This 3-day camp is open to callbacks, first-time auditionees, and veteran members. In the spring of 2017, he was invited to teach at Bellevue West High School and has been the Director there since 2018. spend time working closely with our staff to start the training process for 2022 and get an exclusive glimpse All the monthly camps and the marching season were an absolute blast and I wish I had the time and money to have marched another season or two. our staff, share your talents, and be considered for membership with The Blue Devils in 2022.

Whether you have already auditioned for one or more corps, requested audition info but never actually began the process, or are just now making the decision to take your first steps toward the summer of 2022, theres still time to get involved! the Travel and Housing Details, or Choctaw HS has been awarded numerous state championship titles and were WGI World Championship Finalist in 2016 and 2019. /* 468x60 News Comments */ After submitting Drum Corps Planet is the world's largest online community for the drum and bugle corps activity - featuring news, commentary, reviews, and our discussion forums, where you can participate in the lively discussion that takes place by drum corps' most passionate fans.

David Baker has been teaching color guard since the Fall of 2014 where he started at Ashland-Greenwood High School. We need you!

Audition Sign-UpMembership Interest FormRiver City RhapsodyEthics & Compliance, MAILING ADDRESSBlue StarsP.O. In 2010, she was selected as the Charros Educator of the Year by her peers. I am going to audition on snare for Genesis and have also been considering Blue Knights. guardians is a good texas corps too who at san Antonio beat genesis in percussion. Don't let it get into your head, just learn your book as best as possible and you'll be fine. There will be a lot of people and you might feel nervous and intimidated, but don't sweat it dude! I was a Blue Knight in 2009.

The audition process there is a little different from other corps from what I understand, they treat every camp as more of a clinic than an audition and it is always very clear that your spot is never formally guaranteed to you. All Rights Reserved. And this is pretty much anywhere. Be bold, be creative, be adventurous. Thanks r/drumcorp! There, she manages an Arizona Chapter for National Honors Dance, Teaches Inter Baccalaureate Dance, Cultural Connections and is founder and director of Desert Dance Company. She has earned numerous scholarships and Educators Awards through the National Dance Educators Association. In 2012 she earned the nationally recognized, Bill Evans excellence in teaching award by NDEO and AZDEO. Log in BD Performing Arts The sign up portal is now live for the 2022 summer season. I think the attitude at BK gets misrepresented a lot, and that going to take an audition out in Denver is the only real way to find out if that corps is for you. For 2021, Kaitlynn was on staff at Boston Crusaders working with the color guard. For more information, please review the Video Audition FAQs or contact Brian Dinkel. Stuff like that will really set you apart. Attend one of these audition events to learn from google_ad_slot = "1681921643"; for their section and reserve a time slot for the date/location of their choice.

This fall, dont sell yourself short or skip out on the chance to live your dreams! The audition process wasn't too bad - I think I used my region music and a scale or two for the Dallas audition. Her teaching experience includes serving across fifteen different high school productions as a weapon technician, choreographer, and design consultant. FAQs or contact Scott Johnson. The following summer he auditioned for the Bluecoats Drum and Bugle Corps from Canton, Ohio where he spent the summers of 2014, 2015, 2016, and 2017. In addition, she directed The Academy Summer & Winter Youth Guards (ages 5-12) who, according to Liza, they continue to steal my heart.. return to the DCI competitive arena.

Be a Blue Devil! the Travel and Housing Details, or Davids teams consistently finish in the top tier of their peers in local and national circuits, earning several accolades and awards.

FAQs or contact Chip Crotts. Everyone is invited for this all-star weekend including callbacks, first-time If you are interested in becoming a Blue Devils drum major, please fill out the interest form Ending out his performing career, he shared space amid many inspiring performers and educators with Lexis World in 2017. The Blue Stars 2022 season information schedule is here! Show Me Where To Get The Update. I can't speak much for the audition process (especially on drum line because I play mellophone) but from what I heard the drums audition is going to be rough. For more information, please review the November Camp FAQs, All performers, staff, employees and volunteers must be fully vaccinated (per CDC recommendations), to include the booster.

Having talked to friends who marched other corps, all our experiences sounded pretty similar and it's fun catching up with people and reminiscing. Made great friends and had the opportunity to host some guys I marched with when they came down to Texas for other auditions years later. Are you age-eligible to join a DCI drum corps? She was also on design staff for the Academy Winterguard who were Bronze medalist at WGI. She began her color guard career at Coronado High School in 1982 and is now celebrating 40 years as a choreographer, clinician, and performance coach throughout Arizona, California and Colorado. Though he loved his time performing, his passion for the activity came out when he began teaching and designing. Video Audition Those schools include Tarpon Springs HS, Pendleton Heights HS, Lawrence Township HS, Edmond Memorial HS, Choctaw HS, and Edwardsville HS. Simply fill out the 2022 DCI Participation Interest Form so that we can keep you updated on the latest corps openings and how to reach out to those ensembles who are still actively recruiting for the coming summer. Enter your email to subscribe to news from The Academy: 5861 S. Kyrene Road, Suite 17 Tempe, Arizona 85283, Phone: (480) 838-4203 Fax: (480) 456-6229, Copyright 2022 Arizona Academy of the Performing Arts, The Academy seeks to grow Health & Wellness team. This fall, were taking our talent search on the road! 2022. Hey man! From being a tech and choreographer to an active show designer and coordinator across the nation, the knowledge and lessons he has learned are priceless. //-->, Copyright 2005-2022 and specify "drum major". Between camps, make sure to have practiced your music and don't be afraid to ask questions if you have any. She spends almost all of her free time both spinning and teaching color guard. Her mission is to always provide a safe environment that aids in the development of our activity from an educational standpoint while encouraging artistic and personal growth. corps. google_ad_height = 60; She has had a wonderful time performing, but is very excited to teach the next generation of color guard members. The 2022 Blue Stars present, Of War & Peace. Show the staff what's up and show them that you're ready to drum anything at anytime. She currently resides in Oklahoma City where she is a full-time dog mom of four.

Outside of colorguard, Austin is the Front of House Manager at the Sanctum of Horror Haunted Attractions and is a Customer Advocate at Carvana. Price: $35 (Discounts available for Video Audition, Intensive, and Workshop Participants) on or after June 1 are eligible to march during that year.

Currently, Austin works as the Director at Higley HS (Gilbert, AZ) and Eastmark HS (Mesa, AZ) and as the Executive Director of Oasis Ensembles, a nonprofit organization in Arizona that produces two competitive winterguards, a movement collective, a live entertainment ensemble, and more. She earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts with K-12 Certification in Dance at Arizona State University and her Masters Degree in Educational Leadership at Northern Arizona University. I really think auditioning for drumline is a different beast though, so don't just take my word for it. For more information, please review the November Camp FAQs, As we gear up for an exciting return to the competitive field in 2022, we want YOU to be there with us. Born in New York, Liza Noriega migrated to Arizona in 1982. Blue Stars, Performing Arts for Youth, Inc. 2022 Tour Schedule and Rehearsal/Housing Information. Box 2523La Crosse, WI 54602. She started her marching career in Patriot high schools colorguard. Here are the mail drop locations for the 2022 season. are very excited to be launching a nationwide talent search to find the best, most passionate performers Press J to jump to the feed. For 10 years, she worked with the ASU Marching Band as a Movement Instructor for the nearly 400 member band and colorguard and is an integral part of the design team for FeniX Independent World Guard Design Team WGI Finalist 2013, 2014 and 2015. contact Scott Johnson. Being a Blue Knight is really being a stickler for detail, and expecting a lot from yourself and those around you. Liza has been happily married to her husband, Phillip, for 33 years and has 3 beautiful children and a daughter-in-law. across the country. David has also served in the Secretary position for NTCA, (North Texas Colorguard Association). Price:$125 (Discounts available for Video Audition, Intensive, Workshop, and Talent Search With the energy and enthusiasm for 2022 right around the corner, this is your Please update your browser to view this website correctly.

While also marching the Watchmen drum and bugle corp her freshman year, then went on to march with the Mandarins, the Boston Crusaders, and spent four years with the Bluecoats Drum and Bugle Corp. She has had such a strong love for this activity. Her drum corps continued as she worked with Academy Drum & Bugle Corps and Blue Knights. She graduated from the University of Central Oklahoma in 2011 with her Bachelor of Science in Education (B.S.Ed.). contact Brian Dinkel. Now about auditions. Aly Harris began her Colorguard career at Tarpon Springs High School in 2011 and has been following her passion for the activity ever since. While there, he received Color Guard Member of the Year (17) and went on to win the 2018 DCI Performers Showcase in the Ensemble Flag division. the Travel and Housing Details, or Minimum age limits may vary from corps to

This Fall, Liza has been enjoying her colorguard judging experience through ABODA. I really liked the corps and the experience it provided. auditionees, and veteran members. If you ever get nervous or scared about auditioning think about this: We marched 7 of us "rooks" on the snareline with only 1 vet. Zachary Barber has been involved in the pageantry arts for almost a decade. Always be ready for the unexpected lol. Kalyla Foster currently resides in Phoenix, Arizona. He hopes to inspire current and future generations of spinners to push themselves to be their best possible versions through a commitment to detail, strong work ethic, and empathy for one another. Participants). David Arvin, a native of Moore, Oklahoma, began his career in the marching arts as a percussionist before venturing into the color guard activity. chance to be part of the excellence, creativity, and history of The Blue Devils! The end of 2021 also bring a new addition to the family! Why just genisis? Youll

This has lead her to teach several schools in Southern California, one of which was her alma mater Patriot high school. It was a blast and I don't regret anything! There are still hundreds of spots open across DCIs World and Open Class corps for those interested in marching as part of the historic DCI 50th Anniversary Summer Tour!

Then, in November, well see you back for an action-packed audition weekend. Kalyla performed for 3 years as part of The Academy Drum and Bugle Corps from 2016-2018, and aged out at Bluecoats Drum and Bugle Corps in 2019. He has had the privilege of working with groups such as the Blue Springs Golden Regiment, Academy Drum and Bugle Corps, Edmond Memorial high school, North Hardin high school, Lexis World, Ionic winterguard and many others. Please note that The Blue Knights Drum & Bugle Corps are pleased to announce their tour schedule for the 2022 season! Prepare for your audition with these tips and tricks.

Apogee Stadium at the University of North Texas Denton, TEXAS Thursday, July 21 7:50 PM CT. your video audition, you may be invited to attend the Color Guard Callback Camp in April. Price: $35 (Discounts available for Video Audition, Intensive, and Workshop Participants) Do you believe you have what it takes? Aside from his performance career, Austin has served many programs across the state as an instructor and/or designer and has recently branched out to work with groups all across the country. As a performer, he spent his summers with The Troopers and The Blue Knights Drum and Bugle Corps and his winter seasons with Eclectix Independent, Central Independent, and CGT Dallas. Blue Stars Members, Volunteers, and Staff love to get mail! Tons of respect for those guys.

She performed with the Pride of Cincinnati in 2016 and 2017 where they were awarded the World Class Gold Medal at WGI World Championships Finals both years. I watched their lot at finals and it looks like I found my new favorite drumline. Kalyla is about to enter her sixth season as a member of FeniX Independent World, also as one of their captains. There will be quite a few people, but what we look for is how fast can you learn and how well can you apply new knowledge given to you. Participants)

That's pretty much it. Take that leap and register for an audition event today. Price: $35 (Discounts available for Video Audition, Intensive, and Workshop Participants) So I would keep that in mind with the auditions. The Blue Knights Drum & Bugle Corps is incredibly excited to be taking this step into Drum Corps Internationals 50th Anniversary season! Try to have a positive attitude and an open mind. She received a bachelors in Music Education from University of TN and has spent the past decade teaching in the pageantry arts from elementary level to world class in local circuits, WGI, and DCI. He is currently the Guard Director at Rock Hill High School where he opened the school and established the program in the fall of 2020. During the summer he participated in the Madison Scouts Drum and Bugle Corps during 2013-2015 and 2017.

Ive heard mixed things about attitudes for both Corps and I wanted to hear from some people with experience. Her experiences at Tarpon Springs led her to march Bluecoats Drum and Bugle Corps in 2015, 2017 and 2018 and Bluecoats Indoor in 2019. If you would like more information regarding the season, please email Price: $125 DCI Community Code of Conduct & Ethics Guidelines, Cavaliers King Cobras brings drumming to all abilities, Blue Devils make waves at star-studded Broken Arrow event. If you are unable to attend our Open Call Talent Search, we still want to see what youve got! David primarily focuses on the education and training of members, being a consistent clinician for programs across the country. What are the corps like, would you recommend it, and how difficult is the audition process? Blue Knights, Genesis, Crossmen, etc but how will you stand out? disableSelection(document.body). Additionally, he also served as the Asst. After graduating, Austin started his drum corps career at The Academy Drum and Bugle Corps in 2013. If you have any other questions or concerns just let me know. If you are unable to attend our Open Call Talent Search, we still want to see what youve got! We will follow up with auditionees in the Fall. If you choose Blue Knights, have a great time and just drum man! The 2016 Carolina Crown and 2018 Boston Crusaders were awarded the George Zingali Color Guard Caption Award. After learning what it meant to be a part of The Academy in 2016, Grace is thrilled to be a part of the organizations future. contact Brian Dinkel. Donations from amazing people - like you!