Setel Ventures Sdn Bhd,Level 11, Vertical Corporate Tower B, Avenue10, The Vertical, Bangsar South City, 50200 KualaLumpur. Why didnt I receive a notification when entering/exiting a parking location? Specialty & Services Food Delivery & Meal Prep, Supermarket & Grocery Mart Fresh Meat & Foods, Supermarket & Grocery Mart Frozen Foods, Supermarket & Grocery Mart Fruits & Vegetables, Supermarket & Grocery Mart Organic Food. (Monthly pass application). To enable automatic location, you will need to turn on your GPS and allow location access. Complete your one-time setup in advance on the Setel app. Our cameras are smart, but sometimes they can get a little confused. How do I use ticketless and automated parking with Setel? *Note that you cannot toggle off automated parking payments for a vehicle with an activeparking session in progress. You can add your vehicle information on the parking page and enable the vehicle that will be used for your parking session. However, only a single enabled vehicle at a time can be selected for the automated parking session. Track parking duration on the app. Rate : RM200.00 (non-reserved), 4. You will only need to pay the parking fees based on the car parks parking rate. There are no transaction fees for using ticketless and automated parking with Setel. Resend the email receipt to your registered email from the payment history page. You can tap on View transaction details to view the full e-receipt. Wait for license plate to be scanned at Setel lanes.Fees only deducted upon exit.*. More payment options will be coming soon! If you encounter this issue, please contact the car park help desk/car park management via the help button available of the parking location for an immediate response. Yes, you will be able to earn Mesra points for parking fees paid via Setel. Copyright @ 2022 Setel Ventures Sdn Bhd (Company No: 1310317-A)(201901000991 (1310317-A). The device the vehicle is registered under is not with me, how will I be charged? Reach out to our customer support team. What is the reason my car plate is not detected at the car park entry/exit? Plaza Pelangi Johor Bharu 1. Cant find the answer youre looking for? This issue may happen due to several factors including (but not limited to): Shiny letters or plates causing glare in the camera sensors, Letters on the plate are located too close together, especially with narrower characters like 1, Vehicle has plate located in a non-standard or difficult-to-view location. Are there any transaction fees for using the Setel App? Rest assured were working hard to improve the plate recognition system. All rights reserved. Currently, the only available location is Suria KLCC & Kompleks Dayabumi. The account that has the vehicle enabled will be charged even if the device is not at the parking area. Rate : RM180.00 (non-reserved), 3. The payment will automatically be deducted from Setel based on your selected payment method. Where can I view my active parking session? Bandar Baru Klang Opensite What are the available locations for ticketless and automated parking with Setel? You can register your friends or familys vehicle under your Setel account, but only one active parking session is allowed at a time. Can I pay using other payment methods other than Setel wallet? How can I switch between vehicles for automated parking payment? Enter accurate details to avoid inconvenience.Multiple vehicles allowed. Setel lanes, wait for license plate to be scanned & registered. Skip the hassle of paying with cards. Once your parking session has ended, Setel will generate an e-receipt upon successful payment. Cant see Parking on your Setel Home tab? cot idd dryer What are the parking rates under the Setel parking feature? The barrier will automatically be lifted for you to enter once it is registered. All entries and exits at KLCC and Kompleks Dayabumi are Setel enabled. Continue to earn up to 3x Mesra points* for fuel purchase till 30 Sept! What if the system doesnt detect my car plate and I get stuck at the car park entry/exit?

Rate : RM80.00 (non-reserved), 5. Your parking is still valid/active however you will be required to top up your wallet in order to leave and end the parking session. A vehicle can only be enabled for automated parking on a single device at a time. Launch the Setel App and click on the More button and choose the Parking icon. (Standard parking fee with no surchange.). What if my parking fee has exceeded my Setel Wallet balance, will the parking session still be valid/ active? Will I be able to enter/exit the car park with insufficient wallet balance? Do ensure you have updated your Setel app. However, before exiting, please ensure you have a sufficient balance in your Setel Wallet for your parking fee to be deducted automatically. I am new to Setel. You will need to install the Setel App (1) and register accordingly. The system will also send you a reminder upon entry to ensure you have sufficient balance prior to your departure from the mall. Check your mobiles notification settings and ensure that notifications from the Setel App are allowed. Copyright 2019 by First City Parking Sdn Bhd. Can I pay the parking fee for my friends and family using my Setel account? How can I pay for my parking with the Setel App? B-13A-05 Prima Avenue, The Tube, Jalan PJU 1/39 Dataran Prima, 47301 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia, Email : (Job application) Park & go with Setels automated license plate recognition system with no surcharge. You can also view all of the payments that have been made through Setel by clicking More at the bottom right and selecting Payment history. With the Company brand 'First Parking', we will bring to the market the expertise and deep knowledge in parking management that will enhance the building and car park image. Wisma Sejarah What if I own more than one vehicle, can I register all of them in my Setel account? Once you have driven through the exit barrier gate, your parking fees will automatically be deducted from Setel based on your selected payment method. Select View details to view the current parking summary. (Any other enquiries) You can register and enable more than one vehicle under your Setel account. Add your vehicle information and you are good to go!

If the Setel Wallet is selected, please ensure you have a sufficient balance before exiting to avoid any issues. How will e-receipts be generated if I want to make claims? Once your location is enabled, the app will automatically display the available parking locations nearby. I have set up my account. 195-A (UNIRAZAK) Which account will be charged if a vehicle is registered under 2 or more different accounts? Rate : RM180.00 (non-reserved). If you have enabled the notifications but still encounter problems, you can contact us via: You can view your active parking session at the homepage of the Setel App. I have a low balance in my Setel Wallet, can I still enter the parking location? Rate : RM60.00 (non-reserved), 2. How can I automatically identify available parking locations within the Setel App? You will still be able to enter the car park with insufficient wallet balance however your car will not be able to leave the premise unless you have topped up your Setel wallet prior to leaving the car park. How do I get all of my parking transactions? To end your active parking session, simply exit the parking location. Bikempire96 Malaysia Motorcycle Accessory, Pasta Panas PETRONAS Jalan Kolam Ayer Lama, Pasta Panas PETRONAS Kota Damansara Tealive Bukit Antarabangsa, PETRONAS AutoExpert Bandar Rinching Semenyih, PETRONAS AutoExpert Seksyen 9 Bandar Baru Bangi, PETRONAS AutoExpert Sri Sendayan, Negeri Sembilan. How do I enter the car park?*. All rights reserved. Jalan Dang Wangi Opensite Learn more . To ensure balance can cover parking fee. There is no minimum amount required in your Setel Wallet to enter the parking location. The Setel App will notify you if you have a low balance in your wallet. Download the receipt in PDF format in the Setel App after the payment has been completed. The full receipt will generate all of the parking details such as location, payment method, etc. Approach the designated Setel lanes slowly and wait for the LPR (License Plate Recognition) system to scan and register your car plate number (this may take 3-5 seconds).