These are what cause spotting on windows after they dry and necessitate the use of squeegees. If you want to save the DI resin you could use the drive-thru carwash method and that means you go around the whole house and you clean it perfectly using the proper method but the water that youre actually using is tap water. Just buy a DI at the beginning of your business. Water from the tap contains many impurities. Now you cant get a return on investment on an RO thats costing you 2,000 or 1,600 if its only 400 a years worth of resin that you would have used anyway. Now when we say that its the alternative its not true, de-ionization is the only way to make de-mineralized water or to make spot free (pure water) under all conditions. Before then you should use DI and get your efficiency up get your business rolling. If you have any feedback with the new layout, please feel free to get in touch. There is another way to save DI resin and its inspired by the drive-thru car wash. They fail to go through if they are clustered around a mineral and they go through if they are not anywhere near a mineral, so basically 50% of water goes through to your window cleaning pole as pure spot free water and 50% of the water goes through to waste. You can use a DI tank anywhere from 129 upwards but youve saved yourself all the hassle of reverse osmosis membranes because theyre not good filters for window cleaners. For more information about our sister companies please visit: Copyright 2022 Ionic Systems Australia. A little info on DI mixed bed resin and its function. Then at the end of that you go back around and you just quickly quickly rinse every single piece of glass. If you have a tap water of TDS 500 which is really high and youre only going to use your your pure water system at the beginning and only using it two hours a week, youve just got a couple of jobs that you dont want to use your traditional method way. You could work in 2 inchesof snow if you wanted to. Worse, if the glass is not properly maintained through regular cleaning, these minerals will eventually permanently stain the glass. wfp membrane osmosis reverse pressure cleaning ultra window low system For the sake of simplicity, we usually advise that water under 150ppm is considered soft, anything above is hard water. Gordon was very helpful in setting up an Ionic system for my truck rental business. So the actual decision of a reverse osmosis membrane system is not the TDS of the tap water, it is how much the DI is costing you.

05018345. If youre using constructor Pro brush then once you get the hang of it (because it takes a little bit of time to get used to) then youre going to be working four times faster. It's a fantastic system, it cleans better, the work is easier. Youve already taken the dirt off the windows. It can be used as part of a 4 stage RO/DI filtration system, or as a stand alone means to purify water (for more on these, check out our articletypes of filtration, RO/DI or DI Only). I'd highly recommend Ionic Systems Australia and their products to anybody in the industry. So if youve got TDS 500 but youre only going to use it two hours a week somebody will say to you you need RO because the TDS is 500 but the reality is that if you didnt have RO it would cost you five pounds an hour using DI only. Tap water is classified as hard or soft, however in reality it's not quite so black and white. We hope that this blog is actually the most powerful blog of all and its based on whether you need an RO or a DI filter when youre a water fed window cleaner, especially when youre just starting out. The terms demineralization and deionization are used somewhat interchangeably by the industry. Deionization (DI) is a water filtration process whereby total dissolved solids (TDS) are removed from water through ion exchange. However even this isn't going to give an exact length, as tap water TDS readings are known to change from time to time, you will often find changes even between seasons. Since most dissolved solids in tap water are salts (the things that cause spotting on windows), this process is very efficient and creates a high level of water purity similar to that of distilled water. An RO (Reverse Osmosis) uses separation, so water molecules that gather around minerals cluster and then when under pressure theyre pushed against the membrane of the reverse osmosis system.

As for the winter, using hot water has definitely enabled me to keep working. Just get in touch to arrange a free, no-obligation demonstration. However, DI water is water that has the minerals removed by the cation and anion charged resin beads. The process used for removal of all dissolved salts from water is referred to asdeionization. How does DI (deionization) of water result in spot-free window cleaning?

So DI is the true spot free water filter and thats why youll see that all reverse osmosis systems are RO/DI for our industry. When you go to or through a drive-thru carwash the water that you use in a drive-through car wash is tap water and then they offer you a spot free rinse. Deionization. In the UK, Tap water TDS readings range from 30ppm to 500ppm (parts per million), and knowing where you fall on this scale will give you an idea of the lifespan you can expect from your resin. Unlike home equipment, deionization units also remove all other positive metallic ions in the process and replace them with hydrogen ions instead of sodium ions. Water is passed through a special substance called an "ion exchange resin." Thats all from us at Wash-IT, a proud representative of the manufacturers of the Reach-IT range of water fed poles sold buy us here in the UK. This is because some of the RO systems have proprietary components that eat into your savings and take a good part of those savings back from you. So heres the thing, if you could reduce the use of DI resin another way then you could save money without needing to buy an RO and thats what we want to share with you. Other businesses that may also use deionized water include: Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) are the total amount of mobile charged ions, including minerals, salts or metals dissolved in a given volume of water, expressed in units of mg per unit volume of water (mb/L), also referred to as parts per million (ppm). They tell you that you need an RO and then they charge you for your carbon filter and your DI resin and everything else at a proprietary rate.

The reason that people are being sold reverse osmosis membranes isthat theyre being told that if the TDS of the tap water is X depending on the person telling the story then you need an RO to filter the water and thats not true. mb400 As you might expect, the 11 Litre will need replacing more often, but a 25L bag of resin will provide two full refills of this size vessel. So the industry has a myth now that depending on who youre listening to and what they want to sell to you is that you need an RO system if your tap water is at TDS 200, TDS 150 and TDS 100 and weve caught some people being sold RO filters with a TDS as low as 50 which is really bordering on immoral. In a soft water area you can be looking at a few months between resin changes, by comparison, hard water can go through resin in a few days (and this is where a more complex filtration systems can lower running costs - See RO/DI LINK). We are then able to clean high or dangerous windows safely from the ground through the use of poles, which deliver pure water for a perfect clean every time. Powered by Shopify. Now if you use this method you can use any DI tank you want. Follow our method using the constructor Pro brush or the easy brush youre going to be twice as fast as you were doing it traditional. Professional Car Washing/Detailing Companies. Quite simply, the bigger the vessel, the less you require the resin to be changed. Its not a water decision its a business decision. These new ions then combine to form water.

Two of our most common sizes are 11L & 25L, however there are plenty of other sizes available. So RO is not the best filter, DI is a simple plug and play solution but the downside of DI is simply that its a consumable that costs. So the myth that we want to bust is that you never need an RO from a water perspective. When you can prove that youre going to get a return on investment inside of one year then its the right time to buy an RO. In simple terms, by controlling the electric charge of ions in the water, it is possible to remove the TDS. Where can I buy a pure water window cleaning setup in Canada? For Window Cleaners, this is the golden question. Use whatever method you can to use DI whether its the drive-thru car wash method or you just pay the hourly rate for using the DI water and buy yourself a fantastic pole to be rigid and is going to give you accuracy and precision! Like the cationic, the anionic resin is also made from styrene, but contains positively charged quaternary ammonium groups, and will be pre-charged with hydroxide ions. When you need an RO is a business decision, the RO is a pre-filter to your DI and the function of the RO is to save your DI consumption. Unfortunately there isn't a straight answer, there are too many variables, some of these are in your control, and some are not. di tank resin window vessel GB851047444. This resin will attract the negatively charged ions (HCO3-, Cl-, SO4--, etc.)

A chemical process takes place, which 'exchanges' the dissolved minerals with hydrogen ions and hydroxide ions.

Now that is inspiring if you think about it because what theyre doing is exactly the same as what were doing when were window cleaning. Is this the year of waterfed and pure water cleaning?

Youll put the brush on the glass, go up and down on every piece of glass in less than 10 seconds per pane and what youre doing is simply rinsing off the spots or the dirty water that is just the local tap water. Ryan Cochrane of Peak Property reviews The Window Cleaning Store. CATION DEIONIZERS have a high capacity to remove positively charged dissolved ionic contaminants such as calcium, sodium, magnesium, potassium, iron, and manganese (used in conjunction with an anion deionizer they can produce a quality in excess of 400,000 ohm/cm. There is no efficiency in the pure water function, you could buy 100 DI tank or you could buy 10,000 amazing cart system with pumps and heaters and all sorts of things and you will not get a significant improvement in the efficiency of you as a window cleaner. You can use our RO/DI system for your business and decided whether to make it static in your shop/home or whether to make it on-demand in your vehicle.

In order to budget it's important to regularly check the lifespan of your resin and keep a record. It is all the mineral content in water that can cause spotting on the glass. A reverse osmosis membrane uses pressure to purify the water and in doing that it means that it usually cant be used above three stories (you would need a booster pump or you need a buffer tank and a delivery pump). DI Resin Window Cleaning Kit- Various Pole Sizes 9ft Mini, 17ft, 24ft, 32ft Hydra Water Fed Pole, DI Resin Window Cleaning Kit- Various Pole Sizes, Choose from a 9ft, 17ft, 24ft, and 32ft Hydra Glass Carbon Composite Pole Size with 270mm Vikan Brush, 25lts DI MB Resin, enough to fill the Bottle Twice, Pole Size of Choice in Hydra Glass Carbon Range.

Maintenance, both preventative, and proactive, looking after some of Australian most rich in history Heritage buildings. Realm Property Services can't thank Gordon at Ionic systems enough - His product knowledge and customer service is second to none. We are confident we can go to that next level with Ionic system. A de-ionization system is basically a tank full of beads that are 50% lets say supercharged positively 50% supercharged negatively and they they attract the minerals away from the water and the minerals stick to the beads. Need resin, check out our best valueUnger 25L Resin Bag, This product offers additional discounts when buying in bulk. Use whatever method you can to use DI whether its the drive-thru car wash method or you just pay the hourly rate for using the DI water and buy yourself a, Thats all from us at Wash-IT, a proud representative of. If its TDS 500, its the spots from the TDS 500 water that youre washing off and not the dirt. Ionic Systems Australian and Gordon have been instrumental in supporting our business, Adelaide Solar Care and Australian Solar Care in expanding our operations around Australia building confidence in supplying great equipment and superior Ionic Aqua Audit, Australian TDS Water Readings. So youll agitate, then rinse. Can highly recommend this quality product. So if the local tap water is TDS 100 that youve used, then its the water spots from the 100 TDS water that youre washing off. Whether they are ground minerals picked up along the way, or additives that make it safe for drinking, none of these impurities do your windows any good. From the set up presentation to the hands on training of our staff.

The system maintains the immaculate appearance of our fleet in minimal time and effort without the use if harmful detergents. The best way to see how a Reach & Wash System can help your business, is to see it for yourself. ANION BED DEIONIZERS have a high capacity to remove negatively charged dissolved ionic contaminants such as carbonate, bicarbonates, sulfates, chlorides, nitrates and silica (used in conjunction with a cation deionizer they can produce a quality in excess of 400,000 ohm/cm. and releases an equivalent amount of hydroxide (OH-). The cationic resin is typically made from styrene containing negatively charged sulfonic acid groups, and will be pre-charged with hydrogen ions.

So five pounds an hour two hours a week is 10 a week, 40 weeks a year times 10 a week equals 400 a year running cost. There are also long life vessels such as the HydroPower, that distribute the water more evenly through the resin, improving the amount of pure water you can create from the same volume of resin. Highly recommended. So it makes more sense as a businessperson to defer the purchase of an RO system unless you already know that youre going to be using it all the time and youve done the maths to further the investment. Whats happening out there which is the criminal part is that people are being sold pure water systems that are RO, being told that they need the RO when they startup and then because the RO systems are so expensive they get sold a cheaper pole and a cheaper brush and thats the bit thats wrong. Deionization requires the flow of water through two ion exchange materials in order to affect the removal of all salt content. Our own "Ionic Customers" using our professional equipment are available Australia wide. If its TDS 500, its the spots from the TDS 500 water that youre washing off and not the dirt. Deionization completely filters these impurities and allows the glass and window frame to dry completely spot free. Theres nothing wrong with that but were trying to save you money when youre a startup. VAT Reg. The passage of water through the first exchange material removes the calcium and magnesium ions just as in the normal softening process.

How long your resin will last before it stops purifying the water sufficiently will be dependent on a number of variables, but there are a few major things that effect its life, more so than others. Thanks Gordon. DI resins attract non-water ions and replace them with water ions, leaving a more pure water form.