<> endobj endobj Mettie, Brendan 15 0 obj View Full Bio, Logan Kuhse, Kyle Speight, Jordan Ga#juy5)sKL"\Wu,d%AERS43 /HGPXV3WNUq_mr sy'bpCO3{AIVC[f{D1)FEt%d$ 1v;1-tP:X#^.>W ;:Rxs 6 Mullins, Mitchell 8 0 obj They had a pretty quick talk with me and offered me., Ohio State wasn't the firstBig Ten team with an interest inthe 6-4, 205-pound guard. 14 0 obj <> 2022 Saint Mary's College Athletics | All Rights Reserved, Hide/Show Additional Information For Logan Johnson, Hide/Show Additional Information For Yigit Arcan, Hide/Show Additional Information For Quinn Clinton, Hide/Show Additional Information For Augustas Marciulionis, Hide/Show Additional Information For Jabe Mullins, Hide/Show Additional Information For Mitchell Saxen, Hide/Show Additional Information For Matthias Tass, Hide/Show Additional Information For Tommy Kuhse, Hide/Show Additional Information For Kyle Bowen, Hide/Show Additional Information For Chris Howell, Hide/Show Additional Information For Matt Van Komen, Hide/Show Additional Information For Leemet Bckler, Hide/Show Additional Information For Judah Brown, Hide/Show Additional Information For Luke Barrett, Hide/Show Additional Information For Dan Fotu, Hide/Show Additional Information For Alex Ducas, Christchurch, New Zealand / Christchurch Boys' HS, Tallinn, Estonia / Audentese Spordigummnaasium, Perth, West Australia, Australia / Centre of Excellence, Bermuda Dunes, Calif. / Pacifica Christian, Auckland, New Zealand / Rangitoto College, Geraldton, West Australia, Australia / Centre of Excellence. McKenney likes watching Big Ten basketball because, as he explained,They have big wings, big guards and they let em play and they get up and down the floor with structure. There is no additional information to display: Dixon, Devin I think Im more like a three-level scorer that plays both ends and who can facilitate.. 4 0 obj Sheets, Holden Williams, D'Angelo This comes on the heels of a First Team All-State honor Bowman II's junior year with an honorable mention honor his sophomore year. It was beautiful. bo'!> a9y!2JEtD:cG=!0b. That sounds good to me because I feel like Im that right now.. Brown, Luke 5/5/2022 2:00:00 PM rq=fI`w-'5VdZJUV4mE)X1z-X/j+\ eX)dP++XH.zt9jn[2Q3 x[mo6nN[. &I(}0]4s@%.97zg83y8Cw''NY{~z_um'h{.<[v~}u/vm!VLJF6anQl u>! Coach Holtmann, he referred to Michigan as the state up north, McKenney said. @,dd[9hi.|>X,tCUS,>(`"9|h <>>> We ask that you consider turning off your ad blocker so we can deliver you the best experience possible while you are here. endobj 17 0 obj endobj ;LF)NS>O-d@\w]F) |pv5]2gI.K'A/v ,ap*=npZaa+jNn_7= p7+*A'Dp- K1r)c7G|9#AwaL ^_3> 10 0 obj Miller. Men's Basketball All rights reserved. Kerfoot, Larry His recruitment kicked off prior to his freshman season, he said, resulting in offers from Illinois and Michigan within the span of a week or two last December. That was pretty funny to me..

I think itll be a great relationship with Ohio State because I like the coaches a lot, he said. <> Tass, Tommy This summer, McKenneysaid his goal is to tighten his ball handling in smaller spaces on the floor. endobj Kw371t=Est`qN/"Y>16d 7 0 obj endobj stream The 6'4, 195 pound point guard scored a career high nine points in Wisconsin's win over St. Francis Brooklyn and seven points against then No. McKenney plansto return to Ohio State before long. endobj Graham, Devin McKenney is currently unranked in the 247Sports.com composite database. <>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI] >>/MediaBox[ 0 0 612 792] /Contents 4 0 R/Group<>/Tabs/S/StructParents 0>> There is no additional information to display. Just going to the camp and having the coaches watch us on the main floor and in different gyms,it was crazy. David Gibson, OAKLAND TO TAKE PART IN 2022 BAHA MAR HOOPS NASSAU CHAMPIONSHIP, CAIN SIGNS CONTRACT WITH MIAMI HEAT, EARNS SHOT AT NBA SUMMER LEAGUE, ROCKET WATTS JOINS MEN'S BASKETBALL ROSTER, SHANNON HIRED AS DIRECTOR OF MEN'S BASKETBALL OPERATIONS, GREG KAMPE NAMED 2022 MICHIGANIAN OF THE YEAR. Campbell, Levente I really like the program.. As a three-star recruit in High School, Hervey aided the Timberwolves to a 5A Texas playoff team in his junior year averaging 23.8 points and 8.3 rebounds as the All-Central Texas Team, also the 2016 Centex Player of the Year. Livonia, Michigan 48150 |, Assistant Sports Information Director (All Sports), TicketSmarter - Ticket Resale Marketplace, Hide/Show Additional Information For Ryan Nunn, Hide/Show Additional Information For Noah Campbell, Hide/Show Additional Information For Levente Molnar, Hide/Show Additional Information For Deric Murray, Hide/Show Additional Information For Eian Barker, Hide/Show Additional Information For Ryan McMullen, Hide/Show Additional Information For Jalen Miller, Hide/Show Additional Information For Geordon Duncan, Hide/Show Additional Information For Craig Granison, Hide/Show Additional Information For Henry Speight, Hide/Show Additional Information For Jordan Graham, Hide/Show Additional Information For Devin Dunn, Hide/Show Additional Information For Ethan Emerzian, Hide/Show Additional Information For Mark Mettie, Hide/Show Additional Information For Brendan Young, Hide/Show Additional Information For Matthew MacLellan, Hide/Show Additional Information For Jake Emerzian, Video Platform powered by CBS Sports Digital, Livonia, Mich. / Livonia Stevenson High School, Szombathely, Hungary / Szombathelyi Nagy Lajos Gimnazium, Ann Arbor, Mich. / Aquinas College (Mich.), Canton, Mich. / Wayne County Community College, Flint, Mich. / St. Clair Community College, West Bloomfield, Mich. / Orchard Lake St. Mary Preparatory, Farmington, Mich. / Farmington High School, Detroit, Mich. / Christian Brothers University (Tenn.), Livonia, Mich. / Livonia Franklin High School, Fowlerville, Mich. / Fowlerville High School. And by the timeMcKenney had wrapped up playing back-to-back games on the main floor at Value City Arena, Ohio State coach Chris Holtmann and assistant Jack Owens were ready to extenda scholarship offer. Alabama, Texas, TCU and others have also offered. 1 0 obj Clinton, Augustas 12 0 obj gs9:g1,*PGBF;](;y]?/.HK(G+>fuY93NqA9Y 19 0 obj P;5T. Stay in the know with texts from beat reporterAdam Jardy, As freshmen arrive, here are five things to know about new players, With Bucks Go Pro internship, Ohio State's Gene Brown ready to test waters of real world, Your California Privacy Rights / Privacy Policy. Rahon, Dan <> There is no additional information to display: Duncan, Jayden As he prepared to make the trip to Columbus with his Orchard Lake (Michigan) St. Marys team, McKenney started to accumulate followers on his Twitter page. The Michigan Mr. Basketball finalist and McDonald's All-American Game nominee competed in 22 games for the Badgers with an average of 3.0 points and 1.1 rebounds per contest. Emerzian, Mark endstream Quinn, Drew endobj Bennett, Justin Bowen, Chris AYP/ t. Duncan, Craig ~s SC+uMTy`MWUOXucKINSNvvXS\l\b=dU3=#?E~(v=3K&22Z~`9N\%\y"KzYeIqgn p>bq)4{PS]$HbdE?>9c,. Ohio State basketball insider: Stay in the know with texts from beat reporterAdam Jardy, Ohio State basketball roster:As freshmen arrive, here are five things to know about new players, I hadnt really talked to them before I went to camp, but most of their coaches were already following me on Twitter so I already kind of knew they were going to be watching me when I got there, McKenney said. 2022 www.dispatch.com. Bzv/ 5s#DIg[G8@)a]nnls-wI55@a3B?faBpMr820q#rdL b'N7)[BNK) ]nj(AjPS svcf [76>t Ducas, Randy endobj NfOF_ypv\@G@26 C:#`wpMT1;mx=;y|bJ.GCgL# JH3%%8 He has beendescribed as having an old-school game, something McKenney didnt dispute, but also said doesnt reflect the full picture. %PDF-1.5 Z-.6*[m6FO/5LLSvnDJ?Y3 :AQ! <> Nunn, Noah 6 0 obj endobj tt@d25.rV/M/ENJ'*Q "r Murray, Eian endobj <> <> Howell, Matt Madonna University. The Official Site of Madonna University Athletics, 2022. 11 0 obj walled endobj McMullen, Jalen I can see it a little bit becausethe way I play mid-rangeand a lot of post move fadeaways, he said. endobj While at New Mexico Junior College, Hervey was named Western Junior College Athletic Conference All-Conference. | All Rights Reserved | 36600 Schoolcraft Road. EU General Data Protection Regulation Privacy. endobj Now, as a sophomore, hell be stepping into an even bigger leadership role for the Eaglets. <> There is no additional information to display. % endobj Barker, Ryan They really seem like they wanted me to get back on campus, so I feel like that would be a great relationship there at Ohio State. medianews kareem rozier Young, Matthew ~k5e.o.e xo8 ;@et/rE[E M2NjVYI/~";9>:n6y|Tf_umUn>o?}Zucjjl0G]_7[,5;^pMwLK{U'?Z[J]sg@Ase'Dye&]$]=2GgCvWoduu=)0Y&j5Eu9jN>}fyXgl/oumJnjf?&#u5mscthp'ks5tyzk_fOG3+r}%\j6>Fm>P]`PRE-6zU,NU }=~m75mr,c,VGnK3m'2L0`1ee lPdxMoj)lbuq=0%XdKP}yh3.B e|2E"aWRL[ p.=aCQvz@,;&bc^,k{&Q~f`6@mn|4U.{dgTv2p'cgDaPJ*''aTEn uA7&oJjJDVVPPRv7g(xpzkM>.2

hT ]I+>f Marciulionis, Jabe J(WIPXAQm(;vYQ;k{.|1X}}`CA9,K {@U%:m/3X-FUFo7E'}`igDP=' sr!/ISZg$'NENc &Aa8" The 200 forward comes to Oakland after playing 17 games, starting four, for the Bears of Missouri State averaging 16.3 minutes per game and a 39.6% (19-48) field goal percentage for 3.4 points per game. Most of their coaching staff was there when I played every game at the camp. <> Bckler, Judah 16 0 obj Dunn, Ethan Miller, Geordon The use of software that blocks ads hinders our ability to serve you the content you came here to enjoy. g| Fotu, Alex Althouse, To be WZbt"W- ^,yyGDPh4.,QTf+n^3/]^,k,bi#b?C&,VIekr&?N|quU9V~ wpZ\^*2]L88$Svyxr7o~?u3 18 Illinois in Champaign. Joyner, Mickey Romaniw. The use of software that blocks ads hinders our ability to serve you the content you came here to enjoy. <> Buckeyes basketball:With Bucks Go Pro internship, Ohio State's Gene Brown ready to test waters of real world. ;:9;Wknu|JzKlyhu%D+u9jpb{q}o/o;]eRr[h:sYq^<>h As a freshman, McKenneyplayed alongside six seniors. View Full Bio, Ryan endobj Molnar, Deric 3 0 obj They want me to come back after August 1.. CT2!'$9:uuv;fao6oHvhMHJ]vv~}x`L;fn Its been kind of crazy with recruiting, the amount of attention Im getting from coaches at different schools, McKenney said. 13 0 obj 9 0 obj I didnt know the campus would be that big. 94 recruit in the ESPN 100 as a four star athlete out of Orchard Lake St. Mary's. Hervey ran with the Dallas Mustangs in the Adidas Gauntlet from 2014-2016. Trey McKenney had an idea of what to expect at Ohio States team camp. While at Orchard Lake St. Mary's, the Pontiac native was First-Team All-State as a senior with an average of 25.2 points, 6.2 assists, and 6.0 rebounds per game and the school's first regular season Catholic High School League Central Division title since 2018. T|>E bIRw!zM]~e[$w|!`xV17g01` Van Keuren, Shaun Thats what I like about it.. One by one, members of the Ohio State coaching staffhad begunto follow the member of the class of 2025. <> The use of software that blocks ads hinders our ability to serve you the content you came here to enjoy. Barrett, Dan Im being recruited as (a combo guard) that can play the 2 and the 1. WX8Zil|0?p`;Y L:u Sanders, Ethan Arcan, Quinn 18 0 obj Saxen, Matthias 5 0 obj

McConnell, Joe Owens and associate coach Jake Diebler have been his primary recruiters so far. [ 9 0 R] Hervey is a standout from Cedar Park, Texas and a product of Cedar Park High School. After that back-to-back, Jack Owens and Chris Holtmann wanted me to come with my coach and my dad. U6XE)y*ui1tkbulA @,ed#rK)yFHN>;FvDXA9mU ^a{arkt}t HOzYK,YrmtHjy_oANlGGa6Cgha aSnXukPA=wZu/.D"X/BmH vdF?rOwSQ79HlZi1L /EVRg,! stream <> <> endobj Van Komen, Leemet 0Xd/7;W]mibz*6 AP}yUZJD T- A,hdCD6"ddDa"rb`NDR'DR*?zn6Fa$VOiWhn3Z:l53.My?D;M[0 @37m55y K*(j+ Wright, Cameron Clearly, there was some growing interest. }qrwl}q6(W'V[g?rc3.n 4-/ Emerzian, Noel He also liked something Holtmann told him that made him laugh. We ask that you consider turning off your ad blocker so we can deliver you the best experience possible while you are here. 'Q\P-KjZQ`Z]0-\T0-u`X/ Johnson, Yigit Bowman II brings point guard experience to the Golden Grizzlies slate from Wisconsin as the No. <> <>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI] >>/MediaBox[ 0 0 612 792] /Contents 19 0 R/Group<>/Tabs/S/StructParents 1>> MacLellan, Jake Emenhiser, Adam We ask that you consider turning off your ad blocker so we can deliver you the best experience possible while you are here. Granison, Henry Determined, Jacob The campus was beautiful, he said. 2 0 obj endobj