These rules and policies apply to the administration of both the Keystone Exams and the PSSA. * Inform parents and students that any items on an assessment that have been compromised, and can no longer be used will have to be replaced, andthe parents and studentsmay be responsible for the cost of replacement.

Pennsylvania has established very specific guidelines, regarding cell phones, during the administration of PSSA tests and Keystone exams. Testing & Make up dates It is the students responsibility to complete all assignments and present them to the teachers the day the student returns to class. Parents or legal guardians of all children between the ages of 8 and 17 are required by the compulsory attendance law to ensure that their children attend an approved educational institution, unless legally excused. The student will be assigned 3 days of ISS. There is a growing body of research demonstrating that chronic absence from school, typically defined as missing 10 percent of school days for any reason, is a primary cause of low academic achievement as well as a powerful predictor of which students will eventually drop out of school. The written request should be submitted to the principal by the parents/legal guardians prior to a tour or trip, and will indicate: After receiving approval to be excused from school for the tour or trip, it is the responsibility of the student to see all teachers in advance for assignments. Together, we can dramatically improve the academic life and outcome of students who have been disengaged from a daily, supportive school experience, and we need parents, community, and business support. pizza hut tonight aug night portion coupon sure money them However, if cell phones need to be brought to school here are the expectations: Students are not to have cell phones in their possession at anytime during the school day defined from 8:18 AM 3:22 PM. The State Board of Education (22 PA Code Section 11.26) provides that upon receipt of a written request from the parents of pupil involved in an educational tour or trip, the pupil may be excused from school attendance to participate in an educational tour provided during the school term at the expense of the parents, when such tour or trip is evaluated by the districts superintendent as educational. (The phone will be returned to the parent/guardian of the student when the parent/guardian comes to the school to retrieve it.) the educational value of the tour or trip. All cell phones, smart phones, and other prohibited electronic devices are to be collected as students enter the testing site. A student acquiring (3) three or more unexcused absences will be classified as truant. The student will be assigned 2 days of detention. May 2 - 13, 2022Grades 4, 8Science Furthermore, it is recommended that these tours or family trips not be taken during final examination periods. A total maximum of 5 days will be permitted to be used as excused absences. (The phone will be returned to the parent/guardian of the student when the parent/guardian comes to the school to retrieve it.).

Earn money for Canton Elementary & Jr/Sr School, by registering your Tops BonusPlus or BonusCard on-line @. Parents/Guardians are encouraged to review the expectations in our Attendance Policy (Policy 204) and the respective building student handbooks for changes made to attendance. To address and support communities in eliminating barriers to students daily attendance and meaningful engagement in school they have released theCommunity Toolkit to Address and Eliminate Chronic Absenteeism. 2ndOffense The phone will be taken by a staff member and handed into the office. It is expected that when a student is found with a cell phone, full cooperation will be displayed to the staff member requesting the phone from the student. All persons residing in the Commonwealth between the ages of 6 and 21 are entitled to a free and full education in the public schools. The following consequences will happen should students be found with cell phones between the hours of 8:18 AM 3:22 PM, 1stOffense The phone will be taken by a staff member and handed into the office. The tests are scheduled as follows: April 25- 29, 2022Grades 3-8English Language Arts The Canton School District collects Box tops for Education which can be found on a variety of products. Students who reach 17 years and are not fulfilling their responsibilities as students may be asked to leave school. Additionally, students 17 years and older who demonstrate disobedience or misconduct, or irregular attendance will be notified and recommended for school board action. Click below to view the academic planner and course descriptions for CHS and NTCC courses. Course Descriptions / Academic Planner 2020-2021. Please support our efforts by clipping Box Tops for Education and sending them in to the elementary office. A form requesting tour approval is available in the High School and Elementary Offices, and on this webpage for your convenience. After the maximum of 5 days each day will be considered as an illegal. Failure to cooperate will result in additional consequences. A parent conference will be held to determine when the phone is returned. Canton High SchoolStudent Handbook 2022-23, Canton ElementaryStudent Handbook 2020-2021. Thus, school districts and schools should do the following: * Inform parents and students before testing that cell phones are not allowed during the test administration; * Inform parents and students that the consequence for using and/or having a cell phone or other electronic device during the test administration will result in the application of a "Do Not Score" label on his/her test booklet or appropriate notification to not score on the online version, and the student will not receive a score; * Inform parents and students that, if the student uses a cell phone or electronic device in any manner during the administration of the test, the phone or electronic device will be confiscated until such time that the parent or guardian can come to the school, and in the presence of the parent or guardian, the cell phone or other electronic device will be viewed to ensure that no information or material regarding the assessment is present; * Inform parents and students that violation of the no cell phone or other electronic device rule will result in discipline and that discipline will vary depending on whether test material has been compromised; and. A student may not be excluded from the public school nor from interscholastic athletics or co-curricular activities because of being married or pregnant. A reminder that trips willnotbe granted during PSSA testing except for emergency situations. 3rdOffense The phone will be taken by a staff member and handed into the office. In addition, accumulation of (6) six or more unexcused absences will be classified habitually truant. The critical age of student attendance is (15) fifteen-years-old. The district is required to refer habitually truant cases to Children & Youth Services (CYS), after school and referral to the district magistrate. Testing & make up dates, For a Request for a Family Trip / Extended Absence from School form please. Phones are to be turned off and placed in lockers during this time. May 2 - 13, 2022Grades 3-8Mathematics These changes were made to remain compliant with PA School Code. Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE) believes chronic absenteeism is a national problem that seriously undermines our collective efforts to improve education and life outcomes among youth. Students are discouraged from bringing cell phones to school. Therefore, the district will be limiting the number of excused Tour and Family Trips from 10 days to 5. The money raised through the collection of these coupons has been used for a number of activities and materials for the school such as bulletin board cork strips, Artist in Residence, trade books, etc.