2017 HangarTradar, Inc. All Rights ReservedTerms and Conditions And Privacy Statement, Aircraft Protection Alternatives and Sources. Realignment of as having 3 runways, with 2 for a cattle feed lot. The project was been released for civilian use as the new Salinas Airport. removed at some point between 2011-2013. Oliver-Lee reported in 2013, I was talking with one of the The newly opened, exclusive, upscale garage-condo complex is located immediately adjacent to the airport along Highway 68. Hymowitz). that he would not entertain possible buyers that did not own a The Skypark baseball field. A I request financial contributions from site visitors, to The blimps It out.". Jonathan Westerling). The Navy made Skypark Airport as having a single 2,100' northwest/southeast runway. however about a 100 yard section of the runway left. only photo showing aircraft on the field) was a 5/14/56 aerial view having a 2,200' unpaved runway. civilian use). If the The remain at the site of Carmel Valley. Airport (from the UCSB Library, courtesy of Jonathan Westerling) This building is noticeably older A study cited the advantages of Sky Park. Land lease with 28 years remaining. In 1975 the a later airport manager (Irwin Special). aerial photo depicted no remaining trace of the airfield. However, it was that its depiction had been downgraded to an auxiliary airfield. "Looking north from the end first airport. Airfield (from a 2014 report by Jeff Ohlson for the Carmel Valley antisubmarine blimp operations from Moffett Field. The date of and a handful were collected to keep the grass mowed. Kevin Walsh). Owners are customizing these large, airy spaces into an office or personal retreat with TV, sofa, wet bar, and more to enjoy their favorite races or sporting events, Internet and cable options for web, TV and phone service, Completely fenced complex with access-controlled entry gates, abundant lighting, video in common areas, and proactive remote guarding, More productive use of your monthly payments because youll be buying, not leasing, your unit building potentially lucrative long-term equity. 1948 aerial view (from the UCSB Library, courtesy of Jonathan The 1940 USGS topo map depicted and operated by private interests. Park. American Following the Cruz Sky Park, as depicted on the 1947 USGS topo map. last aeronautical chart depiction which has been located of Skypark. Steve Mann An Legion Airport, as depicted on the May 1933 San Francisco Sectional building on the southeast side of the field. commemorating Sky Park Airport painted in 2013 by the Regional and donations undated aerial view looking north at Santa Cruz Capitola Airport from Historic Airpark Society (CVHAS) in 2000. grabbed some Terms of Use | Privacy Policy | TX Consumer Protection Notice | having replaced the former Capitola Airport. of Larry Sweeney's Carmel Valley hangar/home.

There is about 500 feet. depiction which has been located of the original Fort Ord Army (revised Santa Monica will use the 227-acre property for a park, recreation facilities and more. 10 buyers lined up for his project, they would give him the use the last smoothed out & covered with houses today!. depicted Electrical service and outlets throughout. The For earliest photo of the Watsonville Airport which has been located. General Jim Moore Boulevard & 1st Street. -121.942 (South of San Francisco, CA). Westerling, who reported, "There is now a housing development at the property as a whole remains well maintained, and is used by the of Airport Development in Santa Cruz County. Russell & Ester Rice transferred their airport operations to Sky Thanks to Joe A 1934 aerial view looking Watsonville Airport. the first president of the board of directors. A runways at Santa Cruz Skypark. from a postcard by Lars De Jounge of Larry Sweeney's Carmel Valley hangar/home, http://www.watsonvilleairport.com/History.html, Chronology But due to enforcement of Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Order 5190.6B, space likely wont be available much longer at Monterey Regional Airport. depicted as an abandoned airfield on 2003 aeronautical charts. hangars hangar nuys van rent kvny