Since joining his final expense team I have learned why this type of program can assist individuals with financial means in their greatest time of need. His process and assistance to agents from all backgrounds fits. I joined Duford to stay here not be a tragic story.If you are new to the insurance industry or been in it for a while, you can't go wrong with Duford Insurance Group.I'm new and the last thing I wanted was to sign up to sell insurance to be left in the cold. David is honest, organized, helpful, and intensely passionate about the sharing the craft of selling insurance. I would spend more time with my Agents outside of work, he says. David is the most knowledgeable Final Expense individual I have ever been exposed to. Thanks, Dave! Would he change anything if he had it to do over? Gryska Agencies Of National Income Life's Headquarters are in 1567 East Henrietta Road ,Rochester,New York,United States. He also will teach you how to close the sale in the clients home at the kitchen table.And if thats not enough he provides live training via zoom where you can hear live telephone calls of other agents closing sales and allows the group to critique the closerit is unprecedented.I could go on and on and on but in closing reach out to David Duford you wont regret it!Tracy O. Johnson aka the insurance lady. fantastic company to work for! Davids accessibility is unmatched and that is so important when starting in this business. Make sure your information is up to date. He is the most impressive young man I have seen in a very long time. His advice and insight on everything from underwriting, to scripting, to long term business strategy has been extremely helpful. Their youtube and intenal video content is amazing. I look forward to learning and growing as an agent with him. Excellent education, unlimited support and David is a man of his word! He knows the final expense business backwards and forwards! From my perspective he follows the golden rule knowing if he helps you ultimately he will benefit too. I absolutely love it. David and his Team in my experience are the Best of The Best in helping new agents navigate through the sea of endless options when it comes to selecting the right type of leads and product line to focus on depending on your (sales/professional) personality. David is eager help. Join DIG as you can't go wrong! At some point, you may decide to leave your insurance agency to work with another one. Happy I started my insurance career here. You can also schedule calls with him as well when you are feeling stuck.I so appreciate what I've learned from him and his training has made me a more confident agent in the field.Look no further ! I have been a licensed agent since 1993 and actually worked for several companies that he reviews. For those agents looking to master Final Expense David Duford is the real deal. Highly recommend. David is an excellent trainer and is very responsive to questions. Duford Insurance Group definitely provides training and expertise to help one in the insurance business. David works hard and is constantly delivering great content on all platforms. Copyright Duford Insurance Group 2014-2022 Terms And Conditions Refund Policy Earnings Disclosure, Mailing AddressPO Box 123Chattanooga, TN37343Email Us Here, Helpful LinksAgency FAQAbout DIGSuccess StoriesStoreContact, David Duford specializes in recruiting and training new and experienced insurance agents to become top producers utilizing proven sales and marketing systems in final expense, Medicare, annuities, and Under 65 health insurance sales. - puts this group head and shoulders above every agency with which I have worked over a 50+ year sales career. One of the better places for agents to work. David is not only very knowledgeable but specially dedicated to the success of his producers. New Agent. Go here for the best no-nonsense insurance agent business partnership. He is always quick to respond to any question I have. For me personally, he has truly been an inspiration.

Duford is a great agency and David really does a great job. Or perhaps you simply want to find out more about different insurance agencies before you make up your mind? David and his agents are INDEPENDENT. He has been incredibly patient with all of my beginner questions, and I am grateful that I can always get quick answers to anything I'm struggling with. In a world where uplines make promises they cant keep, David does what he says he is going to do.

As a new agent he helped me tremendously in the area of Final Expense.

He is a heck of a trainer on insurance but also sales training, getting your mindset right, goals, and everything else to make it all work. The statistics can be alarming, but you can take an extra step right now to help you act quickly if the need arises. He focused on baseball in college, but golf now gets most of his attention. He doesnt dismiss you. You get trainings weekly meetings, how to's, and always response to emails in questions that you may have. David and his team are all very professional when teaching new people about this business. No matter what question you ask David will take the time to get you the answer, no matter what it is. Look forward to understanding this field with your help. About Durhon Oldham & Brett Gryska David never acted upset and was extremely patient with me despite not making money on me right away.

He was and continues to be upfront about everything, nothing to hide, honest opinions, doesn't try to push you in any direction that you don't want to go. If you are looking for a place where you can grow at a rapid rate, increase your bank account beyond your imagination, learn from an expert who is fun, loving, exciting and thoughtful, look no more.David is an insurance expert and you will become one too, he provides everything you need from the best commission rates to the best insurance carriers especially if you want to do telephone sales from home, the best telephone and in home scripts he will teach you everything you need to say Word for Word to close the sale.

He married at 16 and barely finished high school. If you put in the time and effort Dave has your back and takes care of the rest! Soon after, he started working for NILICO where he advanced quickly and was promoted to agency owner by Durhon Oldham in 2016. Amazing cheat sheets and training materials. Super communicator, easy to reach out to. He is always free with his information and full of honest interpretation of how to achieve the best results. Thank you! After working with David, I am excited again about the industry and my new skillsets. A True professional and thoroughly supports his group. The choice is yours. from Dave. David knows his business and is an excellent teacher and mentor. Need to speak with customer service about your policy? Want to know how National Income Life can partner with your organization? What is Gryska Agencies Of National Income Life's Industry? I have learned more from following Dave on you tube then from my own FMO. Enjoy the group trainings. He is straight forward and honest.

He and his team are only a phone call away if you are out with a client and need advice. Brett strongly believes National Income Life improves the lives of both individuals and his community through his local Agency, Oldham-Gryska Agency. Call us Monday - Friday, 9am 5:30pm Eastern time zone. But so far training and support is A+. Exceptional support and high quality education for the aspiring life and health insurance professional. David has his finger on the pulse of the insurance industry, and he always has the answers to my questions. NILICO provides a range of benefits for the agents, from organizing annual sales conventions in exotic locations to awards and peer recognition rewards. High commission, fully vested from day 1, and David has the carriers necessary to be successful in Final Expense sales. Explore our competitive commissions, bonuses, and incentives. Newly joined but great experience so far! Love it here. That makes it easy to build a business for long term., national income life: gryska agencies poughkeepsie , national income life: gryska agencies poughkeepsie photos , national income life: gryska agencies poughkeepsie location , national income life: gryska agencies poughkeepsie address , national income life gryska agencies poughkeepsie , national income life oldham gryska agencies poughkeepsie , national income life: oldham gryska agencies poughkeepsie . Intelligence,, Privacy Being mentored by Durhon Oldham was the most rewarding aspect of joining NILICO for me, states Brett. You can always talk to sales if youre interested in advanced plans. David gives great training and great access to teaching materials to help you make a successful business. David while he runs his own agency is committed to all agents who are lucky enough to find him on youtube or in searches on how to sell.

Hes just great!I am a brand new employee, and already have learned so much in the span of a weeks time, while waiting for my writing numbers!He is a wonderful teacher who takes you through the concepts step by step, and explains everything.David provides so many available resources, and has even created a final expense carrier cheat sheet- which is super helpful and easy to use.David Duford truly cares about his agents. When it comes to life insurance, NILICO provides terminal illness riders that the customers can add to their policy at no additional cost. To learn more about my agencyDuford Insurance Groupplease check out my FAQ page. It is a legitimate NILICO agency. Trust Dave you won't regret he not just good, he's great he knows what he talking about. He helps his agents get the job done. Highly recommend his agency especially for new agents. The one, and only, agency to sign up with! This is an excellent agency to partner with. I could not be happier with Duford. Working with David Duford is simple and "no contracts", vested in your production day one! If you are looking for life insurance, contact David, not the other guys. Lots of great training and help available. Terrific and effective agency for new and seasoned life insurance professionals. I would recommend him to anyone. Everyone is very helpful and I cant wait to jump in deeper!

Most other IMO's email me their incentive trip details and try to push my production to them.

Foursquare 2022 Lovingly made in NYC, CHI, SEA & LA.

Director Of Recruiting, Upstate Ny Offices. He is generous with his commission levels! In my 10 Years in the Life insurance business, the BEST Agency I have worked with is the Duford Insurance Group! He has the best carriers with good contract levels. Durhon Oldham, State General Agent in New York, grew up in Louisville, Kentucky, in a single parent home. He is knowledgeable! I want to spend as much time as I can with my family and playing golf.

A great insurance mentor. David has a wealth of information. You'll be glad you did. Thats why I put together a Free Insurance Agent Resource where you will be able to find answers to all your questions about insurance sales and marketing. David has a consistent, honest, no nonsense approach to assisting you be successful. He's got the tools to help agents succeed. The Duford Insurance Group is the agency we've all been looking for. We have an amazing food bank if you need help.

As a new agent I was looking for a proper training to be successful. I get emails about how to improve my business or how they can add value to my business. I have been an insurance agent since 2011 and as an insurance agency owner since 2014.

I am glad I made the move to this company. He is NO pressure!Don't drink the kool-aid from other agencies who pressure you to build a team (when you don't even know what you are doing yet) to writing with certain carriers that leave you vulnerable and ripe for replacement from the agents right behind you.DIG is a class act and I am grateful to be a part of this amazing agency and team. In fact, many six-figure producers in my own insurance agency sell only one type of product. Plus, you can tell that he really cares about his clients just by the way he describes different scenarios with them. Im a brand new agent. I hope you will find my opinion on selling insurance useful. National Income Life Insurance Company in New York and its parent company, American Income Life , an international company, strive to protect working families in the United States, Canada, and New Zea 1567 East Henrietta Road, Rochester, NY, 14623 US, Jackie Donovan - Licensed Life Insurance Agent, Ryan Witham - VP of Southern Tier Gryska Agency, Anthony Messana - Licensed Life Insurance Agent, Marisa Weston - Director of Recruiting, Upstate NY Offices, Matthew Borkowski - Chief Operating Officer, Jessica Kinney - Union benefit specialist, Show all Gryska Agencies of National Income Life employees. His focus on finding the best value and solution for the client. David, an author & experienced in Life, Medicare, and Annuities, was why I sought him out. Out of all the different IMO'S out there David is the only that I would ever work for. I like that and all the training we have access to such as live, audio and video. It proved to be the right one. We can help you make it happen. It is very family oriented. He is sitting me for success. If you would like, you may upload a resum here. NOTE: As an aspiring or new insurance agent, youll be able to find answers to all the questions you might have in the latest version of my Free Insurance Agent Resource Guide. David Duford is one of the most knowledgeable mentors in the Insurance field today. The Duford Insurance Group is a very professional agency with all the tools you need to be become a successful agent. Disclaimer: I am not an agent with David Duford. Headquarters: 1567 East Henrietta Road , Rochester, New York, United States, Website:, Legal Name: Gryska Agencies Of National Income Life, Gryska Agencies Of National Income Life's Social Media. David really knows what he's doing. However, I have learned more truths about how to navigate a successful path in Insurance from David that allowed me to survive first year hurdles. The companys products target both individuals, single parents, and families. I did have a few years experience prior to going Independent, but his training and tools, and updates on marketing, helps any agent. National Income Life Insurance Company seeks a select group of leaders, entrepreneurs, and high achievers eager to jumpstart their sales career with a fast-paced, stable, and growing Company. I have learned a tremendous amount in just two weeks.Looking forward to profitable and enjoyable professional relationship. David Dufords insurance agency has changed my life! He is a pro's pro!! This policy cannot be canceled as long as premiums are paid on time. David Duford? I came to David interested in Final Expense. The Duford Group is one of the Prossional and educational group I have come across during my 20 year practice of insurance. Very helpful for me. National Income Life Insurance Company in New York and its parent company, American Income Life , an international company, strive to protect working families in the United States, Canada, and New Zealand. Email:, Monday Friday 9:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. EST. Chaleigh Savastano was great and helped a lot! He KNOWS the business inside and out. He joined the U.S Write a short note about what you liked, what to order, or other helpful advice for visitors. I'm glad to have joined his group because I have learned so much that will help in the future with my final expense business. It's your life. He was very professional and personable. His training program will rival any of them, including the big captive companies (like the one I used to work for). He is real! He provides video and written information that details how to be successful in final expense. I can say his reviews are honest and accurateAt this point I know what Im looking for and after substantial research Ive chosen to proceed down the contracting path with him. Excellent Trainer. If you're looking to work as a truly independent insurance rep/agent, with an agency that provides excellent training and support, then Duford Insurance Group is it! I gave been working with Dave for some time now, and what I really love working with him is that he direct, kind and he takes the time to explain things in a way one should understand. Many insurance agencies will keep your book of business, that is the renewal income from the policies you sold. You will end up a success, work with him and you will learn that I am telling you the truth. The agency is based in Rochester, New York. If you want to sell insurance as a independent agent, look no further than David Duford. One can tell easily that Dave is very professional and passionate about his role to help new upcoming agents. Thank you Dave you've changed my life much for the better! Dave is a terrific person and extremely knowledgeable. Dave is a Great person to work with. Your resum must be a, 2017 NCIC Missing Person and Unidentified Person Statistics, Government of Canada, Canadas Missing 2017 Fast Fact Sheet. appreciate your knowledge and insights.thanks. The difference between this agency and other IMOs is that everything you need is yours for the taking. Compensation is amongst the highs in the industry and David is always there to answer any agents questions to respond to call/text. IT'S FUN TO DEAL WITH SUCH A REAL PRO!! I compared many (many) different Agency, GeneralAgency, IMO, organizations and contract offers before going with Duford. National Income Life Insurance Company in New York and its parent company, American Income Life , an international company, strive to protect working families in the United States, Canada, and New Zealand. I appreciate the focus he has and he is always available to assist. David Duford is the real deal. Always, always available to help with any question. Great place to start a career transition. David Duford is an insurance Guru. On the contrary he will seek you out to see what you need. Give him a try and you will quickly see why joining the Duford Insurance Group is a great idea. To connect with Gryska Agencies of National Income Life's employee register on Signalhire, Get the email address format for anyone with our FREE extension. He's a down-to-earth real world straight shooter that provides top notch training and coaching. What Dave does works. This means that as an agent, you wont be asked to recruit or pay any membership fees, typical of pyramid organizations. Spoke to David personally with a desire to make a change in what I am currently doing in the Insurance industry. No kind of MLM whatsoever and he knows the biz inside and out. Gryska Agencies Of National Income Life's revenue is $10 - 50M. Globe Life is proud to be the Official Life Insurance of the Dallas Cowboys. I find it's a wonderful thing to be working with a straight up no BS person like David and the best part is he continues to hold up his end of the bargain dayin and day out thanks David. I have had minimal personal contact with David but am as excited to be working him as I was getting licensed 29 years ago.Ill continue to update this review as I work with him and I estimate it will be fantastic. Comprehensive and competent insurance agents ready to deliver the good news! David is a great person to partner with. If you have been in insurance for years or just starting out this is a great place to be. A career with National Income Life Insurance Company gives you freedom. You couldnt ask for a better knowledgeable person in this industry.. great training videos and live training. Now that you know a bit more about how selling insurance with Oldham-Gryska Agency works, I would also like to offer my personal experience and knowledge. As a NILICO agency, Oldham-Gryska has in place a number of strategies that agents can use to generate life insurance leads, including referrals from sales presentations, direct mail leads, as well as advertising through no-cost Child Safety Kits. A wealth of top-level knowledge with street-level application. Phone: (800) 516-4466 They are very supportive and will answer any question you have! Globe Life is excited to announce a new, multi-year relationship with the Dallas Cowboys. He is honest, very transparent a great mentor! He's real, he trains, starting comp is more hen fair. Dave is a great guy, excellent teacher and very knowledgeable. David does a great job of creating a good agent experience. David Duford is the most transparent agency owner I have ever met. I have also worked with other home based businesses and his organization stands above and beyond for honesty, integrity, knowledge, and communication skills. What is Gryska Agencies Of National Income Life's Revenue?

It took me awhile to really get going in David's group due to personal reasons. He just tells it like it is, and pulls no punches about what it really takes to be successful in this business. Great company to work for! I love that there is no fluff or hyped up "rah rah" in his approach. NILICO offers the ability to break out of the nine to five life and become the owner of your own business without the start-up costs. You cannot ask for a better manager to work under!

In my first week selling I did 6 apps and over $3000! He is a serial quality content creator of useful information for agents and is responsive to requests.