But pray tell - why would a 'sinner' feel compelled to look into Temples? Do not go out of your way for them. My favorite R1 family was the Julii. Send a small force, of maybe 4 or 5 units to Kydonia, and take it from the rebels. Heres how it works: The AI will only siege another city that directly borders its own. They wont pose a threat (You dont even need to build walls here. Awesome list, Sinner. That throws the Scipii and Brutii off so bad, but it kind of eats your economy until you conquer southern Greece. Man Of The Hour This is something that rarely occurs when an army without a general wins a battle. Heres a quick build order for most cities: Temples > Ports > Roads > Markets > Sewers > Farms > Arenas > Academies. I have the original file if you'd prefer to use that. The entry in the financial tab is corruption and other. Heres how I do it: Make sure you build a Temple of Vulcan in each of these cities. :P. I never played it, but Rome: Total Realism apparently puts everyone in gray clothing. It also reduces the total corruption by 5%. Eventually, they will start demanding your Faction Leaders suicide, and will brand you an Outlaw for refusing to do so. Hire a merc or two, leave them behind, and take Gaius and the Hastati near Lilybaeum. When taking these cities, make sure not to enslave to many of them. Very good.Thank you therother.Don't take it as gospel. Trade income is a prickly pear indeed, and as with many things in RTW, trade bonuses could operate in a weird way, contrary to how you would believe they should. Very interesting, indeed. ~:cheers: Thanks, Sinner. However, do not build it. This leads to an easier civil war, though. The Julii have no doubt expanded North at this point, dedicating most of their armies to fighting Briton and Germania. If youve kept up on your Troop factory, now is a great time to finally get the Senate off of your back about Carthage. I'm not sure of the other ones. They divided Europe like a knife through cake, early game rush greece - rake in trade money for the rest of the game, you make fucking bank compared to the other 2 factions. Ultimately, they share a lot of the same attributes; but there are some slight differences. That might make for interesting gaming. Great format and everything. Discussions, strategies, stories, crude cave-drawings, and more for Medieval 2, Empire, Shogun 2, Rome 2, Attila, Thrones of Britannia, Warhammer, Three Kingdoms and others. The Julii are entrenched North, but they shouldnt pose a serious threat. From here, its all a matter of patience. You will want to dedicate each city to producing one type of units. Did you install the building fix that CA released shortly after the 1.5 patch? Send them out to every faction you can, and request only Trade Rights. You will more than likely be able to build a Royal Palace before either of the other factions can. Now that weve secured our position, send a diplomat to Thrace, if they havent sent one to you. As soon as you land on the shores of Greece, siege and take Sparta. Espaol - Latinoamrica (Spanish - Latin America). There will never be a reason to Occupy a city. There are two reasons you do not want to build a Royal Palace right away. Its the only way to keep them in check. Remove their false idols, and replace it with a Shrine of Saturn. They're quite different from each other. If youve kept your Ceasefire with Carthage, they will most likely have left to fight Numidia and deal with their horrible situation in Spain. Since zhuge also has a history of scientific contributions to the Ludus Magna, I am quite confident that each point (5%) of law actually reduces corruption by an amount equal to three percent of the city's gross income (minus administrative income). I don't have a hosting place so if anyone want to host it, please give me a PM or email. Carthage and Thapsus should be easy to take if they arent expecting a fight. Now take your armies of Roman Steel, and spread them East and West at the same time. Accept or Offer them an Alliance. The money doesnt hurt either, and will go to fueling our war campaign. I have partially completed a version with traits added, Simetrical, but I haven't worked on it for a long while and currently have no real tplans to do so. The more people in your cities, the sooner you will have to build your Royal Palace. Massacre the populous, and invest in new recruits. As I tend to use cavalry (bodyguards) as much as possible in early game the Julii are easier, but a challenge as the Brutii is nice as well. Something i forgot to put down. Cretan Archers are the very best Archer unit you can recruit. It occurs when one of the three Roman Factions constructs their first Royal Palace, the final City upgrade for Roman settlements. You'll regret that one later on. That's why there's income in the corruption and other line. The Temple of Vulcan will stack with a Blacksmith/Armorer, and can be used to make Gold Armor/Weapon Units.

They shouldnt be well defended. Make sure your Troop Island is producing footmen, archers, and horses. If you move the Army who got the Man of the Hour award, and then go to accept him as a new general, it will fail and tell you the man is already dead. Experience is gained by troops in combat, but I have no idea how or why. Now I know what benefits those dastardly foreigners reap from their evil gods. It's very annoying to be playing as one of the other two Roman factions and trying to cause revolts in Brutii towns; takes a lot of effort if they have that bonus. Instead, gather as many Hastati and Equites as you can, and take Gaius East. As such, corruption will be eliminated at completely different amounts of law for different distances from the capitalyou may indeed need as much as twenty points of law to eliminate corruption a hundred squares from your capital, if you can even get that much law, but a single point will suffice for a city only sixteen squares away (any less than that, and there's no corruption at all). ContentsGuide to Extract MusicStep 1: Download IDX Extractor ToolStep 2: Create Necessary FoldersStep 3: Find Music FilesStep 4: Copy Music Files to Your Folder and [], The guide is meant to give a good starting position as a Christianizing WRE in Barbarian Invasion, taking you through the first turn with a walkthrough, explanations, tips and tricks. Corruption doesn't grant you income. When The Brutii become your enemy, theyll only have three or four cities to their name, and youll be ready. Well I liked the Brutii because they had the best position to get the eastern provinces with wonders. We just have to be quick about it. vBulletin v3.7.1, Copyright 2000-2022, Jelsoft Enterprises Ltd. Just wondering, have you checked the stats of the various priests that each temple can add to your retinue. Commentdocument.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "a76e14ce2b23e293e0194e07283b5266" );document.getElementById("c08a1a06c7").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. In my experience, I have gotten far more Man of the Hours from Auto-Resolving than I have manually commanding the battles. Time to make it official. Before we start, you should know we will be playing as the Scipio Faction, as they have the best starting position for this tactic. Now that weve gotten that out of the way, lets prepare for our invasion of Rome. Pick up Gaius, and all three of the Hastati in the area. As soon as youre ready, launch an attack on Rome. After youve taken the island of Sicily, the Senate is going to want you to continue your war with Carthage. Sometimes units get XP sometimes they dont. It doesnt make a huge difference, but it will make your life easier. As stated before, well be playing as the Scipio Faction. However, it should be included in Player1's unofficial bug-fixer (https://forums.totalwar.org/vb/showthread.php?t=55464). Saturn helps with population loyalty, and will keep those more barbaric cites under control. Which is the best temple for each of the three roman factions? I am unsure as to why. Youve already won, they just dont know it yet. Seige Tarentum and Croton, and whatever territory they managed to get on the Greek coast. thanks sinner. I made a PDF file out of all these statistics (of course with credits to Sinner in the file), which has 1 row for each temple. :). Send Gaius and his men to Halicarnassus, and secure the Mausoleum. Your email address will not be published. In turn, most of your cities will start turning profits the more you trade with yourself and other factions. Recruit more Hastati in Capua, and build a Shrine to Neptune here. The Auxilia Spearmen youll be given just wont cut it. Once youve taken Corinth, youll have The Statue of Zeus, giving you +4 Loyalty in all Settlements. But why stop there? The other faction will always accept, if they arent at War with you. Units tend to gain a lot more XP from auto-resolving, but do that at your own risk. Do not build Shrines of Vulcan (Or blacksmiths for that matter) in cities you dont plan on producing Troops. Once the project is complete, you will institute the Marion Reform, and begin the next stage of the game. I added 'how to' to the Julii guides and also in a reply to the Temple Guide by. Athens, when fully upgraded, makes the most money of any city in the game, by far. You should have a sizable advantage, as Rome cannot produce the newer Marion units as quickly as you. If the Julii are on track, they should have Salona. 10% less of a bonus to law than the previous temple. Maybe that should be 25% bonus to law? This is something I'm looking into at the moment though. We cant attack them right now, but we can make them stagnate. Stick them on a boat, and sail immediately for the island to the West, Caralis. Hire Diplomats early. That's where I got some of my inspiration to return to playing R1. Youll want to bring some of these to deal with the Roman Calvary youll be facing in the future. This means you will no longer be able to build any of your previous units, or refill their ranks. Sometimes, when I play the Julii, I exhaust my denari on two ten-unit-sized armies; I station one close to the capitol for defense, and send the other to capture Carthage; once I capture Carthage, I move the same army to Sparta after building a five-ten unit defense force and hoping for the best. Law also reduces the amount of corruption in a city, plus law temples may give access to extra ancilliaries sometimes. Siege the city, and massacre the populous. I'm interested in the impact and effect of the barbarian invasion temples (especially churches), does anyone have a good referance point? We need to begin to turn out sights inward. Make it your capitol as you begin to move East. Law +100% eliminates corruption all together.You have still failed to substantiate that statement, or even present your methodology, in the other thread. If you dont start sailing here on Turn 1, the Julii will take it instead, throwing a huge wrench in our plan. Egyptians? What this means is, we can prevent our two greatest allies from becoming our worst nightmares. These two cities in particular seem to always have a problem with civilized society. I personally have only noticed negative corruption, Tora (it's on the bottom of the income line) Go with Jupiter Temple Bacchus has some nasty vices associated with it, if your governors are left idle near one too long. The Julii will be forced further and further North, while you can take your time expanding in whichever direction you see fit. Seriously though, it used to annoy me that the Brutii had the same colour scheme as mercs. Julii. Whenever you conquer a new city, the first thing you should do is destroy the local temple. That +4 bonus for trade with the Awesome Temple of Milqart..is that an extra 4 items for trade,a 4% trade increase or a fourfold increase in trade(here's hoping). they're both greatly appreciated - as the download counts show! It would be unfair to the other factions if the Scipii had another normal temple that could grant another priest to governors. You do not have to do what the Senate says. Despite having the least useful of the temple bonuses, I really like playing the Julii, but that's mostly because I like facing off against the barbarians instead of the more disciplined Greeks and/or Carthaginians. You will now be able to recruit new units, that are almost always better than their previous counterparts. Anyway, I may have missed something - comment about your favorite Roman family. Take your main force, and place them near Capua. Total War: Rome Remastered Starter Guide (Western Roman Empire in Barbarian Invasion), Total War: Rome Remastered Base Farming Levels Guide (with Map), Total War: Rome Remastered Mercenary Tier List, Total War: Rome Remastered Maintaining Public Order: When to Occupy, Enslave or Exterminate a Settlement, Total War: Rome Remastered How to Be OP, Total War: Rome Remastered Cheat Guide (Console Commands), Total War: Rome Remastered Extract Music Guide (Step-by-Step). ah.. isee.. thanks for the detailed info. If a city revolts, their troops will gain the benefits of your buildings. Sweeten the deal with Trade Rights if you need too. Being near the capitol has a positive effect a on a lot of cities, and Athens should be the center of your empire anyway. By this time, the Brutii may have taken Thermon, but thats fine. Bacchus often gives your guys quite a bit of negative traits along with the positive ones, it is the best if you want a guy with lots of influence fast and if lucky better management than Jupiter. ?i want to edit the data of temple of jupiter,athenai :help: for the temple of epona, you need to keep a sacred grove of Epona in a city you've conquered and wait for "a new religion" to happen or so I read. The Selucids? Do not take a lot of Slaves early game. Thought it might be of use to have a comprehensive list of all the temples for each faction. You can try and get Map information, but dont let them make you buy it. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. The Scipii have the temple that improves weaponry, as well as another that allows for unique ships to be built - and though they are impressive, they aren't as great a combination as the Brutii's temple bonuses. There is positive and negative corruption. You have still failed to substantiate that statement, or even present your methodology, in the other thread. Are you still there, Sinner? Weve got no time to lose. If not, maybe someone else can continue his work.