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If that makes their lives better, then I don't see anything wrong with it. }} } );jQuery(document).bind('gform_post_conditional_logic', function(event, formId, fields, isInit){} );, Flaccid Ego: Psychic Reading Call-in Show. No, you say, 'Free speech!'" AMON (DEICIDE) (Tampa CableAccess, 1988), Public broadcasting, as we all know, is "paid for by viewers like you," which means there's a lot of on-air fundraising involved. (A short-lived community studio was open in the mid-70s, but a series of disputes between the city and the cable companies kept local programming largely off the air until the launch of BeTV in 1994.). Between 1969 and 1971 the FCC created Public Access Television, where viewers of regular television could create their own television show. But, clearly, not every cable subscriber watches BeTV. Punk was the focus of the show, which featured an interview segment and a live performance element.

His television show is an extension of his street performance, a way to reach a larger audience.

That is certainly debatable, but there is no denying the camaraderie within the BeTV family. Jerry Cantor, Ph.D. incoherently mumble answers to caller questions while wearing a horned hat on Insanity Defense (Tampa Bay, FL). Shortly after appearing on Stoney Speaks, Theobald decided to produce a variety show like the ones he grew up watching. He looks like a normal dude who worked hard during the day, but at night his true side would come out. In 2006, California passed the Digital Infrastructure and Video Competition Act, which directly altered the way the state's public access stations are funded. The California act ended this relationship by allowing cable companies to negotiate directly with the state, eliminating the funds that had been designated for many public access stations. There's a pause.

"This type of non-profit agency offers unfettered access to free speech. In 1988, a Tampa-based PBS affiliate tapped alocal musician by the name Glen "Amon" Benton death metal forefather, and eventual Deicide frontman to play one such event. What makes this show creepy is the puppet Marty. The show has its own YouTube channel where it continued to upload chilling clips from the show. Get the hell off my phone!, Robin Byrd (Robin Cohen) is a former pornographic actress and host of this adult-themed public access show, which has been running and rerunning with only minor legal issues since 1977. Spotlights shine down on a small stage raised a foot off the ground, illuminating a pink shag carpet, two fake plants, a stuffed teddy bear, and a crumpled pirate flag.

Theobald and Burke watch each other's shows, but not many other public access shows. Who they're communicating with seems irrelevant. On March 24 of this year, that guest, Moby Theobald, aired his 128th show on BeTV. The show ran from the mid-80's to the 90's until Public Access was shut down and was one of the most popular shows on there.

Here it is, the end of the show!". ", "I don't know. The show was entered around the man/woman chin person calling people. But as the show gets darker and quieter is when it sets of an uncomfortable vibe. "We do not censor anything based on content," Elizabeth says. Pay particular attention to guitarist Dean Ween's bow-legged opening pose in time, that squat would become known as the Crabcore power stance. Once the show is completed, the creator simply turns in a DVD. insists an equally long-bearded man named Marcel sitting to his right, pressing one button after another. Steve considers this but decides against it.

But not in Berkeley. At last,the image of Moby Theobald, the made-up pirate, flashes onto the screen, and Steve and Marcel exhale deeply. The 30-minute clip also contains a rare roundtable-style interview with the band. By comparison, Burke uploaded about 20 videos to YouTube last year and has had a total of 2,700 views.

His neighbours who he sometimes performed for on birthday parties or events even reported him acting strangely usually inside the house then being public unlike how he was in the 1980's. "I've come to think of it, honestly, as a form of group therapy," says BeTV facilitator Jeff Kimmich. Burke has been producing the show since 1985, years before BeTV went on the air. Its basically a dude sampling numerous brands of dog food and discussing one, in particular, that simultaneously looks like Salisbury steak, smells like Captain Crunch and taste like barley and tuna despite being labeled chicken flavor.. costume and a woman encouraging us to let Satan into our vaginas and penises!

But these self-made television hosts have no plans to go off the air -- even if nobody's watching.

The irony seemed lost on both of them. Additionally, The Great Satan at Large (Tuscon, Ariz.) features a devil-costume-wearing host mechanically banging his devils fork and yelling about righteousness while Nazi imagery projects behind him.

Twenty thousand is a stretch. Some screenshots do exist, but they are very hidden, and the real title isn't even known. It starts off with a very goth dressed and awkward child (assuringly Saul) who begins to do some sort of card trick explaining what the expect from the show's episode. "The council members realized that Berkeley is the bastion of free speech," David Joliffe, executive director of Berkeley Community Media, says. After the scene wrapped up, one of Theobald's co-workers asked, "When's this going to be on? "I haven't figured out how to post videos on the Internet," Theobald confesses, even though he is skilled at Photoshop, iMovie, and other complicated software.

I hope people enjoy it while we have it.". Until 2006, cable companies had to negotiate a "franchise fee" with every local municipality they operated within. The principles behind these stations emerged during the infancy of cable TV in the early 1970s, when media advocates argued that local communities should have access to this powerful communication tool. "The guest said, 'I want my friends to see that I was on television. The name alone gives it a spot of strange and evil.

For now, Theobald is sticking to his day jobs as a caretaker and as a day manager at a Berkeley pizzeria. "A person can put on their own show. is_redirect && !

Read on, and reminisce. You'd be surprised by how many big legendsgracedthose tiny stages: everyone fromTrent Reznor and the Minutemen to Die Kreuzen andDeicide. ","decimals":2},"base_url":"https:\/\/\/wp-content\/plugins\/gravityforms-asdf111aasdfffs-nope","number_formats":[],"spinnerUrl":"https:\/\/\/wp-content\/plugins\/gravityforms-asdf111aasdfffs-nope\/images\/spinner.gif"};jQuery(document).bind('gform_post_render', function(event, formId, currentPage){if(formId == 17) {if(typeof Placeholders != 'undefined'){ But in non-commercial media, viewership isn't what matters. "I was just blown away by the whole idea," Theobald recalls. This frantic parody of Bob Rosss painting program is meant, according to Kilduff, to inspire creativity in others, but most of the shows callers make fun of his paintings, call him a wuss for not running fast enough or yell gang affiliations and expletives. So why doesn't he just learn how to upload his videos? "I am -- it's not going!"

For example, Jerry-Jer aka Tampon Man (Fairfield County, Conn.) is an incredibly racist, sexist and vulgar late-night program featuring a menstrual pad as a character, incessant discussions of his big dick and a disclaimer prior to each program: The Following Program is Offensive to Everyone in the Known Universe. Woah! It's one of the cornerstones of the rock 'n' roll hustle:Never, ever pass up a chance to play on TV, lest you miss your big break.

For Theobald and other public access enthusiasts, "the thrill of television is it's somehow out of your hands."

Marcel turns to Steve. BeTV's Channel 28 -- along with Channel 35, which is reserved for government programming -- reaches about 17,000 homes throughout Berkeley and parts of neighboring Albany, Emeryville, and North Oakland, as part of Comcast and AT&T cable packages. He pulled out his camera, set up his tripod, and got to work.

The idea of public access television is simple: government-funded non-profit TV stations like BeTV typically provide training, equipment, and studio space for citizens to produce their own television shows.

"Bring it up, okay, go to studio," commands Steve, the long-bearded director. The best moment comes around the 1:00 mark, when Reznor catches himself peeringinto the camera, prompting a noticeably awkward glance stage-left. The exposure public access provides is vital for Burke, but he holds out hope for greater notoriety.