There are a few scripts published: Automatic deletion can be delayed with the select 'rm '||NAME from v\$archived_log where REGISTRAR='RFS' and APPLIED='YES' and DELETED='NO' and COMPLETION_TIME (SYSDATE-1); spool off exit EOF # Now run the generated rm script chmod 740 /usr/users/oracle/cronscripts/logs/rm_arch_${ORACLE_SID}.ksh To start real-time apply: SQL> alter database recover managed standby database using current logfile disconnect; 15 SQL>ALTER DATABASE DROP LOGFILE GROUP 2; If you have skipped Step 4 then you will get ORA-01624 while droping the Online Redolog Group with Status CLEARING I copied this example from MSDN: USE AdventureWorks2012; GO -- Truncate the log by changing RMAN> run { 2> #if you have other thing to do put it here 3> crosscheck archivelog all; 4> DELETE noprompt ARCHIVELOG ALL; 5> } When stopping, the scripts stop the instance in the IMMEDIATE mode question 2 The following Unix shell scripts can be used to automate the Data Guard Switchover process of a physical standby database Gandharva_Guy asked on 2012-09-26 On a previous document, 10g Data Guard, Physical Standby Creation, step by step I did describe

archivelog deletion policy is set on primary database as soon as the archive is applied it got deleted from the primary database however we are facing issue on standby database. we want the same archive log deletion to be set on standby also. Standby database archive log retention policy is not configured Specify the candidate archives for deletion older than N hours by setting LAST_N_HOURS variable to the number of hours. SQL> insert into APPDATA (select * from APPDATA@HELPME ); 512 rows created. Note: My version of this also detected the last Archive Log applied by the Standby Database ('archive log list' in svrmgrl), and confirmed the sequential number for the Redo Logs (in case the Redo Log Archiving Tools you use delete the Redo Log before you can ship it to the Remote site). The below scripts are written to check the primary and standby servers for the applied log sequence number and delete the old log files. If an operating system command was used to delete files, then use RMAN CROSSCHECK and DELETE EXPIRED commands.

29 views 0 January 20, 2021 admin. To delete archive logs automatically on standby you should set LOG_AUTO_DEL_RETENTION_TARGET parameter. (Specifically, a RAC/thread aware script.) About SandeepSingh DBA Hi, I am working in IT industry with having more than 10 year of experience, worked as an Oracle DBA with a Company and handling different databases like Oracle, SQL Server , DB2 etc Worked as a Development and Database Administrator. jlaw10 (TechnicalUser) (OP) 22 Nov 07 17:55. Archive log apply delay saved the day! We need RMAN to automatically purge archivelogs from the FRA once they are applied to the standby database. Now we can re-enable the daemon on standby, and resume the log apply process as normal. ASMCMD will work only in the case of the ASM environment. You should define any deletion job for Standby database to delete older archivelogs automatically.

After I spent a lot of time trying to find a script to delete logs applied to the standby database, I decided to write my own. n id the dest_id. You can use FORCE option when deleting the archives from RMAN console: [Y|N] [Default is NO] e.g. The latest recommended change resulted in the following output and did not delete any of the archive log files: sddb03:oraprd 22% ./cleanup_archive.ksh > cleanup.log. #!/usr/bin/ksh ##### # # This script is to delete the arch logs for the standby database after it has applied the logs to the instance. Set the log_archive_dest_2 settings from both the Primary and Standby databases to be nothing , then try to create the broker configuration (it will automatically set the log_archive_dest_n when you ] Figure 2: This is what it looks like when I read server ] Figure 2: This is what it looks like when I read server. Share and Enjoy!

Search: Data Guard Monitoring Shell Script. You can also configure this command on Primary Server. Hi, in this article we are going to learn how to delete old archives using asmcmd.

When querying the v$archived_log view for log_archive_dest_2 we can check what files are applied on the standby: select dest_id , sequence # , applied. 4. Tue Sep 22 20:36:09 2015 Archived Log entry 41 added for thread 1 sequence 75 rlc 891019946 ID 0x120cba27 dest 2: group# as lgroup,thread#,lf Alter database recover managed standby database through all switchover disconnect using current logfile SELECT owner, object_type, COUNT (*) FROM dba_objects WHERE status='INVALID' GROUP BY owner, RMAN> CONFIGURE ARCHIVE DELETION POLICY TO

To solve this error, run the following script for the deferred destinations.

from v$archived_log. # If the database is a standby DB, proceed with the rest of script: if [ ${DB_ROLE}-gt 0 ] then # Delete archives only when they are applied: VAL31= $(${ORACLE_HOME} /bin/sqlplus -S " / as sysdba " << EOF: set pages 0 feedback off; prompt--select count(*) from v\$archived_log where completion_time between sysdate-2 and sysdate-$LAST_N_HOURS/24 and APPLIED = 'NO'; # ##### script=`basename $0` export ORACLE_SID=$1 dir=/oracle/EPW/${ORACLE_SID}/temp/arch tmpf=$dir/.$script.tmp logcount=50 function GetAppliedLogfileSequenceNumber { sqlplus -S /nolog < $tmpf connect / as

1) From bug 6216036: In 10g, the archive log deletion policy configured using CONFIGURE command.

#!/bin/ksh # (c) David Kurtz 2007 # Script: psft Shell script to create broker configuration file using current broker Configuration, solely for purpose of backup on Linux The script requires a user MONITOR to be created in each target database with the CONNECT and SELECT ANY DICTIONARY privileges Write SQL scripts to Monitor Tablespace Scripts to delete applied archives from Oracle Standby Database in Windows.

The Foreign Archive Logs in Logical Standby Database is automatically deleted by SQL Apply after the time specified in the LOG_AUTO_DEL_RETENTION_TARGET parameter. This is a little surprising to me because its so simple but I couldnt find a script anywhere on oracle support or on the internet which elegantly (IMHO) cleaned up archived logs on a standby system.


Then because of Bug 16082541, we are considering DEFERRED destination applied archived logs too and hence rman not purging those. ASMCMD will work only in the case of the ASM environment. RMAN> CONFIGURE DELETION POLICY TO APPLIED ON STANDBY;-- Set for all Standby RMAN> CONFIGURE ARCHIVELOG DELETION POLICY TO APPLIED ON ALL STANDBY; 3. Search: Data Guard Monitoring Shell Script. We're here to help! With Standard edition it's not possible to set RMAN Archivelog deletion policy on Primary to "Applied on Standby". Customers often want to prevent their RMAN backup scripts on primary database to delete archived logs which were not yet applied to Dbvisit Standby database. e.g.

The workaround is to set a hidden parameter on the standby database (alter system set _time_based_rcv_ckpt_target=0;) and restart the redo apply.

` Search: Data Guard Monitoring Shell Script. Make sure you have configured your web server properly for running CGI properly and also that you are placing your files to be run as CGI in the proper directory Once all of the arguments are defined, you can parse the command line by passing a sequence of argument strings to parse_args() This is probably one of the lesser known Hi expert, We are facing archive exhaust problem every alternate day on standby. SQL> exit. VALIDATE_ARCHIVES=Y. select count(*) from v \$ archived_log where name is not null and completion_time between sysdate-(${LAST_N_HOURS} +1)/24 and sysdate-({$LAST_N_HOURS})/24 and FAL='NO' and APPLIED = 'NO'; EOF NO_APPL_ARC= ` echo ${VAL31} | perl -lpe ' $_ = reverse ' | awk ' {print $1} ' | perl -lpe ' $_ = reverse ' | cut -f1 -d ' . ' > tail -f alert_standby.log.

Drop standby logs on standby database ALTER DATABASE DROP STANDBY LOGFILE GROUP 4; ALTER DATABASE DROP STANDBY LOGFILE GROUP 5; ALTER DATABASE DROP STANDBY LOGFILE GROUP 6; ALTER DATABASE DROP STANDBY LOGFILE GROUP 7; 4 You have to stop the standby or data guard database recovery However, this is not a recommended

Archivelog deletion policy is configured to "Applied on all standby". Tags: Standby Database Archives. EXIT STATUS 227: no entity was found. And just like that, our data is back on the primary database. This is after 5 minutes of no deleting even though I have 3 days worth of foriegn archived logs on the standbys ASM disk. tar -cvzf my55 Experience and proficient with Oracle Grid Control, RMAN and Data Guard sh) which in turn calls a SQL script (check_logship Good knowledge in shell scripting and scheduling jobs through crontab and TWS sem = 250 32000 100 128 # send receive buffers net sem = 250 32000 100 128 # send receive buffers net. Select AWS-RunPatchBaseline and choose View details Systems Manager includes more than a dozen pre-configured documents that you can use by specifying parameters at runtime An AWS Systems Manager document (SSM document) allows you to define what actions you want Systems Manager to perform [] 11 In today's world, Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the cloud 3. (Specifically, a RAC/thread aware script.) Data Guard is an Oracle specific technology while GoldenGate support heterogeneous database systems including all the major RDBMS as DB2,Sybase, MySql 3 under the name of Data Guard with Version 9 i, is a data protection and availability solution for Oracle databases Since its introduction in 1997, GnuPG is Free Software Read: How to create ASM diskgroup Subscribe to us on YouTube So, before deleting the archives in the ASM environment we Read more 12c 19C archive archivelog ASM Audit AWR backup cloning cloud cluster database dataguard dgmgrl DISKGROUP EDB EXPDP failover flashback goldengate grid impdp multitenant OPATCH ORA-oracle oracle 12.2. oracle 12c partition patch patching PDB postgres RAC replication rman SCRIPT security SHELL script standby streaming tablespace temp undo upgrade SQL> select applied,deleted,decode(rectype,11,'YES','NO') reclaimable ,count(*),min(sequence#),max(sequence#) from v$archived_log left outer join sys.x$kccagf using(recid) where is_recovery_dest_file='YES' and name is not null group by applied,deleted,decode(rectype,11,'YES','NO') order by 5 / APPLIED DELETED RECLAIMABLE Primary has a scheduled OS-task (every hour) to delete archive logs older 3 hours with RMAN. FORCE_DELETION=Y.

Read: How to create ASM diskgroup Subscribe to us on YouTube So, before deleting the archives in the ASM environment we Read more The configuration content (list of commands etc) can be part of a python script, part of an ansible playbook, a jinja2 template combined with a another data source or a simple text file or another csv file Python Script - Telnet - Add VLAN configuration to a Cisco Switch Requirements Run the script PC > python telnet . excluding orcl from archive deletion: EXL_DB=-MGMTDB|ASM|orcl. rman> configure archivelog deletion policy to applied on all standby; then you can automatic the below scripts as frequency as possible for you. Delete unnecessary files using RMAN DELETE command.

Hi, in this article we are going to learn how to delete old archives using asmcmd.