Wildlife Alliances Wildlife Rapid Rescue Team (WRRT) recently confiscated almost 400 birds being sold along National Road 5 in Kampong Chhnang Province.

Wildlife Alliance continues to provide hands-off assistance and supplementary food at the enclosure location for as long as necessary. Competitive salary will be offered, depending on qualifications, level and years of experience. An analysis of 17 years of datafrom WRRTs work tackling Cambodias illegal wildlife trade found that birds were the most confiscated class of animal, with a total of 71,440 birds confiscated by the unit between 2001 and 2018. Cambodia is one of the few countries where populations of Critically Endangered vultures have increased, thanks to the efforts of the Cambodian Vulture Conservation Project. Thank you for supporting these rescues, helping to ensure fewer wild animals suffer as pets and more are freed to live in well-protected habitat, where they belong. The Cambodian Vulture Conservation Project (CVCP), a partnership of Cambodian government ministries and international non-governmental organizations, successfully released two Critically Endangered vultures back to their range in northeastern Cambodia after two weeks of rehabilitation at the Phnom Tamao Zoo and Wildlife Rescue Center, operated by the Forestry Administration of the Royal Government of Cambodia in partnership with Wildlife Alliance. Research on bushmeat consumption in Cambodiapublished by Fauna and Flora International in 2018 showed significant demand from urban elites who consume wildlife for a variety of reasons, including a belief that wild meat is good for their health. Over 60% of all confiscated species were either: (i) not listed in CITES; (ii) listed as Least Concern on the IUCN Red List; and/or (iii) Common under the Cambodian Forestry Law. He works for Wildlife Alliance, a non-profit organization based in Cambodia and Washington, D.C. that works directly with communities and governments to improve forest management and institute good governance to comprehensively address the devastation of ecosystems and combat the illegal wildlife trade. Network) in which authorities work with their counterparts in the neighboring countries to try to stop the cross-border trade. And if you plan to make another donation this year, please do so on Giving Tuesday when GlobalGiving will distribute $1 million in matching funds among all projects that raise money on December 1, 2020 between 12:00AM-11:59PM Eastern Standard Time. [2], WRRT receives tips from a covert informant network and from the nationwide public hotline number. [3], Rescued animals that are deemed suitable for release into the wild are relocated to a Wildlife Rehabilitation Station (WRS) created by Wildlife Alliance in Koh Kong Province, Cambodia. https://www.globalgiving.org/dy/cart/view/gg.html?cmd=addItem&projid=13963&rf=microdata&frequency=ONCE&amount=25. Many of these cases arise as a result of acting on information from our network of covert informants, and September 2021 is no exception. Following a recent online investigation into an illegal bird trader selling on Facebook, WRRT identified the trader, located his trading house in Phnom Penh, and conducted a raid. In May, the team caught a street seller in front of Phnom Penh airport with four brahminy kites and four white-vented hill mynas. The Phnom Tamao Wildlife Rescue Center is situated less than an hour away from Cambodias capital of Phnom Penh and is currently home to over 1,200 animals rescued from the illegal wildlife trade. From May-June, a total of 19 raptors were confiscated, in addition to 33 birds of other species that are bought and sold in the pet trade. Fines can be considerable and amounts of money have risen steadily as officials realize the importance of implementing laws protecting wild animals. Wildlife Alliance animal husbandry specialists, veterinarians, and care takers assist in the feeding and care of animals and operations.

A further 22 red collared doves were found alive and were released by WRRT back into the wild. Thank you so much for your support! On 15th March, the Wildlife Rapid Rescue Team, implemented by the Forestry Administration and assisted by Wildlife Alliance, transported the birds back to Western Siem Pang. https://www.laurelaneme.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/09/NickMarxPODCAST.mp3, Elephants Rhinos Orangutans and Palm Oil Other Primates Big Cats Bears Other Mammals Insects Birds Reptiles and Amphibians Marine Life Climate Change Poaching Poisons Wildlife Trade Wildlife Forensics Wildlife Research Working Dogs Wildlife and Health Wildlife Rehabilitation Economics and Wildlife Wildlife Law Enforcement Wildlife Filmmaking Journalism and Wildlife CITES Asia, Southeast Asia, and Middle East Latin America North American Wildlife Activism Veterinarian Stories Podcasts by Subject. The offender was fined over $1,600 and the bush meat and dead animals were destroyed (photos below), ensuring they will never be recirculated into the illegal trade. Traders are handed over to the courts, who impose prison terms and fines. The Forestry Administration in cooperation with Wildlife Alliance brought him to PTWRC as he would have died left on his own. Catching those trading illegal wildlife can often be difficult to catch, with vendors hiding wildlife in nearby forests or fleeing when wildlife police carry out raids. The turtles were taken to the National Aquaculture Research and Development Institute for care before being released into their natural habitat. ScienceDirect is a registered trademark of Elsevier B.V. ScienceDirect is a registered trademark of Elsevier B.V. Animals that cannot be released because of injuries or trauma are cared for by Wildlife Alliance's Care for Rescued Wildlife team at the Phnom Tamao Wildlife Rescue Center. The Wildlife Rapid Rescue Team has rescued more than 50,000 live animals and confiscated large quantities of animal parts and other contraband. The bear sanctuary covers an area of over 10 hectares and is home to more than 130 rescued bears which have been supported by Free the Bears since 1997. While it operates a Wildlife Rescue Hotline that people can call 24/7 to report crimes, more and more people are reporting tips to WRRT via Facebook and the team is conducting more online investigations to identify and root out traders. In order to change the prosthesis twice daily, Chhouk is trained with a positive reinforcement rewards-based system. The organization has been operating in Cambodia since 2000 and has saved over 65,000 live animals from smugglers. Wildlife is commonly sold along the national road that connects the capital Phnom Penh with Thailand. The small, but increasing population of vultures in Cambodia will benefit from their return to the wild," says CVCP Manager Pech Bunnat. Only short listed candidates will be contacted for interview. . [5], Phnom Tamao is home to the world's largest group of rescued Malayan sun bears together with a number of Moon bears or Asiatic black bears. The Wildlife Rapid Rescue Team operations conducted over the past year indicate that while Cambodias illegal wildlife trade quieted down during the early stage of the COVID-19 pandemic, local demand and supply have rebounded in recent months. GlobalGiving makes it easy and safe for you to give to local projects anywhere in the world.

We have analysed confiscation records from the WRRT for 20012018 to determine the compositional trends of trafficked species in Cambodia, and identify any detectable conservation gaps. 1 Thomas Circle NW, Suite 800, Washington, DC 20005, USA. Two surviving birds were also foundone white-rumped vulture Gyps bengalensis and one slender-billed vulture Gyps tenuirostris. Nick MarxofWildlife Alliancetalks about rescuing wildlife from illegal trade in Cambodia. We show that Cambodia is contributing substantially to the bird trade and this may be an under-reported element of the Asian songbird crisis. "The global populations of these two species are now so low that every individual counts and putting these two birds back into the wild is very important as the population here in Cambodia is so low. By May, many of the shops and restaurants that once sold wildlife products and bush meat in tourism hotspots had closed. [7], The Cambodian Forestry Administration assisted by Wildlife Alliance confiscated 7 tigers in a sting operation in Phnom Penh in the year 2000. Project Reports on GlobalGiving are posted directly to globalgiving.org by Project Leaders as they are completed, generally every 3-4 months. The priority for the Care for Rescued Wildlife Program is to continue developing and implementing rehabilitation and release programs for many of the rescued animals, while continuing to feed and care for the animals that need to call PTWRC home. Since 2001, the Wildlife Rapid Rescue Team (WRRT), a multi-agency law enforcement unit under the authority of the Cambodian Forestry Administration, has operated in Cambodia to counteract wildlife trafficking. "I am very pleased to see that the birds have recovered well after their care at Phnom Tamao. It is often preferable to train captive elephants because they can then be handled more safely, which means their health can be checked and they can be better cared for. He has worked in park management, wildlife conservation, and animal care in the United Kingdom, India, South Africa, and Southeast Asia. PTWRC currently houses over 1,200 rescued animals from 102 species including endangered Asian elephants, tigers, Pileated gibbon, Siamese crocodile, Malayan sun bears, among many others. We use cookies to help provide and enhance our service and tailor content and ads. Sun bears, binturong ("bear cats"), macaques, and birds are just a few of the animals that have begun the second phase of their life here. Trade for merit release has led to the establishment of a considerable trade in the region. Support this important cause by creating a personalized fundraising page. This acts as a great deterrent, which ultimately makes it unprofitable for traders to stay in business. You can also subscribe for reports via e-mail without donating. COVID-19 likely originated from similar viruses found in bats and pangolins being transmitted to humans through wildlife markets, which shows that wildlife consumption in fact endangers human health. Thankfully, the Team was also able to rescue dozens of live turtles! In early March, a foreigner living in Rattanakiri Province in Northeast Cambodia called the Hotline to report that he had convinced a local villager to pass our Team two baby leopard cats. To protect the integrity of these documents, GlobalGiving does not alter them; therefore you may find some language or formatting issues.

WRRTs skill in handling and caring for rescued wild animals is such that there are almost never any fatalities, despite the poor conditions in which most traded wildlife is found. Whenever possible, live animals rescued by the team are released back into the wild. A recent Facebook post with photographs of dead leopard cats, snakes, and multiple bird species along National Road 5 shows the scale of the illegal wildlife trade taking place along the road. Your generous donations help provide funds the Team needs to travel far and wide across the country responding to the many reports it receives, rescuing animals and releasing them into the wild or bringing them to Phnom Tamao Wildlife Rescue Centre if they need rehabilitation. The bear sanctuary contains a dedicated classroom for visiting school groups "The Bear Den", a visitor centre and number of education zones for general visitors "The Bear Discovery Centre" and "The Bear Discovery Trail", a children's play area "The Home of the Wild Things" and a dedicated research facility "The Field Station" for student researchers undertaking projects aimed at improving the welfare of captive bears or promoting conservation of wild bears. A shocking 365 dead weaver birds were found in the raids, along with 4 dead spotted doves (Spilopelia chinensis) and 5 dead red collared doves (Streptopelia tranquebarica). Settings required: Please select one project to show. A small number of specific reptile species were consistently targeted, and particularly prominent was turtle and tortoise trafficking.

By continuing you agree to the use of cookies. WCS, the "W" logo, WE STAND FOR WILDLIFE, I STAND FOR WILDLIFE, and STAND FOR WILDLIFE are service marks of Wildlife Conservation Society. The 2 live turtles were released and all evidence was destroyed after documenting it properly to ensure prosecutors can argue for maximum penalties. [2], While Wildlife Alliance provides capacity building with logistical and technical support to WRRT, WRRT also trains teams working for other organizations that are addressing the illegal wildlife trade, both in the manner in which they conduct operations and in animal handling skills. During the ensuing raid, the team rescued 90 animals of 25 different species including: 1 Malayan sun bear, 1 binturong, 1 pileated gibbon, 2 Asiatic jackal, 2 leopard cats, 2 species of deer, 10 species of birds, and 11 elongated tortoises. She specializes in bringing together diverse perspectives from farmers and indigenous groups to high-level policymakers to create positive solutions that protect wildlife while improving the livelihoods of those living near the animals.

But when the rescued animals need medical attention or are too young for release into the wild, they are taken back to the Phnom Tamao Wildlife Rescue Center for care. Southeast Asia is a hub for wildlife trafficking. When the animals are ready for release, the door to the enclosure is left open and the animals are free to leave at will. Recently the Wildlife Rapid Rescue Team has been busy rescuing wild animals from the pet trade, saving them from a lifetime of cramped conditions without proper care. Birds are trafficked in Cambodias illegal wildlife trade for either food, as pets, or to be released for making spiritual merit (or merit release). In March, the Team received information about birds being sold near Phnom Penhs Central Market and confiscated three black kites, four black-shouldered kites and 22 red-breasted parakeets from a vendor. Upon arrival, the weak birds were immediately treated by the Wildlife Alliance team and over the two-week course of recovery, the birds were fed daily and carefully monitored. Wildlife is commonly sold along the national road that connects the capital Phnom Penh with Thailand. Support for these efforts is provided by the Global Environmental Facility (GEF)/United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), WWF-US and the Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund (CEPF). Our informants are paid for actionable information that results in a bust, and your GlobalGiving donations are key to this successful strategy. The Wildlife Rapid Rescue Team has been hard at work this month busting wildlife traders. A few days later the team was called to collect another pair of leopard cat kittens found abandoned near a forest fire in neighboring Mondulkiri Province by a Phnom Penh resident who rescued them while he was on holiday there. Nick holds a masters degree in Conservation Biology and has more than forty years of experience in animal care, especially with large wildlife. Find a vetted, verified project that you want to make a donation to: Destroying wild bush meat and dead animals, Leopard cat kittens rescued from Rattanakiri, Rescued baby parakeets and black-shouldered kites, Rufous-winged buzzard kept as pet in restaurant, Civet and marten seized from garage in Phnom Penh, Asiatic softshell turtle rescued from restaurant, WRRT inspects freezer in Sihanouk for bushmeat, Turtles rescued from Phnom Penh restaurant, Owner caught with bushmeat thumbprints documents, Sun bear rescued from illegal zoo by WRRT, Illegal Facebook bird trader identified and caught, Inspecting birds at Facebook trader's house, Gibbon freed after citizen's Facebook report, Jackal rescued following tip from Facebook user, Provide food and water for one wild animal in transit to rescue center, Provide 1-day of legal fees to ensure cases against wildlife criminals are effectively prosecuted, Provide the team with protective gear to prevent transmission of zoonosis from rescued wildlife during one operation, Provide 1-week's salary for a wildlife investigator to build a solid case against a major trader, Provide informant fees and undercover fieldwork costs to investigate a wildlife trader, Provide 2-days of operations costs for the team to conduct a raid in a provincial area and rescue animals.

The Phnom Tamao Wildlife Rescue Centre (PTWRC) is a wildlife centre located roughly 25 miles (40km) by road south of Phnom Penh, Cambodia. [3], In 2010 Wildlife Alliance worked with the Cambodian Government to implement ASEAN-WEN (Wildlife Enforcement Application in English with a comprehensive CV and a recent photograph should be sent to address or email provided in the contact detail on or before August 15, 2022. [1][2] Many of the species are listed as Endangered or Vulnerable by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN). Wild birds become easily stressed and dehydrated when kept in captivity in inappropriate conditions as they usually are in the pet trade - this causes many of them to die, even after they are rescued. Confiscations involved 95% native species. From March 8-12 all online donations up to $50 will be matched at 50%! Watching and interacting with Lucky has helped endear and engage visitors in the experience of the elephants. Those that were had relatively small quantities in stock. [3], When illegal traders are caught by the Wildlife Rapid Rescue Team (WRRT), their contraband and equipment are confiscated. As a result of the raid, the team confiscated a cornucopia of wildlife products, many from threatened species, including: over 85 pounds of wild boar meat; almost 50 pounds of bear, porcupine and serow bones; 16.5 pounds of black bear, serow, otter, and sun bear skin; 5 dead slow lorises and 2 live Asian leaf turtles; over 65 pounds of Asian soft-shell turtle parts, and carapaces and plastrons from several different turtle species; as well as a pair of sambar horns, 2 great hornbill skulls, 18 bear canine teeth and 1 elephant molar weighing almost 10 pounds. The job opening is for an assistant to the project called Wildlife Rapid Rescue Team (WRRT) that has conducted successful investigation and crack-downs in Cambodias 25 provinces. [2], Released animals are then monitored using various methods such as visual observation, track identification, camera traps, and radio telemetry to ensure release strategies are successful and the animals are able to survive. Copyright 2007-2021 by Wildlife Conservation Society. This means that they will simply not receive their reward (pieces of fruit or vegetables) if they do not follow the keeper's verbal command. These are just a few recent examples of how WRRT is using Facebook to gather intelligence from concerned Facebook users investigate and to gather evidence against and track down wildlife traders.