by Politico One of the hallmarks of democratic society is a healthy, free-flowing media ecosystem. Today, the internet and social media platforms have greatly expanded the scope and reach of communication within society. Both of these terms imply that information being shared is not factually sound. The more media literate we collectively become, the better equipped we will be to reform these broken systems, and push for accuracy and transparency in the communication channels that bind society together.

Cherrypicking is especially problematic because the facts are often correct, so they make sense at face value, however, they lack important context.

Ireland was 7th, Australia 9th-equal, Canada 12th, and the UK 18th. We also have locations in the sunny Bay of Plenty region,with a brand new Tauranga CBD campus opening in 2019!

Many refugees from conflicts in Africa and Asia, including those from Syria, Afghanistan, and Iraq, and have traveled to Europe along the Eastern Mediterranean migration routea dangerous passage across the Aegean Sea that weaves along the coastlines of Greece and Turkey.

Unintentional filtering or skewing of information is referred to as implicit bias, and this can manifest in a few different ways. If you're an adrenaline lover, check out the wild west coast of Raglan, one of the best surf beaches in the world, plough down the ski fields of Mt Ruapehu or go black water rafting through the Waitomo Caves.

emmanuel boadi gyimah But, for the first time in a decade, New Zealand score has slipped albeit only slightly. More alarming, 13.5% expressed a preference for military rule. A rising share of people are exposed to dangerously high temperatures. In this region, the only countries falling under the full democracy category are Costa Rica and Uruguay. "By contrast, European governments were slow to act, some health systems came close to collapse and public trust in government declined," Hoey said.

A worker wearing protective gear gives a Covid test to a woman at a testing site in Xi'an. "Social cohesion has collapsed the new president, Joe Biden, faces a huge challenge in bringing together a country that is deeply divided over core values," the report stated. Police arrest another protester outside Parliament on Thursday. Veils of Distortion: How the News Media Warps our Minds by John Zada

"However, the biggest country downgrades, for Myanmar and Hong Kong, were driven by other factors, including mass voter suppression in the former and a crackdown by the authorities on dissent in the latter.". Inspired by Levi Westervelds Those Who Did Not Cross, each lost life is captured with its own dot, in an effort to humanize the data. Thai woman jailed for record 43 years for criticising monarchy, Mass arrests in Hong Kong 'over primary vote', Cheesy come, cheesy go as vegans eye a cheddar future at awards, Wellington Airport passengers 'waiting for planes that never came', 'Levels of anxiety are very high' as retailers face repeated raids, Circumstances of Dunedin death 'unclear,' police say, Covid-19 cases at border skyrocket after pre-departure testing scrapped, Master of their domain? The potency of this political challenge is inextricably linked to Chinas incredible economic success over the past three decades, the report said. Even before the migrant crisis caused by the Russo-Ukrainian War, Europe has been the focal point in the past decade. The U.S. is still classified by EIU as a flawed democracy, and has been since 2016. Mayor candidates clash over digital diversion, 'We are being failed' - Youth MP pleads for action on mental health crisis. Bloomberg Surveillance, covering the latest news in finance, economics and investments. Pandemic Recovery: Have North American Downtowns Bounced Back?

Hong Kong dropped down the rankings by 12 places, becoming a "hybrid regime" rather than a "flawed democracy", and Myanmar fell by 13 places.

The report points to extreme polarization and gerrymandering as key issues facing the country. The EIUs report identifies a number of threats to democracy in 2022 and beyond. "China, Singapore and others went much further than the rest of the world in tracking and policing their citizens and locking them down in response to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Pedro Castillos narrow victory in Peru in June was contested for weeks by his opponent, Keiko Fujimori, and the Nicaraguan poll in November was a sham.

Simplified models of the world make for compelling narratives, like good-vs-evil, but situations are often far more complex than what meets the eye. And these boats are often severely underequipped and overcrowdedrubber dinghies designed to carry a dozen people are sometimes loaded with up to 60 passengers.

In this infographic, we catalog 33 problems with the social and mass media ecosystem.

Our city hosts an array of award-winning dining experiences, bars and cafes. Daily life in Hamilton is uncomplicated - grocery stores are easily accessible, locals are friendly and there are heaps of activities on offer to keep you busy!

Afghanistan fell 28 places to the bottom of the EIU Democracy Index rankings, following the collapse of an elected government and the Taliban takeover of the country. For example, a publication may turn a blind eye to a topic or issue because it would paint an advertiser in a bad light.

In fact, the regions overall democracy score is now lower than what it was before the start of the Arab Spring in 2010. Despite riots in the Capitol and attempts by the departing president Donald Trump to overturn the election results, the inauguration of Joe Biden proceeded smoothly and Americas democracy score only fell by 0.07 points.

Countries with the Highest Default Risk in 2022, The $100 Trillion Global Economy in One Chart, News Explainer: The Economic Crisis in Sri Lanka, Interest Rate Hikes vs. Inflation Rate, by Country, 3 Insights From the FEDs Latest Economic Snapshot, The Evolution of Media: Visualizing a Data-Driven Future, Synthetic Biology: The $3.6 Trillion Science Changing Life as We Know It. The US's political engagement score was up but its overall performance was held back by a number of weaknesses. Norway tops this list, followed by New Zealand, Finland, Sweden, and Iceland.

Climate change and population distribution are the cause, Despite some notable disasters, nuclear power is one of the least deadly sources of energy, This year there have been almost four times as many than average, Published since September 1843 to take part in a severe contest between intelligence, which presses forward, and an unworthy, timid ignorance obstructing our progress.. dictatorship It also noted the fact that New Zealand had a "peaceful democracy" last year a year which the report described as "tumultuous". Churnalism not only replaces more rigorous forms of reportingbut also acts as an avenue for advertising and propaganda that is harder to distinguish from the news. That dropped from 6.8 per cent in 2020, because Chile and Spain were downgraded to the group of flawed democracies. The Twittering Machine by Richard Seymour According to the World Value Survey, which is used in some of the quantitative sections of the EIUs survey, just 10.4% of Canadians felt that they had a great deal of freedom of choice and control. In many countries, the pandemic had entrenched divisions. Second worst is Myanmar, then going up the list, North Korea, the Democratic Republic of Congo, the Central African Republic and Syria. A notable downgrade in this region happened in Spain; the country is now considered a flawed democracy.

Its important to note that this report by the EIU was published before the invasion of Ukraine began, and the conflict will almost certainly impact scores in next years report. 1,863 deaths and disappearances were reported along the Eastern Mediterranean between the years of 2014 and 2021.

Just over 34 percent of the countries included were ruled by "authoritarian regimes". All rights reserved. The fact is that 23 countries are considered authoritarian regimes. Meanwhile, in the background, third-party trackers are still watching your every digital move, despite all the privacy opt-in prompts. Ranked: The 20 Countries With the Fastest Declining Populations, Iconic Infographic Map Compares the Worlds Mountains and Rivers, Mapped: A Decade of Population Growth and Decline in U.S. On one hand there were those who favoured the precautionary principle and expert-driven decision-making. This translates into a sobering fact: only 46% of the population is living in a democracy of some sort.. ", Letters to the editor: A bit of democracy has died - NZ Herald, Analysis: Trump's rage ignites mob assault on democracy - NZ Herald, Hobson's Pledge flyers opposing Mori wards in Gisborne 'undermining democracy' - NZ Herald. The University of Waikato has campuses in Hamilton and Tauranga. That group had been more hostile to what they saw as the curtailment of individual freedoms. by FAIR

In 2021, 37% of the worlds population still lived under an authoritarian regime. But the biggest challenge to the Western model of democracy over the coming years will come from China.

Sub-Saharan Africa has the most countries at the bottom of the Democracy Index rankings. High-quality content is increasingly being hidden behind paywalls.

New Zealand's ranking puts it in the "full democracy" category of the list by contrast, the US's score of 7.92 puts it in the "flawed democracy" category. But 2020's 0.01 per cent drop did not impact New Zealand's overall ranking on the list.

This was driven by a decline in the average regional score, but every region has a different reality.

The Economist Intelligence Unit's 2020 Democracy Index has just been released. Green passes requiring proof of vaccination against Covid to be allowed to participate in various activities are among the measures considered by the EIU to to have led to an unprecedented withdrawal of civil liberties around the world. Lets explore the characteristics of each of the four types of regime according to the EIU: As mentioned earlier, in 2021, the global democracy score declined from 5.37 to 5.28. The U.S. Medias Problems Are Much Bigger than Fake News and Filter Bubbles by Bharat N. Anand Joe Biden is the president of the US that was categorised as a "flawed democracy" in the Economist Intelligence Unit's 2020 Democracy Index.

Each year, thousands of migrants take the journey along the Eastern Mediterranean to get to the EU. The key difference is that misinformation is unintentional, and disinformation is deliberately created to deceive people. These are called no fly zones, and given the financial struggles of the news industry, these no fly zones are becoming increasingly treacherous territory. With great influence comes great responsibility. Police make a move into the crowd of protesters and pull out a tent, while also making more arrests. How Do Big Tech Giants Make Their Billions? Police seeking trucker who left New Plymouth vehicle covered in molasses, Forced out by slip: No noise, no rumble just a late-night door knock, All Blacks cap train wreck of a week by essentially doing zilch, Standoff involving Akira Ioane, Justin Marshall 'disappointing', says All Blacks coach, Dress Smart founder has been to (nearly) every country in the world - and just loves this tiny South Island town, Sam Cane retained as All Blacks captain for Rugby Championship.

New Zealand is a land of comparative freedom, according to a recent report on global democracy. New Zealand was the worlds second most democratic country in 2021, the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) says in its annual Democracy Index.

Analysis - Biden's inauguration doesn't have a lot in common with that of Donald Trump just four destructive years ago, writes Tim Watkin, but both inaugurations ask: How far? For outlets that rely on advertising, desperate times have called for desperate measures.

On the other side of the spectrum, Venezuela, Nicaragua, and Cuba fall under the authoritarian regime classification. Every regions global score experienced a drop, with the exception of Western Europe, which remained flat.

This region concentrates a substantial number of countries classified as authoritarian regimes.

But the first step is identifying these issues, and talking about them. Reporters bring us news from the front lines of conflict, and uncover hard truths through investigative journalism. Mapped: Which Ports are Receiving the Most Russian Fossil Fuel Shipments?

The percentage of the worlds population living under some sort of democracy tumbled last year to 45.7% from 49.4% a year earlier according to the Economist Intelligence Units Democracy Index 2021. Through social media, stories are shared widely by many participants, and the most compelling framing usually wins out. Hamilton is New Zealand's fourth largest and fastest growing cities, vibrant and multi-cultural it is where our main campus is located.

Analysis - A communications blackout, the detention of Aung San Suu Kyi without word, wild rumours fed by a paucity of information.

Which Countries Trust Their Government, and Which Ones Dont? Some never make it to their destination. Mass media and social feeds are the ultimate Darwinistic scenario for ideas. Manufacturing Consent by Edward S. Herman and Noam Chomsky This is, however, still higher than the vast majority of other countries on the list.

The Economist's annual Democracy Index has ranked New Zealand fourth out of 165 countries and independent territories. Below are a few of those instances. Beyond Covid, the report looks at what the EIU considered to be the threat to democracy from China. auto-play videos, pop-ups, and prompts) interrupting content at every turn.

In North Africa, four countries are considered authoritarian regimes: Sudan, Egypt, Libya, and Algeria. According to the International Organization for Migration, the most common cause of death along the Eastern Mediterranean is drowning. Editors note: For a full list of sources, please go to the end of this article. Musk Lieutenant Scrutinized inInternal Tesla Purchasing Probe, These Are the Worlds Most (and Least) Powerful Passports in 2022, Chinas Top Chipmaker Achieves Breakthrough Despite US Curbs, CovidSupply Chain Chaos Is Just a Dress Rehearsal for Whats Next. Hamilton also boasts many retail stores for you to browse around, visit an exhibition at Waikato Museum or have a soak and unwind atTe Aroha Mineral Spas.

The Truth Matters: A Citizens Guide to Separating Facts from Lies and Stopping Fake News in its Tracks by Bruce Bartlett It weighed data from 167 countries to provide a snapshot of democracy worldwide, with a focus on the impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic. Of course, journalism plays a key role within that ecosystem. The graphic above is an attempt to catalog problems within the media ecosystem as a basis for discussion. Meanwhile, there are 14 countries that are hybrid regimes, six countries under flawed democracy, and only one country, Mauritius, is considered a full democracy. Canada suffered a far bigger setback, of 0.37 points.

Turkey, Georgia, Armenia, and Pakistan fall under the category of hybrid regimes, and the rest of the countries in the region are considered authoritarian regimes. This term refers to the practice of publishing articles directly from wire services and public relations releases.

That everyone else isnt just people with lower incomes, it also largely includes younger people. There are no countries falling under the category of full democracy in this region.

High quality journalism and the unprecedented transparency of social media keeps power structures in checkand sometimes, these forces can drive genuine societal change.

An (often shocking) event occurs, and it generates a massive amount of discussion despite the complete lack of context. Photo: RNZ.

Nordic countries continue to dominate the top of the ranking and three Asian countries bring up the rear: North Korea was dislodged from the bottom of the table for the first time by a coup in Myanmar and the return of the Taliban in Afghanistan. They had tended to support government lockdowns, green passes and vaccine mandates. North America (Canada and U.S.) is the top-ranked region in the Democracy Index with an average score of 8.36, but this dropped significantly from 8.58 in 2020. Ukraines score declined to 5.57, becoming a hybrid region. Until the crisis is better addressed or local conflicts begin to resolve, there will be an urgent need for increased rescue operations and a standardized migration protocol to help mitigate the number of migrant deaths and disappearances each year.

Visualized: Battery Vs. Hydrogen Fuel Cell. The pandemic has resulted in an unprecedented withdrawal of civil liberties among developed democracies and authoritarian regimes alike, through the imposition of lockdowns and restrictions on travelling and, increasingly, the introduction of green passes requiring proof of vaccination against Covid-19 for participation in public life..

Divisions are becoming entrenched between those who favour precautionary policies like lockdowns and vaccine mandates and those who are hostile to state interference and any reduction in personal freedoms.

Newsrooms are operating with much smaller teams and budgets, and one result is churnalism. What Does It Take To Be Wealthy in America? Antisocial: Online Extremists, Techno-Utopians, and the Highjacking of the American Conversation by Andrew Marantz

"Asia continues to lag behind the West in democratic terms having only five "full democracies", compared with western Europe's 13, but the region has, so far, handled the pandemic much better than virtually any other, with lower infection and mortality rates and a fast economic rebound," Hoey said. Boats are sometimes forced into tumultuous waters, according to migrants whove experienced the journey firsthand.

Chinas rulers have become more confident about promulgating the alleged superiority of their system over that of the West, and the Covid-19 pandemic has accentuated this trend..

Again, pandemic restrictions were the main cause of frustration and disaffection. One of the biggest perks to living in Hamilton is its proximity to other scenic and adventure-filled destinations. This process strips context away from an idea, potentially warping its meaning.

Chinas response to being snubbed was to declare the state of American democracy disastrous. The Economist Intelligence Unit said the Covid pandemic had resulted in an unprecedented withdrawal of civil liberties around the world.

Of the 167 territories surveyed, just 21 were deemed to be full democracies, representing 6.4% of the worlds population, while 53 fell into the flawed democracies category. A Thai woman has been jailed for 43 years for criticising the royal family, the country's harshest ever sentence for insulting the monarchy. Many of the problems are easy to understand once theyre identified. With a population of just 4.7 million people, we are an uncrowded country, allowing you plenty of space to explore our beautiful landscapes and immerse yourself in our unique culture. Australia was ranked ninth with a score of 8.96 and kept its status as a "full democracy". About 800,000 of the one million migrants traveled to Greece through Turkey, with many of the refugees escaping Syrias civil war.

In an attempt to control the situation, the EU and Turkey signed a migration deal in March 2016 that agreed to send back migrants who did not receive official permission to enter the EU.

Ten Arguments for Deleting Your Social Media Accounts Right Now by Jaron Lanier

A member of Taliban stands guard along a road in Kabul in September 2021.

At the beginning of 2021, covid-related demonstrations had already been held in at least 86 countries; by the end of the year, protests coalescing around the anti-vax movement were raging from Austria to Australia. The global score fell from 5.37 to a new low of 5.28 out of ten. Asia's average regional score fell to its lowest since 2013, as official measures to combat the pandemic led to some of the most severe constraints on individual freedoms and civil liberties in the world, the report's writers said. Latin America and the Caribbean experienced the largest decline in regional scores in the world.

Chinas leaders were citing its approach to the pandemic, compared to that of the West, as proof their political system was superior to the liberal democratic model. We are ranked fourth best in the world in the, According to the World Bank, in 2020 New Zealand was the.

This can lead to cherrypicking facts and ideas. Democracy declined across Asia in 2021, but there are ways it can revive, Repeal of waka jumping law would help restore free speech in Parliament, New Zealand remains world's fourth best democracy, according to The Economist Democracy Index 2020, in the year of Covid-19 lockdowns, Recap: Ian Foster names All Blacks Rugby Championship squad, Investigators find potential Faberg egg inside yacht seized in Fiji, Quiz: Afternoon trivia challenge: July 22, 2022, All Blacks coach Ian Foster vows to fight on: 'I'm strong, I'm resilient', Oh sugar! The list doesn't stop there; go bungy jumping, sky diving, jet boating and caving to name a few!

Only Israel (7.97) and Cyprus (7.43) are considered flawed democracies.

Further complicating the dangerous journey is a lack of rescue resources.

According to Frontex, the European Border and Coast Guard Agency, it could cost a family an average of 10,000 to travel by yacht. On the other side of the spectrum we have full democracies, which only account for 6.4% of the population.

Factors taken into consideration were electoral process, the functioning of government, political participation and culture, and civil liberties.

While the journey is only 5.4 nautical miles or less, transportation conditions to Greece are not always safe. The report found almost 14 percent of countries worldwide were "full democracies", 31 percent were "flawed democracies", and 21 percent were "hybrid regimes". The results of the 2021 index reflected the continuing negative impact on democracy and freedom for a second successive year of the Covid pandemic, the report said.

If we missed a problem, let us know! There is no easy fix to the issues that plague news and social media. But aside from these brief references, the 75-page report goes into very little detail about New Zealand. What Are the Five Major Types of Renewable Energy? Household Income Distribution in the U.S. Visualized as 100 Homes, Mapping the Migration of the Worlds Millionaires, Visualizing How COVID-19 Antiviral Pills and Vaccines Work at the Cellular Level, Mapped: The Most Common Illicit Drugs in the World, Visualizing The Most Widespread Blood Types in Every Country. Taliban fighters take control of the Afghan presidential palace in Kabul last August. Afghanistan tops this list, followed by Myanmar, North Korea, Democratic Republic of the Congo, and Syria. Just 6.4 per cent of the worlds population is considered to live in full democracies. Lets dive a bit deeper into what this means. More often than not, its the pithy, provocative posts that spread the furthest. The US is in 26th place and isnt even described as a full democracy, rather its classed as a flawed democracy, with its greatest failings considered to be the functioning of its government, and its political culture. User experience has taken a backseat to ad impressions, with ad clutter (e.g. About 50 pro-democracy lawmakers and activists have reportedly been arrested in Hong Kong under the controversial national security law. Aerial firefighting costs blow out after massive blazes, After a decade of change in Myanmar, fear of the past drives anti-coup protests. The rankings are based on five categories: electoral process and pluralism, functioning of government, political participation, political culture, and civil liberties. Of course, China has a big share of the population living under this style of regime.

In four of the categories, New Zealands score was unchanged from the 2020 index, but there was an improvement in the political participation category.